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2014/2/20 14:51:35
classic kirk fights. number 1 Breathtaking. keep it up...
2014/2/20 14:48:30
Codec for rendering Any suggestions on the best codec to use for 1080p rendering? (or 780)
2014/2/14 20:07:59
Please allow me to introduce myself blickfang wrote:
changing characters appearance more, making them do more.

I think any serious Muvizu user eventually comes to realize that there is a limit to both of these things and no matter how many updates are added we'll always be needing more and more changes in character appearance and their ability to do more. When we dwell in to this realm then there are 2 solutions that I've found and that are in no way all inclusive:  1. We can resort to using a more capable 3D software the level of 3Ds Max, Maya, Poser, Iclone, etc, etc which does not limit character appearance nor their movement, or 2. We can use Muvizu beyond its apparent capabilities by using in and outs, workarounds, experimentation, tips and tricks, and users support to make that movie that we dream about within the limitation of Muvizu.  Muvizu is based in the ease of use for those users that require to make a movie but do not need the complications of creating characters or creating character movements, this should never be removed from the software yet maybe in the future more and more alternatives maybe given to those as you who want to go beyond the basic Muvizu, and you can see that it's starting to take place in Muvizu Play+
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2014/2/13 20:59:47
Function Keys not working I posted a download link for the new and old PDF files of the Keyboard shortcuts you can find it here:
2014/2/13 20:56:00
Muvizu+ Keyboard shortcuts PDF for printing I made a PDF file of the 10 Keyboard shorcuts of Muvizu+ suitable for printing and, at the same time I found the old Muvizu style PDF files. They both are the same just their style are different.
You can download either one here:
2014/2/12 19:07:41
Function Keys not working Finally found the screenshots folder. It has 20 pixs from presssing F11 so many times. Neet

BTW, anyone knows how or where to get a printout of all the Keyboard shortcuts?
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2014/2/12 0:30:56
Function Keys not working In the help for Keyboard funcions shows 3 available keys, F1, F11 and F12. Neither F1 or F11 work. Any info on this?
2014/2/12 0:26:31
Please allow me to introduce myself blickfang wrote:
I have been running into some road blocks and have became a little disenchanted with the program. And from what I have tested, most of the "Get Assets" do not play nicely with the latest version of Muvizu

It would be nice to know which 'road blocks' you've come into so we can help you to find a work around or notify those that can fix it in comming updates.
2013/4/19 21:36:51
Unknown error..... I just installed the Muvizu Play version April 12, and just as the first version, it reports "an unknown error" when saving the project????
It does save the project, but the error report always appear.
2012/10/27 15:56:54
Muvizu on Windows 8 YES!! Muvizu works seamlessly with windows 8.
BTW, Win 8, is so pleasant to use compared to prior windows that I installed it within 1 hr of its release. You have both capabilities: Your fully functional win 7 like interface to use only with a mouse or you can click on an alternate interface for Win 8 that works both touch screen and mouse too. Your old Win 7 interface do not change at all, it's like adding better performance and touch screen.
2012/8/26 21:25:25
The IDea Beautiful...keep up the good work..
2012/8/4 15:59:31
Motion artist You may have a point Lev_Dynamite, even Smith Micro doesn't sound very convinced about the success of this software. What I've seen online so far its not very re-assuring, but then again, we have Muvizu.
2012/8/2 20:14:45
Using Muvizu and Facegen modeller together... Looks good.
I hope someone can verify is this is usable with Muvizu or not
2012/7/24 17:38:31
Help me, pls ?????
2012/7/22 19:42:28
apply my face layer to a muvizu custom character Great Job and great idea. Hope you can develop this further...
2012/6/30 18:51:16
Sony Vegas Bargain!!! Thanks for the great news. Just got mine!!!
2012/5/23 23:09:29
Janni's Got Talent Very, very impressive!!
2012/3/26 1:15:44
Scene area doesn't fill muvizizu window (maxed) Waooo, sorry I couldn't help..
2012/3/25 20:48:03
Scene area doesn't fill muvizizu window (maxed) This is what I have. It works and I hope is the correct display:
2012/3/20 16:46:10
Problems uploading / commenting on videos Thanks IanS , I understand now.
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