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2012/3/20 0:01:57
Problems uploading / commenting on videos After linking your Youtube account to Muvizu, is it possible to upload to Muvizu site any Muvizu movie already posted on your Youtube account or does it have to be removed from Youtube first and re-uploaded with the Muvizu upload procedure? Thanks
2012/2/23 14:42:15
synchronised chaaracter movement glasgowjim wrote:
Hi again Geoff,

At the moment you need to record each character separately - although you can align the animations more easily with Cue Points.

The devs are looking into copy/pasting timelines and other ways to make this easier - but it might be a while before it's in.

Take care,
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Pardon me if this has being answered somewhere else but, any updates on this?
So far the very limited capabiities of the timeline is the only stopping block I have found to move on with my project. I'm not only talking about copy/paste but in addition, save, increase or decrease length, variable speed, etc.
2012/2/15 22:27:05
Slow when creating, Fast after rendered Got my New Graphic card 2 days ago. Now I can move around and do everything at the speed of light. Definition is great. Rendering also improved a bit just as you said. Thanks Marco_D
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2012/2/7 20:49:17
Slow when creating, Fast after rendered Thanks Marco; maybe I did not ask the question the correct way. What I want to know is that when I get a faster video card, will that also help make the rendering faster. I did not know if the video card affects this. thanks again
2012/2/7 16:07:03
Slow when creating, Fast after rendered One more question: does the time to render has to do with the graphic card too, or is this
independent of the graphic card?
2012/2/7 14:37:50
Slow when creating, Fast after rendered Thanks for your great and fast response. I'm up and running getting a new card. (by the way, before deciding to go with Muvizu I tried more than 50 3D software including paid and free and decided on Muvizu because the enormous built in capabilities)
2012/2/7 12:24:54
Slow when creating, Fast after rendered I am suspecting problem with my graphic card. Once I'm directing character and camera movements and then observing the results of the whole scene everything seems fine, but after rendering the scene and watching the final version it all looks "as if" its moving faster than when I designed it? I know this is not isolate it to Muvizu since I observed the same with other programs I tried out before I found Muvizu. My questions is: Do you think my Video card is too slow? I have an Nvidia quadro FX370 256mb card. on a Intel dual quad runinng at 2.8 , with 8gig. thanks
2012/2/5 23:08:37
Future of Muvizu after BETA Thanks all for all the great information, I'm sold on Muvizu and already started working on it.
2012/2/4 16:57:48
Future of Muvizu after BETA I am new to muvizu and as such I am a bit hesitant to inmerse in a 'beta' program that may grow to the point that later requires monetary investment that were not present at the development stage. I do not want to be stuck investing so much time and energy and then later have not choice but to go along with any future limitations that are none existing today.
What are the future plans of Muvizu after the 'beta' stage?
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