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2013/4/25 9:52:21
FMX 2013 Muvizu workshop Some interesting stuff there and for me the big question is:

Will the FBX import (if proven successful) be avaiable in a hobbyist version (free or otherwise) too as I am assuming the professional version will be priced at professional levels?


2013/4/24 13:20:17
Repeated characters hugmyster wrote:
If it is feasible (this is Muvizu - it's GOT to be!) then can I just copy actions? So, take one character with actions and copy just the actions to another character?

Unfortunately it is not possible - but it is often requested!
2013/4/24 11:52:54
Arnold and the Box.... My 1000th post!! Loved the sketch - just my short of humour and you made brilliant use of the new features in PLAY to animate the eyes. Fantastic how you managed to get all his feelings across using only his eyes and voice.
2013/4/23 22:48:35
How do I get an image on a sphere? MrDrWho13

I might be able to do this for you if you send me the image you want to use

2013/4/19 14:34:03
Time to say goodbye. All the best for the future Marco - you'll be missed!
2013/4/17 10:14:03
Double click camera window - CRASH Ember
You may already have tried this but in the past whenn I have had problems installing Muvizu I did a complete uninstall and then install including setting the checkboxes for .net and direct x and letting it "repair" them even though they were in full working order.
2013/4/17 9:46:37
ICLONE and MUVIZU It would be wonderful if one day we could use Muvizu alongside ICLONE but this would involve being able to import/export charcters into/out of Muvizu. Is this ever likely to be possible/allowed?

In the past the characters that could be used in iclone wew limited but you can now import characters in many formats and animate them (body and face) within iclone.

This opens up the possibility of importing cartoon characters (whereas in the past iclone has tended to go for the more realistic end of the market) such as those produced by the wonderful

Muvizu user Wabby's new videos has just released a video using their Toon Generation characters which could easily be changed wuithin DAZ (currently free) to more closely match Muvizu characters.

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2013/4/16 9:00:26
Superman Episode 4 is done Urbanlamb
I think you are absolutely right about short attention spans these days; younger people don't seem to get past 3/4 minutes. I am sure many are "scared off" as soon as they see the length of the video. Have you tried looking at your "attention" stats on youtube - they may give you an idea. Even the fall off on short clips is marked.

I can see why you make the 30 min episodes as they match the narrative better and you do not want people to lose the thread.

How about making shorter 10 or 15 minute episodes but releasing them all together so you keep the integrity of the episode but present it in smaller bites?

Anyroad - another great animation - fantastic work.

2013/4/11 15:07:11
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback Neil

You asked in relation to timeline show/no show issue

I wanted to ask what people thought of this. Is hiding everything by default the way to go, or would it be confusing? Is there a third option we haven't thought of?

Would it be possible to have it set to show all by default (for new "lite" users) but possible to be set to show none (for the "heavies") by selecting an option like you have currently with the Direct X and default rendering choices?
2013/4/11 11:17:46
FAQ for common queries In the absence of a manual or a quick reference guide I think it would be very useful for new users if there was a FAQ section related directly to using the application.

The sort of things i am thinking of is the questions that regularly come up such as:

Why can I not output my video? (ie because end frame marker has not been moved)

I cannot create object because there is not enough space.

Why is my transparent video not transparent (that one is for me because i keep forgetting where the bstrip alpha bit is)
2013/4/10 15:58:45
Voice Changer Hello snoopylino
I would recommend Morphvox
2013/4/10 13:52:54
Watermark: new terms of use Dreeko it's just that your post mentioned "mucizu"
2013/4/10 13:25:09
Watermark: new terms of use I think that the pricing structure will scare off a lot of potential users.
When I made my Toy Dolls video i got nothing for it and Vince was kind enough to allow me to produce a video with no watermark free of charge as the band wanted to use it for promotional purposes (it even made Spanish TV!).
So the band got a very good deal - paying nowt.
If i had said that it would cost them £100 then they might still have gone ahead with it as it would still be a very very cheap video for them but with the new pricing structure and the way it works on the raw output rather than the finished product it would have cost thousands and there was no way they could afford that.

I am sure there are large businesses out there which could afford those prices (and maybe those are the ones that Digimania want to attract) so I guess it really depends on whether Digimania wanted a share of the "small time" commercial market or not
2013/4/10 13:16:47
Watermark: new terms of use Dreeko wrote:
This is only the first method of recouping some cash that Mucizu has introduced.

Dreeko - do you have an alternative "adult" version of the software?
2013/4/10 11:49:20
Watermark: new terms of use piquet wrote:
How, exactly, is that a rude comment!?


Unfortunately I think you have made a valid point but lost everybody by your dialogue (nasty, greedy etc).

It is valid to say that if you want to make a non-watermarked video it is going to cost you every time to make your video rather than with other software like ICLONE where you pay for it upfront but can then produce as many non-watermarked videos as you want at no additional cost.

I am not sure how the business models will compare but unless you are a business or have someone financing you I don't think that non-watermarked videos will ever be viable
2013/4/10 11:02:10
Watermark: new terms of use All
I think there is an issue with the way this has been implemented.
The vast majority of us (I would imagine) use Muvizu to shoot our scenes and then use an external video editor to perform our editing. Therefore you might end up producing perhaps 10 minutes of Muvizu clips and ending up with only 3 minutes of actual finished footage.

The payment method is charging you for the length of your Muvizu clips and will not equate to the length of the final video.

I could not work any differently therefore I don't envisage ever being able to justify paying for the non watermarked version unless i was comissioned to produce a video by someone with deep pockets.


2013/4/9 21:12:03
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback Ziggy - they are in assets > content packs

they can be accessed via Tools > content packs
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2013/3/19 13:34:32
google hangout?? jonbez wrote:
Will you guyz be uploading the stream from the presentation from saturday ?

I would really like to see what happend and listen to the talks. I was gutted that I couldn't get back in time to watch.

I would like this too if it is possible!
2013/3/6 8:42:18
Create an animation for neil Gaiman short stories All

Only got 5 days but may be of interest to someone.
2013/3/4 10:22:27
To the community at large All
My thoughts on this are the same as ukberty and dylly.
I am an Iclone user and it is clear that they make a significant amount of money from add-on and resource packs and I think this is the way Muvizu could go.

I also think it would be a good idea to have a content marketplace as this would encourage more people to develop "muvizu styled" content and therefore add to the resources available. As a person who does not enjoy this part of the process I would have been more than happy to pay for some of the objects/sets I have nicked.

If they wanted to charge for the product itself I think that as well as losing the watermark it would have to become more "flexible" in terms of character creation and animation to allow people to create more unique films. I also doubt whether it could be used commercially in a "public" way without this as any commercial project would look too similar to the hundreds of muvizu videos already at large.

Despite all that I would still keep a free version with watermark and with a sufficient amount of resources within it to help "spread the word".
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