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2013/1/29 22:03:22
Muvizu Makers wanted for band videos Thank you Urbanlamb and Mysto - I have sent you a private message with the email of the lead singer
2013/1/29 13:56:12
Muvizu Makers wanted for band videos Calling all Muvizuers

You may or may not know that I did a video for UK band "Crashed Out".

Thankfully they liked it and want to know if I would consider doing any others.

Unfortunately I am not going to have the time at the moment due to other commitments so I said i would ask if anybody else was interested.

So, if anybody fancies a crack at doing a music video please reply on this thread and I will send you the contact details.

They have more than one that they would like to do.

2013/1/22 16:31:59
Game, SET, and match... :) and i'll definitely be using that shop set - i've just been waiting for it patiently!
2013/1/16 12:08:43
Health update... EEFilmz

Sounds like you're having a bad run - I hope you're on the mend soon

all the best

2013/1/4 9:11:07
Might be the Nando's set by Emily you are thinking of? (see P2 of gallery of sets)
2012/12/25 19:38:30
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar It was meant to be easy!

2012/12/24 18:04:33
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar Before anybody else asks - I was wrong and haven't got a clue what the answer is!
2012/12/22 20:57:55

Yet another old time radio show gets the Muvizu treatment

2012/12/20 14:31:33
The Muvizu Treasure Hunt Advent Calendar Muvizu team
I am sure you will have this covered but if the code is what I think it is then speed will be of the essence when it comes to getting the first correct answer.
The problem this creates is the timing of the final clue to make sure everyone has a fair chance wherever they happen to be in the world.
Would it not be better to have a time limit for submitting the answer and then simply drawing out the 3 winners?
2012/12/12 22:16:22
how do I make a character wear glasses Seamus

Right Click on character and select the arrow next to Face select Glasses and she will have plenty to choose from

Good luck
2012/11/27 12:22:54
Urbanlamb's Christmas set - comments not being ac I have tried a couple of times to comment on this superb set without success - so I'll just say it here.

Thank you for sharing your fantastic work - much appreciated by those of us without the skill and inclination to produce such masterpieces.

Nearly all my videos make use of other people's sets (especially Ziggy's!) so this is a wonderful gift!
2012/11/24 9:21:52
My thinkings dwino wrote:
Absolutely, hand held props are very important, whether custom or not. They would expand the types of stories told with Muvizu.

Dreeko, you mention that a lot of the stories are talking heads? Well, the absence of holding props is one reason that leads to a majority of the Muvizu movies being talking heads movies.

I think you hit the nail on the head there. To my mind this is one of if not the main obstacle to increased use of muvizu within the machinima community
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2012/11/18 12:25:39
Coming Soon... Urbanlamb

That set is looking brilliant - and as for Killer Snowmen -aargh that ws my "great idea"!!Ton of Bricks
2012/11/13 16:27:24
Caption Me! Well we were told we had to save more money by axing things that were either expensive or time-consuming and Mr Biggings has been a regular visitor and there's nothing really wrong with him and well .....I might have taken things too far
2012/11/5 10:45:38
Cushy Butterfield All

My latest unsophisticated, unpolished noise is here

2012/11/5 10:43:05
dragon Baby! - gotta love it!
2012/11/2 9:49:52
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Congratulations Artpen - you've made some great stuff over the years and good to see you getting some reward
2012/10/25 22:17:17
Spooky Halloween Challenge #2! Some excellent stuff here in all entries and Screamin Jay Hawkins too - brilliant!
2012/10/22 20:00:07
Firey Jack Hello again

I've been away for while due to dayjob commitments but am back in gear now - good to see a lot of new users producing some great animations - hello to you all .

Anyroad here's my new effort - another Toy Dolls collaboration but this one is a little different

2012/9/19 22:10:03
Christmas Assets Thank you Emily - these are great.
What software did you use to make them?
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