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2012/3/30 21:49:18
I'll come back with even more noizzze! - great video!
2012/3/29 15:29:14
Voice actors? We need em. All
I have Morphvox Pro and it is a pretty effective piece of software.

I would be willing to offer my "voice" (english accent only!)
2012/3/28 9:03:27
Just to say Hi HayManMarc wrote:
Perhaps you and I can work on Plan 9 together? I found the script, created all the characters, and started to build a couple sets. Then I realized it was too large of an undertaking for a first project.

I thought of that one too!

Agree would not want to do complete film but i think an abridged version would work really well - just a case of deciding which parts of the "wonderful" dialogue to leave out!
2012/3/27 11:34:20
Sketchup to Muvizu Absolutely brilliant Dylly - you're a muvizu modeller maestro
2012/3/22 10:12:54
Going birthday viral? James Riley has just uploaded a little Happy Birthday tune and it struck me that it should be possible to create a short birthday animation with Muvizu that people would start sending out - there are similar videos on Youtube with millions of views..
2012/3/20 11:52:24
Thank you for your comments.
I think I spent about 40-50 hours on this but Mysto also worked on it too (he animated the band) and probably spent another 20-30 or so hours?
Decca (in the case) is the name of a real person - Decca Wade who used to be the drummer with the band The Angelic Upstarts.
The song is simply about his doctor telling him to cut down on his drinking but he continues anyway and in this case passes out and (in my interpretation of the song) ends up hallucinating.
all the best
2012/3/20 8:47:48
A Screenshot Haymanmarc
That looks really excellent to me!
2012/3/19 12:02:42
DECCA'S DRINKING DILEMMA Featuring the wonderful talents of Mysto the Wizard (who is responsible for the brilliant band animations - along of course with our esteemed/steaming Muvizu developers) I present to you Decca's Drinking Dilemma from the Toy Dolls new album released today.
I would also like to take this opportunity of thanking Vince and Robert for their assistance in this little Project and allowing me to create a non-watermarked version of the video.
So switch to full screen, go HD,turn the volume up to 11 and hang on to your socks.

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2012/3/16 10:31:52
Possibe to Upload video without making it public? Thanks very much Ian
2012/3/16 8:36:15
Possibe to Upload video without making it public? Good morning

Is it possible to upload a video via the website and not make it immediately public. I am trying to find a way of getting a video onto youtube and the muvizu site but keeping it hidden from public view until a certain time.

I know i can make the video private or unlisted on YT but I have a feeling that this stops it being accessible to this site or does it become accessible when you make it public?


2012/3/15 9:27:00
Muvizu and the World All
Mysto and me have been working on a new music animation for the Toy Dolls which will be released on Monday (all being well) to coincide with the release of their new LP.

It has been interesting and a bit stressful working for a "client" and to a "deadline" but i have learnt a lot from the process - not least what a fantastic product muvizu is in this sort of situation.

The animation has been turned around in a couple of weeks partly due to Mysto's ability but also because of the ease of use.

The output quality is first class aided by the fantastic lighting system.

Mysto and myself could easily share our work because all the assets/animation etc can be stored within a single project file.

Changes have been requested by the group right up to the last minute but these can nearly always be accomodated due to the "division of work" within Muvizu.

And last but not least Vince and the crew have been extremely supportive and enthusiastic about the process. Thank you very much.

all the best

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2012/3/14 12:19:40
Ambient Occlusion Maps Dylly wrote:
I'll raise you a...Whaaaaa?

- not sure this can be beat ...
2012/3/14 11:30:40
Ambient Occlusion Maps Well I'll take that with a Jon Pertwee

2012/3/7 12:45:24
Amazon Studios pyrrho wrote:

Mind you, it may soon be the case that people may not have to look to Amazon Studios ...
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So the Muvizu studios shown in the weekly news review are actually real!!!
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2012/3/7 11:23:08
Amazon Studios This looks interesting (although I have not looked properly) but I am not sure whether it could be integrated with the Muvizu licence
2012/3/6 13:38:36
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Great work Ziggy - Dylly and your good self are doing the community proud
2012/3/2 13:47:59
Can't wait for this! thank you!
2012/3/2 11:37:30
Can't wait for this! Thanks mcmillan-ra - very useful information

mcmillan-ra wrote:
If you run DirectX 9 though, it has the same performance, so it's DirectX related. (DX9 will be the default option, so you have to opt in to make it slower.)

Does this mean you can choose which version of Direct X to use or would you have to uninstall later versions to revert back to DX 9?

thank you

2012/3/2 8:38:47
Can't wait for this! Great idea - would we accept a few bugs to get the latest features - 100% yes.
Only rider would be that I have a feeling that a lot of the heavy users have had to abandon the latest version because it appears to be too resource intensive.
The cutting edge version can be bug infested but we need to be able to run it!
2012/2/29 9:42:35
Gun_in_Hand Fantastic idea - especially if we can include an arm which is texturable/colourable
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