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2011/4/20 23:00:43
Learn from the man behind Ren and Stimpy All
As I eagerly await my new supercharged 'puter I continue to trawl the internet for inspiration and came across this site from the creator of Ren and Stimpy. Lots of good stuff dotted around
2011/4/15 15:01:12
Scriptwriting and character development All
Came across a decent site which has detailed tutorials for both scriptwriting and character development.
Might help with a bit of inspiration far anybody struggling for inspiration.

They are written by Stan Heyward of "Henry's Cat " fame


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2011/4/12 22:06:41
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Brilliant again Dreeko and thank you very much for the tutorial.
If - like me - you don't own photoshop there is an excellent free way toget seamless textures here

Just download the Genetica Viewer and the free texture packs you reqyuire
2011/4/10 21:14:07
Monty Python ( The Bridge of Death ) It costs but this sketchup plugin looks as though it may help
2011/4/6 9:57:52
Garage Band Blues... pyrrho wrote:

This is impressive, and I wanted to take the corporate opportunity to highlight what is involved here: Muvizu stuff may be reworked far more easily than traditional animation.

Vince - I absolutely agree with that - there is very little that cannot be changed easily at any point. Incredible really that Mysto could make such a fundamental change so quickly.
Perhaps this very useful aspect of the software needs to be made more "visible" somehow - a tutorial perhaps showing how easily things can be amended
2011/4/5 10:07:09
Garage Band Blues... Brilliant work mysto - did you use additional software to get the timings right?
All that's missing is the combined smell of leather/pvc/sweat/beer etc.
Is it too late to ask for smell-o-vision to be included in the next release?
2011/3/31 13:14:22
I am not Michael Caine Another brilliant video Dreeko - Vince will have to start paying you soon!
Love the way you have created a seamless landscape: another tip/tutorial required?
all the best
2011/3/29 18:44:52
Laptop spec - suitable for running Muvizu perfectl pyrrho wrote:
toonarama wrote:
pyrrho wrote:
but you'll always take a hit on performance unless you're prepared to shell out serious money (or unless you win our next competition).

And how much would that cost exactly?

I can't say exactly because it depends on how you spec it, but the last prize laptop we gave out sells at £2,225 +VAT - mind you, we get a discount, and free delivery :-)

Sorry I misled you Vince - the question is "how much would it cost to "win" the next competition" if you get my drift
2011/3/29 15:18:29
Laptop spec - suitable for running Muvizu perfectl pyrrho wrote:
but you'll always take a hit on performance unless you're prepared to shell out serious money (or unless you win our next competition).

And how much would that cost exactly?
2011/3/29 15:08:01
Laptop spec - suitable for running Muvizu perfectl Thanks Vince
Your speedy response is much appreciated.
I know that a PC makes sense and the only real draw for the laptop is that it's portability means that I can be more flexible about when and where I use it meaning the potential for more time making my muvizu animations!

all the best

2011/3/29 14:37:07
Laptop spec - suitable for running Muvizu perfectl Hello all
After 6 months of intensive Ebay selling I am now ready to spalsh out on either a PC or a laptop so that I can use Muvizu to it's full.
Can anybody tell me if the following spec would be ok bearing in mind that I would be wanting to be able to work smoothly with the most complicated of sets and also (not necessarily at the same time) like to be able to use video processing software.
If it's not powerful enough this will make my mind up to go down the PC route.
Chassis & Display
Optimus II: 17.3" Full HD LED Backlit Widescreen (1920x1080) Super Clear Glossy
Processor (CPU)
Intel® Core™i5 Dual Core Mobile Processor i5-2620M (2.70GHz) 4MB Cache or alternatively a 17 Quad core processor with 2.0ghz
Memory (RAM)
Graphics Card
nVIDIA® GeForce® GT 540M - 1GB DDR3 Video RAM - DirectX® 11
Memory - Hard Disk
500GB WD SCORPIO BLACK WD5000BEKT, SATA 3 Gb/s, 16MB CACHE (7200 rpm)
8x SATA DVD±R/RW/Dual Layer (+ 24x CD-RW)
Memory Card Reader
Internal 9 in 1 Card Reader (MMC/RSMMC/SD: Mini, XC & HC/MS: Pro & Duo)
Network Facilities
USB Options
Optimus Series 6 Cell Lithium-ION Battery - 48.85WH
Power Lead & Adaptor
1 x UK Power Lead & 90W AC Adaptor
Operating System
Genuine Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit - inc DVD & Licence (£79)
Office Software
FREE Microsoft® Office Starter 2010 (Limited functionality Word & Excel)
Notebook Mouse
1 Month Free Laptop Insurance inc. Accidental Damage & Theft
3 Year Standard Warranty (1 Month Collect & Return, 1 Year Parts, 3 Year Labour)
Build Time
Standard Build - Approximately 5 to 7 working days

Price: £847.00 including VAT and delivery.

Many thanks

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2011/3/9 14:55:04
Jim's last day Jim
All the best with your new venture and many thanks for all your help and support. I'm sure you will be sorely missed at Muvizu HQ.
Good luck
2011/3/7 14:36:36
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Dreeko wrote:
Ok If it can be of use to someone then consider it uploaded!
Here it comes!

Many thanks Dreeko
2011/3/7 13:29:28
Uploaded sets and 3d assets I could make use of it - with or without mythical reptilian
2011/3/7 11:32:04
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Wonderful

Thanks Ziggy and Dreeko for uploading your sets. Just need to finish saving for that new PC and then I can start using them and creating some of my own.
2011/2/16 11:16:56
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? glasgowjim wrote:
Hi inlimbo/Pinguino,

The devs intend to allow importing of pretty much any custom content, and the current plan is to implement it in this order:

Objects (Done) > Character Attachments > Animations > Characters

This looks like a very interesting/exciting roadmap for the future - it's great to see that the team have such adventurous plans for the future.

By the way Jim, best of luck in your new venture you have been a tremendous help to me and many others with your informative, friendly and concise input in the forum. I'm sure you will be a great success in your new job.
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2011/2/14 13:40:28
Ziggys new animation All

Perhaps everybody's asleep or too busy but cheer yourselves up with Ziggy's brilliant new video. A brilliant interpretation of a wonderful script/audio piece

2011/2/14 10:38:52
Why Realistic Motion & Design Doesn't Work I actually bought Crazytalk Animator at Christmas and I also own Reallusion's other main product (Iclone) and agree that it does have some interesting features but I have yet to see any impressive output from the software.
I think the best point about Reallusion software in general is the way in which you can manually control the movements; but the worst point is that for additional assets they charge way over the top.
2011/2/14 10:08:17
Why Realistic Motion & Design Doesn't Work Pinguino
Some excellent points there.

I'm not sure that the modern animated characters are unappealing; it's just that they are often - especially in the case of machinima - characterless.

I'm no animator but it's quite clear that machinima with it's stock moves and often computerised voices takes away the vey essence of what is required to make a character engaging.

Muvizu clearly has some advantages here:

a) can use a proper soundtrack
b) is using cartoon - and properly animated -motions which are brilliantly combined by the software and as you say the cartoon approach is much more acceptable on the eye.

I think Muvizu's concept of using moods to determine a persons actions is a clever and sensible way to go and works well up to a point.

I think the challenge now is for Muvizu to

a) allow the stock animations to be adjusted/amended (IK/FK?) to allow users to really develop characters
b) more character types or the ability to manipulate body/head shapes more (this has been mentioned before and I know that this is a problem because it messes up the stock animations)
c) and keep it all simple at the same time!

Great blog by the way

2011/1/16 17:58:28
Better processor or better graphics card Berty
Thanks for letting me know. Sounds like an excellent machine and I hope I can get one similar.
Really looking forward to your next creation
all the best
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