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2010/10/15 15:28:27
Character won't warm up Similar problem noted here by Ziggy?
2010/10/15 13:36:27
How do I make my Characters WALK? First you must have the character selectedWayfinder
Then you need to be in DIRECT mode and have started recording (by selecting the clapboard)

A circle should appear around the character and tou can either click on the arrows (in the outer circle) to move a step at a time or click and drag to walk/run
2010/10/15 9:52:33
Character won't warm up Jamie
Thanks for the speedy reply.

The steps were

PREPARE - selected "fight/warm up" - animated correctly
DIRECT - selected "fight/warm up" - animated correctly
DIRECT AND RECORD - selected "fight/warm up" - did not appear to do move

However I did not try and export the video so i do not know if this would have worked ok and I am afraid i cannot remember if the move appeared in the timeline.

I am at work now (and shouldn't be doing this!) but I will do some more investigating over the weekend

Many thanks

2010/10/14 21:50:05
Character won't warm up In his next story The Hard is involved in a "sporting" contest which (as you would expect) he takes very seriously. Therefore he needs to "warm up" as he would for a good fight.

But although I PREPARE the move fine and it performs correctly when I preview in DIRECT mode it does not seem to work when the camera is rolling and I am attempting to record the animation.

Is tis a bug or am I do something wrong. Please help as I'm not sure I can persuade The Hard to go into battle under prepared.
2010/10/13 22:33:51
Free voices and video software Tripfreak
Hell again. I've downloaded Virtualdub and am trying to create your 4 panel design but am getting confused!
Am I right in assuming that they all the characters were in the originally AVI and then you cropped/resized to separate them?
How do you get the 4 panels though?
I know I'm being thick but could you give a quick rundown of the steps.
Many thanks
2010/10/13 16:20:57
Animatable objects-props Jim
That's great news - thanks for letting us know
all the best
2010/10/12 16:02:21
Favourite ever cartoon? The Cat Came Back
and Roger ramjet!
2010/10/12 12:56:04
Staundoone Uncovered Exxxcellent -love the idea of a behind the scenes look - hope the sereis is as good
2010/10/12 10:44:53
Website and project collaboration I still think some form of "loose" collaboration would work on the site (as per my earlier suggestions) and having had a quick peek at I can see the appeal of trying to implement something similar with Muvizu.
However, how about just making use of the wreckamovie site/community and having some sort of tie-up.
It would prevent re-inventing the wheel and would/could also attract new users with different talents to the software
2010/10/11 22:05:12
Free voices and video software Tripfreak
Can't believe you've had no comments on this because you have provided some excellent links to resources which complement Muvizu perfectly.

I'm downloading them now.

It's only by people like yourself experimenting that we can see how Muvizu can be "extended" to add variety and interest to what is a great product.

Many thanks

2010/10/8 10:29:33
Help! Submitting competition entry... Artpen
Yes I am still unsure how it will be judged.

It was made very clear on Aug 10 that post processing was allowed albeit with it stressed that they were looking for best use of Muvizu

You may use image programs, post-processing programs, audio programs and the like to make your 90-second clips. One of the nice things about Muvizu is that it lets us bring together pictures, dialogue, music and even videos to incorporate in our Muvizu creations.

Use whatever tools you like, but bear in mind that we're interested in competition entries that show the best use of Muvizu as a filmmaking and animation package, so the more your clip showcases what our software can do, the better your chances of winning some state-of-the-art computing kit, as provided by
Workstation Specialists.

However as you say if you win you may need to provide the relevant set files which would result in an "unfinished movie". Perhaps if your movie is at the highest resolution this will not be necessary?

Also the movies are to be judged by non-Muvizu people so I am not sure how they will know what parts of the movie have been post processed using other software?

Perhaps one of the team could clarify (although it's probably too late now!)
2010/10/8 9:59:10
Help! Submitting competition entry... no problem - good luck!
2010/10/8 9:18:14
Help! Submitting competition entry... Matt
Yes that's how it's working

2010/10/8 8:35:10
Help! Submitting competition entry... Matt
Not sure if this is right but the way I got round it is as soon as it started loading onto Youtube (where it was "Public" I edited the properties to make it "Private" and this worked ok.
What you will find is that when you have uploaded your video and sent the appropriate email you will get an email back (not neccessarily immediately) telling you to change the video properties to make it viewable by the relevant selected user using "Private Sharing".
2010/10/7 21:28:10
Geraldo In Stockholm Barry
I think this is going to be a very useful project for everybody. I don't know, but I would imagine many Muvizu users (including me) are venturing into "movie making" for the first time and seeing how different people approach this can only help.
Also, it will be good to see how you approach different challenges you may come up against.
Thanks for doing this
2010/10/6 20:50:23
Sit without Chair or have Invisibility? inlimbo
selecting the sit posture will make the character adopt a sit position even where there is nothing to sit on.
2010/10/5 17:55:21
Let's hear it for the Muvizu team All

The Muvizu team actively encourage suggestions which is great and helps the development of the software.

We all love using it and the features are so simple to pick up that we're soon hungry for more.

I've been using it for only a couple of months but have already witnessed 2 releases and massive steps forward.

Let's keep the suggestions coming but keep patient too. It is a fantastic product with a great and supportive team behind it.... and it's free!

All hail Muvizu!
2010/9/30 21:36:47
What sets would you like to see? Good call Artpen
I too would love to see a mad scientiests lab
Also I think few more buildings/windows/doors to make different city scenes
2010/9/30 14:54:06
Muvizu Should Become Commercial Software Iwan
Thank you for taking time to provide an explanation. I can tell it is truly heartfelt and I do not think anyone would take it in a negative way.

I now understand what you are trying to say and can see how it could work for Muvizu as it does for other software. But I still see a difficulty in trying to "expand" the software without impacting the usability without having 2 distinct versions.

The Muvizu team have made such a good job of keeping it simple so far that they might be able to achieve what you wish for.

And I can see that professional animators may become frustrated by some aspects of the program but personally (as a very much non professional) I am just happy to have such a wonderful piece of software to play with and will happily work around any limitations.

The software is free and the output (perfectly understandably) is watermarked. I do not think the company will want to encourage export into other programs whils this is the case. A commercial version could perhaps allow export but I get the impression "visibility" is what is wanted at the present time.

all the best

2010/9/30 11:39:21
Muvizu Should Become Commercial Software Absolutely
People are actually making animations with Muvizu and this is because of it's wonderful simplicity and the ability to achieve tasks quickly.
Overburdening it with too many bells and whistles in an attempt to please everyone will negate this.

It's a fine balance between extending the softwares capabilities and overcomplicating but the Muvizu team seem to have it just right.
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