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2010/9/30 8:33:16
Geraldo In Stockholm Barry
That is an excellent idea - it is very easy to produce decent animations with the software however to take it to the next level the advice and tips people like you can provide are absolutely invaluable.
I appreciate you doing this.
2010/9/29 13:59:22
Film Festival From the twitters it looked like the software got a good reception.
Any thoughts on taking your presentation "on the road" - the Tyneside Cinema in Newcastle plays host to similar events and you'd certainly get at least one attendee!
2010/9/27 8:44:46
Importing from Google Sketchup Ziggy
Think I am correct here but I'm sure one of the team will tell you if I'm not.

Please see post which explains how you can ensure the textures are loaded in with the mesh.

However if you save the set and then re-open the colours will all have disappeared again. This is a known bug and is targeted for fixing in the next release I believe.

So to use at the moment ensure that you record your output movie before you close your set
2010/9/25 10:46:58
Halloween Film Fest Promo WarLord wrote:
toonarama wrote:
Hello Warlord and welcome to the community.

Are you the ICLONEREVOLUTION warlord???

Yes... I am that WarLord... but try not to hold it against me!

It's great to see you here - I've always been very impressed with your Iclone work.

There are some real experts (like yourself) getting involved and that's great for the software and for the rest of us who can be inspired and learn from your work
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2010/9/24 12:47:30
Halloween Film Fest Promo Hello Warlord and welcome to the community.

Are you the ICLONEREVOLUTION warlord???
2010/9/23 11:01:32
going nowhere fast Dreeko
Another excellent suggestion - ideally it would be great to be able to select from a range of walking/running styles and then have a move/stay on stop checkbox.
2010/9/23 10:57:38
Animated lights? Dreeko
I agree that this would be very useful.
I've already hit this issue.
I got round it by copying the set file then switching off the light in the second set and then joining the front half of one with the back end of the other - a bit messy to say the least.
2010/9/22 14:37:11
Animatable objects-props Jim
Sounds intriguing - certainly moving an "object grouping" together would open up a number of possibilities - especially if characters could move with them?!

Also I guess a model could be broken up into separate parts to allow it to be animated. I guess you can do this in sketchup but I might investigate 3dxchange which is a Reallusion product. Although primarily for ICLONE it can import and export to Sketchup and allows you to perform lots of changes to the model.

Being an ICLONE owner I already have it but the standard version is not too expensive.

all the best

2010/9/22 14:00:11
Animatable objects-props Thanks for that excellent suggestion Jim; it implies that objects will be rotatable - is that correct (even if it is not a word?)


2010/9/22 13:42:58
Animatable objects-props I know you're only just working on making props movable but...

would it be possible to have props that can be animated?

For example a door that could "open" and "close" perhaps by selecting the object and then selecting an appropriate shortcut key.

Alternatively it could work in the same way as the character animations with prepare/direct?


2010/9/20 15:03:33
the importance of hands Barry
Could this be done in a simplistic way by having
a clench fist/open hand slider plus a hand rotator (like the head rotator) OR
having a distinct set of hand animations: clench fist, open hand, point etc


2010/9/20 13:40:16
Which is your favourite Muvizu animation so far? Infact - why not go the whole hog and hqave some Muvizu Oscars!
2010/9/20 8:47:05
Which is your favourite Muvizu animation so far? Hello there,

With the range and quality of Muvizu animations increasing all the time I thought it would be interesting to know which are the favourites among users and developers. Perhaps at the end of each year there could be an "awards" where we all vote for our favourites in different categories (ie best script, animation, lighting,overall etc).

My favourite so far is (and I know other software was involved) the recently released "Hey Joe" - a simple idea beautifully realised.

John Beswick continues to produce consistently good and original animations, comedy wise I would go for Fart in the Park; lighting has to be sleekit things and the Hipster Bebop Junkies. The Wooderson brothers, Baretta and Than also producing some excellent new stuff.

The list goes on...
2010/9/17 8:58:24
32bit-64bit-XP-7--Aarrrghhhhh Berty

Thanks again. To be honest I was looking at using the new PC as a dedicated video and animation (for me) and games (for my son) machine so am not really bothered about hooking it up to the printer, scanner etc.


2010/9/17 8:45:06
32bit-64bit-XP-7--Aarrrghhhhh ukBerty
Thanks for this detailed response. I am in a similar position to kaynine and have been having the same concerns.

I am planning on buying a new PC (eventually) but would keep the old one for general use and that one would be connected to the peripherals so hopefully that would prevent that being an issue.

many thanks

2010/9/17 8:42:08
Bolshy Bikers cause bother Hello there
As any respectable publican will tell you - invite bikers in and you risk trouble.
I was trying to use some of the biker animations last night and hit a couple of issues.
1. The scooter (I'm sure they would prefer something more powerful!) collision geometry is such that the bike cannot be sat on. I assume it would be possible to change this to act like the chairs.
2. I also hit what appeared to be an itermittent problem when joining moves. Therefore if I had "rev" then "thumbs up" and then scrubbed along the timeline:
a) actor's arms dropped down to side after rev
b) the "thumbs up" action did not perform.
Oddly enough when scrubbing the "thumbs up" action did sometimes happen.
I got round the problem by starting the "thumbs up" action before the "rev" action had completed.

Not sure if this is a bug or not.
all the best
2010/9/17 8:39:33
New Actor Abilities Hello there
I think it would be useful to introduce some extra characteristics of actors (if it is technically possible)
a) the ability to "float" in the air like objects can potentially allowing characters to fly or just hover
b) the ability to "move" characters (ie without resorting to walking or running or selecting a specific animation)
c) the ability to group characters with objects so when an object is moved the character moves with it (eg car moves and so does person "inside")
Perhaps then - these 3 together or a combination of them - a character coud sit in a moving car, ride a bike or a magic carpet when object movement is introduced?
all the best
2010/9/16 15:35:51
New character? freakmoomin wrote:

How much would it bother you if we had a massive fat char with tiny legs, but as a result 70% of the animations looked terrible and didnt really work....... and because of the tiny legs the locomotion looked horrendous and slid all over the place...

would you still want that character? or would it be left on the shelf as the animations looked crap?



I slightly leading question methinks but I can certainly see the issue that you have got.

I guess a (not very good) alternative would be to have a separate set of animations for each character shape (as the blobs have). That sounds like a lot of work!


2010/9/16 8:37:50
Bug that is driving me nuts Berty
I too have noticed that animations can be truncated by adding a new animation before the first has finished although I assumed this was a "feature"? Although the "back to base" definitely looks like a bug.

Must admit (due to the speed of my computer) I usually add my moves with gaps inbetween then bring them together (where required) using the timeline.


2010/9/14 12:09:41
Upload spreadsheet? Hello there

I am busy creating a spreadsheet of all the animations available in Muvizu. Is there any way I can upload it to make it available for all?


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