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2010/9/6 16:11:39
Stock Images/Textures is an excellent site for textures
2010/9/6 16:07:54
3D Modelling Packages (For Object Import) If you are in full time education or know someone who is you can download 3Dmax or Maya or any other Autodesk tools for free simply by joining the education community. There are "watermarks" allegedly but i think these only appear on rendered output
2010/9/6 16:05:01
Stock Video has tons of stock footage
2010/9/6 16:03:45
Stock Video Artbeats and Pond 5 offer "rolling" free clips
2010/9/6 13:11:18
Jacob Patterboon Than
Emily is right the issue of the audio has probably taken over the fact that it was a very impressive piece of animation with an interesting storyline, excellent sets and impressive editing.

It wasn't that the audio was that bad it was just a little hard to understand at times and therefore detracted from the overall excellence of the work.

Looking forward to more

all the best

2010/9/6 10:48:07
Website and project collaboration Hello KerryK
I think true collaboration (as opposed to making assets available to others) will be quite difficult to achieve in any meaningful way.
The type of thing I could see working is one contibutor specifically requesting from another contributor: characters, sets, soundtrack, voices, objects etc.
I guess this could be left to the individuals concerned but the "wheels could be oiled" by having a separate tab within the community page (possibly driven by selections made on individuals preference pages?) where users could make themselves "available" for such work.
The users could then collaborate using emails or the personal message system (does this cope with attachments) or is it possible for privately uploaded assets to be made available by selected individuals.
Perhaps the lack of responses to the post suggest a lack of enthusiasm for the idea but maybe everybody's too busy getting their competition entry in.
Personally I think it is a good idea and will help promote better animations.
all the best
2010/9/6 10:46:48
Lighting tutorial Hello there
One of the main things that marksout the better looking animations from the others is "lighting".
I know that this is covered in tutorials but I think it would be an idea to have a tutorial related to achieving certain lighting "effects".
Sunny day, sunset, stormy day, film noir etc etc.
2010/9/6 9:53:04
Codecs when using Videojoiner to combine videos mcmillan-ra
Thanks very much - I'll try the MJPEG solution suggested.

all the best

2010/9/6 8:46:06
Codecs when using Videojoiner to combine videos Hello again
In the animations i have made so far I have used more than one set and used the videojoiner to join them up.
To preserve quality I have been outputting without compression from Muvizu and then using XVID in Videojoiner.
The problem with this approach is the original files uncompressed files were so big that I had to export 30 seconds at a time to keep within the Windows file size limits.
My question is therefore if I use XVID in both Muvizu and Videojoiner am I effectively compressing the video twice with a subsequent further loss in quality?
If so, is there a better approach?
many thanks
2010/9/5 21:38:59
My first video Excellent - music script and characters all top class - one of the best muvizu animations yet
2010/9/3 13:19:31
First 23 seconds Than
The suspense is building - better be good!

all the best

2010/9/3 12:26:26
Competition format suggestion Hello there

I love the animations which emanate from the 11second club website.

How about a similar competion for Muvizu whereby a dialogue track (of say 60 secs) is provided and competitors create an animation based on that.


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edited by toonarama on 9/3/2010
2010/9/3 12:24:24
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Some more suggestions
1. More "everday" actions
2. More initial states

3. Football/Sports actions

4. Music/Band based actions
2010/9/3 12:20:41
Website and project collaboration KerryK
Just to get the feedback started some quick thoughts.
1. I think a dedicated area for making completed scripts "available" for anybody to use (with some form of CC badge) is required. At the moment the scripts area just has all the scripts previously uploaded most of which seem to be empty/unfinished anyway.

2. This could also be given some form of themed structure: historical/comedic etc or even better could use tags to make it searchable.

3. The stills area exhibits the same problem as it just appears to consists of everybody's "photo". If this is to be useful it needs to be an area for stills which can be used as backgrounds etc (or there storage issues here - can some link be made to flickr directories or similar.

4. Audio - again this could be used in a similar way so that it only containes finished dialogues/background tracks that people are happy for anyone to use and again would benefit from searchable tags

5. Sets would be another good area (I know Than has started this off) and I would love it if someone started producing some less graphics intensive ones!

These are all things which make material available and accessible to all - I'll have to think longer about actual collaboration


2010/9/3 12:00:06
Import Assets Tutorial Hello there
I watched the "importing assets" tutorial last night and as usual found it very clear and understandable.
I also appreciate that the purpose of the tutorial is not and probably cannot be a on how to create objects in the specific 3d software.
However, one of the great strengths of Muvizu is that it has it's own look and feel and that is a great tribute to the artists/developers working on it.
Therefore ideally assets created would fit into the Muvizu world which would mean they would need to be created in a similar style.
Is there any chance, and this is probably too big an ask, that using a "simple" asset such as a window or something there could be a tutorial on how the Muvizu "look" is created in Maya or some indication of the workflow.
2010/9/3 9:01:27
Basic spec for using software to full capacity Jim
Thanks for that link that's a much better price range for me!

I actually work for HP (following outsourcing) and we do get employee offers (not very good ones mind) but the graphics cards they put in at that price range do not seem powerful enough.

Is lack of support for Direct x 11.0 likely to be an issue with Muvizu?

many thanks for your help

2010/9/3 8:56:19
Collection of .set files (Please use Gallery now) Than
Your sets are excellent - please keep up the great work.
Unfortunately until I get a new PC I won't be able to use them, better get saving
all the best
2010/9/3 8:49:45
Upload and account issues The video has appeared in my profile this morning - thanks very much for your help. I'm still not sure the popup windows are displaying correctly but i'm just happy to get it loaded up
thanks again

2010/9/2 21:57:26
Upload and account issues Jim

I tried to upload my video again twice and as before it is loading on YT (
but does not appear to be loading on the Muvizu site.

If you look at the still part of my profile page I have uploaded a couple of screenshots. One as the upload is taking place and one after. You will notice the after one is completely blank.

Also whilst uploading the still images I was automatically logged out of my account each time so I don't kmow if this is relevant.

I am going to try a trial upload from within the program to see if that makes a difference. Did this and seemed to work but not appearing on profile page.

I have managed to load a sound file successfully


edited by toonarama on 9/2/2010
2010/9/2 16:27:03
Basic spec for using software to full capacity Hello there
It stikes me that there may be a number of Muvizu users who (like me) are persevering with under-spec computers because of the quality of the software but who are seriously considering buying a better computer to take full advantage of it's capabilities.
With that in mind I would like to ask the users/Muvizu developers who have computers which can handle the program without problem what sort of basic spec their computers are.
I would love to splash out a £1000 but my better half wouldn't let me and i appreciate there is a minimum spec but i would really like to get an idea of how much it would cost to buy a PC which would allow me to use Muvizu to the full now and (dare I say it) over the next few years.
Many thanks to anyone who can help.
all the best
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