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2014/5/18 17:53:51
Death by Jelly - scene 1 WIP Gotta do it Ziggy.

Each animation I do in Muvizu garners less enthusiasm than the last and I'm not surprised because they all end up looking the same.

I haven't got the expertise or will to spend time developing the sets and textures to give my animation some originality.

Someone will no doubt (Dreeko!) say that it's the story that counts and they'd be right but an original look and a chance to do something a bit different with the animations can cover up some of the shortcomings in that area.

Muvizu has been great for me but new features and an end to it's insularity are desperately needed.

Perhaps they are on the way, but I have given up trying to illicit information from The Glasgow Kremlin!
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2014/5/18 15:48:08
Death by Jelly - scene 1 WIP Thank you to everyone for their help and advice. I'm now off to the dark side.

I hope to be back when we have a version of Muvizu which either allows motions and characters to be imported and/or edited or more character/motions are made available.

But for now; thank you to everyone for your support, assistance and friendship over the years.
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2014/5/17 14:20:32
classic kirk fights number 2 Just love these!
2014/5/17 14:19:17
Death by Jelly - scene 1 WIP Thank you Ziggy

I'd like to be able to blame a birth defect or an unfortunate lab accident but in reality I have probably been a bit slapdash (not for the first time). Each bone in the hand can be moved or rotated individually and I've probably tried to be a bit too clever for my own good and messed things up when using stock gestures would have sufficed.

Thank you for taking the time to comment.
2014/5/16 12:59:25
Hi all! Best bet is to export in segments and then reassemble in a video editor
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2014/5/15 9:08:33
Down at Netto - Geordie Elvis - this is Muvizu! In my rush to get the thing finished I forgot to say thank you to Urbanlamb (I'd have no animations without you!) and Danny for their great sets.
2014/5/15 8:46:06
Death by Jelly - scene 1 WIP Thank you Mr Hamster and mr 00

That is exactly the sort of feedback I am after.

I'm lazy so i'm not very good at refining things too much so it is good to know the bits I really cn't get away with.

Thank you very much for taking the time to provide comments.

Much appreciated.

2014/5/14 21:48:38
Down at Netto - Geordie Elvis - this is Muvizu! Many months ago we left Geodie Elvis stuck in dog crap. Well he eventually extracted himself and he is "Down at Netto".

A great big public thank you to UKBERTY for performing the song - what a star that man is!

2014/5/13 22:57:05
Death by Jelly - scene 1 WIP It's not muvizu and it's not finished but I really would appreciate your constructive criticism

2014/4/30 19:57:19
Brilliant voice actor on Fiverr All

For my WIP animation I am using FIVERR for my voice actors and I just wanted to let you know of the one I have been working with most.

His moniker is heresricky http:// and although he appears expensive I can guarantee you will not be disappointed - his work and enthusiasm is outstanding. He really buys in to what you are doing.

If you use him tell him Toonarama sent you!
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2014/4/29 10:34:05
What you Muvizuing at the minute? Carole wrote:
Hope some of you are taking some time off your main projects to throw in an entry to our Just One Piece comp?

Only one entry in so far, we could really do with a few more.

Tell you what would inspire some more entries - a new version of Muvizu to play with!
2014/4/28 20:08:34
Will there be a new version of Muvizu this year? Dylly wrote:
There's a mailing list? Whaaaaa? Am I on it? If not why not?

I think Urbanlamb is referring to the mailing list which is mentioned on
the Digimania website
2014/4/28 15:04:34
Will there be a new version of Muvizu this year? mysto wrote:
I think toonarama is referring to a version of Muvizu that we will likely use, not the fabled industry level renderer that you lot have been beavering away on for months and months.

i agree

So do I!
2014/4/28 13:02:04
What you Muvizuing at the minute? Hello all

With many people working on longer term and more ambitious projects these days I thought it would be good to know what everyone is up to Muvizu wise.

Personally my delay has nothing to do with ambition - just a lack of concentration and too many other irons in the fire.

Geordie Elvis - having extricated himself from the dog crap he got stuck in last time - is about to make a return in another "amazing" adventure. This time he is "Down at Netto"

What about everybody else?
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2014/4/28 12:34:31
Will there be a new version of Muvizu this year? Carole wrote:
Good morning toonarama,

Update on this coming down the track soon methinks...

Thank you for replying - sounds promising!!
2014/4/28 10:40:59
Will there be a new version of Muvizu this year? Good morning Digimania!

I am well aware you are hard at work on your professional rendering engine but PLEASE can you give some indication whether or not there will be a new release of Muvizu in the near future; the community needs to know!
2014/4/22 13:18:34
Beware of "AntiGravity" Dreeko wrote:
Also, I don't know what kind of qualifications you need to make positive comments on a video. I have a module gained at college on finger painting is that enough?

I guess it depends on whether you were painting with your finger or painting your finger.

But the point remains the same. If someone hasn't produced anything decent themselves how can they tell someone else where they are going wrong? I know it is an impossible line to draw but there are a number of Muvizu users (including your good self) who I would be more than happy to receive constructive criticism from.
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2014/4/22 11:56:55
Beware of "AntiGravity" Dreeko

No need to sigh! I have no intention of being shouty or personal. I was just surprised to see you defending such people.

I understand your viewpoint and totally agree with your view on reality shows.

However, most of us are making animations for fun and are just happy to get a couple of positive comments that give us the lift to do it again.

What does it matter if a young kid making his first animation or (more often) an older man(!) gets a false sense of perspective. It's not doing any harm.

The point is we do not know the person (or their circumstances) behind the username.

There was someone who posted recently about using Muvizu as a way of getting into the animation industry and they were given polite and understanding feedback telling them that this was unrealistic and suggesting alternatives. Surely better than telling them their video is crap and they don't have a chance.

I'm all for positive criticism; it is the best way to learn from your mistakes. But you need to get it from someone qualified to make an opinion. And what we are talking about in this thread does not qualify on either front.
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2014/4/22 10:40:26
Beware of "AntiGravity" Dreeko wrote:

So,every time that we receive a bad comment or a thumbs down on a video, are we now just to assume that it is Sovransoul in disguise?

.. Could it not just be that there are more than one person in the world who doesn't like that particular video?

.. Or could it in fact be that the video is genuinely crap?

Personally I'd rather have a constructive negative comment than a weak positive one where the viewer has just said "eh, well.. I thought the lighting was nice" rather than pointing how it may have been improved.

Sovransoul and Antigravity may actually be different individuals!

Let's not fall into the trap of believing that everything we make is brilliant. There are a lot of really bad Muvizu videos out there, but most of us are too polite to point them out.

Perhaps it's time for a bit more honesty when it comes to reviewing and leaving comments.

Put your brains into "Simon Cowell" mode lol!


Constructive criticism is always a positive but playground insults are pathetic and unnecessary.

We don't all have your talent Dreeko therefore sometimes the animations made aren't that brilliant but we are not selling them and not claiming them to be masterpieces. If you want to provide constructive and helpful criticism to people, great, but Cowellesque abuse is certainly not required.

People might leave comments which are perhaps better than the videos deserve. it is called encouragement.

I am pleased that you received a positive comment from this individual but I wouldn't have thought that you would need to massage your ego by using it in a discussion about someone who does not appear to have a lot to offer
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2014/4/21 14:46:48
Sketchup to Muvizu Dylly
Looks excellent - would be perfect in muvizu!
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