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2013/12/3 14:43:45
I've been trying something new! Dreeko wrote:

I mentioned this before in the forum to a very minor ripple of interest which is why I created the scrooge example video to show the potential of customised character assets from users, with the hope that Muvizu HQ may think likewise! (hint HINT!)

I think I was probably the ripple and poured cold water on your idea assuming that Muvizu HQ would not be willing to make their assets publicly available and I don't think anyone from MHQ replied.

BUT having seen the potential of what you have created you have certainly convinced me of the merits and hopefully the powere that be may be forced to at least answer your query!

Most similar software types like Daz/Iclone owe their survival to external developers producing and selling content and they do this by providing ways of being able to modify existing meshes and objects.

Muvizu is gradually opening up and it looks like the Pro version will take that a step further but I agree with you that it would be a HUGE step forward were at least some of the assets to be made available.

By the way what I like best about the Scrooge animation is that it almost looks like a stop-motion.

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2013/12/2 12:52:47
Dreeko's extra bits Aha - i can see that now - very clever idea!
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2013/12/2 12:13:14
Dreeko's extra bits Dreeko
That looks great - did you do it in sculptris?

Also can the characters still speak ?

Even if not it is still an excellent way of adding a bit of variety to the extras
2013/11/29 10:31:22
FBX UDK editor stuff. Snoopylino -also be aware of the limitations of the trial version (see below) and it is worth knowing that the cheaper pro version of 3dxchange allows you to export OBJ files which can then be converted into FBX files using the free autodesk converter.

Can only export 15 times and If you export 1 character with 3 motions in one FBX file, you will spend 4 export times

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2013/11/28 10:21:22
Dreeko's extra bits we need a competition for the baddest haircut!

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2013/11/26 20:30:07
Off my trolley Thank you Urbanlamb

Still no success but at least I learned something important about opacity.

However I decided to try a 3darchive trolley (as per a previous suggestion from your good self) and despite the prop looking much more complex it was virtually the same size and worked perfectly!

Thank you very much!
2013/11/26 15:18:39
Off my trolley Urbanlamb - thank you very much for your comprehensive reply - i'll give it a go again tonight based on what you say

Thanks again

2013/11/26 8:50:05
Off my trolley Hello all

I am hoping one of our model experts may be able to help.

I need a shopping trolley that I can import as a held object and found a suitable one on sketchup which isn't too resource heavy here

If I load into sketchup or Reallusion 3dxchange the cart basket has opacity so you can see inside it.

I converted into FBX using the Autodesk converter and loaded it into Muvizu but now the transparency has been lost. If I reload the FBX file back into 3dxchange the transparency is still there.

I tried all sorts of things last night without success - anybody got any ideas?
2013/11/14 9:33:46
Remove collision mesh in Maya Hello

As my son is at school I currently have a free version of Maya to play with and i was wondering if anyone knows whether there is a straightforward mthod of removing the collision mesh before exporting as an FBX file

Thank you
2013/11/14 9:04:06
FBX imports toonarama wrote:
IanHolmes wrote:
Found a great 64bit converter today whilst banging my head against sketchup and ase. Its here Now I can model in turbocad, blender, 3ds and export as .3ds.

The convertor effortlessly batch converts files to the 2013 fbx format (and others) which Muvizu reads ok.

This works brilliantly - couldn't be simpler - THANK YOU!

The only issue with it appears to be that there is no way of removing the collision (as far as I can see)
2013/11/13 20:59:57
FBX imports IanHolmes wrote:
Found a great 64bit converter today whilst banging my head against sketchup and ase. Its here Now I can model in turbocad, blender, 3ds and export as .3ds.

The convertor effortlessly batch converts files to the 2013 fbx format (and others) which Muvizu reads ok.

This works brilliantly - couldn't be simpler - THANK YOU!
2013/11/11 14:14:10

Interesting to see that there is talk of an (in development) Muvizu:Pro on the Digimania site

Muvizu:Pro – In developmentA film sound stage for animators - assemble your cast and set, illuminate with light and shoot with on-set cameras. Muvizu:Pro is a standalone 3D real time renderer that slots seamlessly into your production process. Static and skeletal FBX meshes from many different software apps can be imported, previewed in real time, lit by in-engine lights and quickly rendered as footage or frames.
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2013/11/8 18:04:14
Singer/Musician needed The wonderful Muvizu community comes up trumps again as I have a volunteer!

Who it is I shall not tell - it will have to be a surprise and anyway their stage name might be different.

My greatest thanks to the secret collaborator.
2013/11/8 9:20:11
Singer/Musician needed Good morning

I know this is a longshot but is there anybody in the community who can sing and possibly play a musical instrument?

I have written a new song for "Geordie Elvis" and whereas in the previous animation starring him (see below) the words were just spoken I think it would have been much better as a song.

So I am looking for someone who can either sing along to a karaoke version or can do the singing and music. It really doesn't need to be that good or it'll make my amatuerish film making look less impressive

2013/11/5 12:09:42
Muvizu WIKI log on Hi Jamie

Thanks for the quick response.

I just tried again using IE and Firefox and neither worked. Then i logged into main site without problem.


2013/11/5 11:08:01
Muvizu WIKI log on Hello there

When I navigate to the Muvizu wiki it tells me I am not logged in (even when I am logged in on the main site) and then when I try and use my normal login details I get an error message saying that they are incorrect. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you.
2013/11/4 13:36:18
Make Muvizu objects available for download I would be very surprised if Muvuizu HQ would be willing to make their assets publically available as it would mean anybody could get hold of them and start using them in other software.
I guess if there was/were willing volunteers they make them available to a selected few to convert.
2013/11/1 8:15:21
User survey winner! My emails were turned off too - I'm surprised anybody knew to respond!
2013/10/31 18:04:04
Themes I think the format used by the 11secondclub works whereby the base dialogue/soundtrack is provided to animate to. Perhaps make it 30 seconds as muvizu is so much quicker to use?
2013/10/15 12:01:22
Newbie having trouble moving / directing object foff47 wrote:

I understand what you are saying about the character "wearing" a vehicle and the character moving the vehicle but I am too new to Muvizu to know how to do this, any chance of a bit of help on how I can do this, then I can go "play"
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If you EDIT a character you can ATTACH an imported object to part of the body so you could import a car model to a characters waist and reposition as required and then when you move the character the car object will move with them.

Two main issues with this

a) Can only attached imported objects for which you have the ase/fbx file - ie not those that are installed with Muvizu
b) the character can only be moved by making them run or walk which will cause the car object to move/shake as well - you could reduce the impact by ensuring you attach to a part which does not move too much and by reducing the character's expressiveness right down

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