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2013/10/14 20:55:27
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) Gimmick
As far as I know there are no new animations in the release - a handful of new handheld objects have been added like pen, axe, jar etc
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2013/10/14 12:26:07
Newbie having trouble moving / directing object Foff47
Although you can group items so you can move them around your scene together you cannot animate groups of objects.

Therefore in order to move the fire engine I think you will need to "ungroup" the items in the group and then select the fire engine and direct>object movement.

If you need a number of objects/characters to move together you need to use a moving backdrop (to simulate the movement) or use a "green screening" method.
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2013/10/12 12:55:12
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) The new attachments feature means we could have a lot of new hairstyles
2013/10/10 22:14:10
Beware the Eye of Amun-Ra Website released Berty

If the rest of the film matches the stunning sets (which I know it will) this is going to be a masterpiece. Incredible what you have achieved.

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2013/7/31 21:52:22
Visual C++ Issue Neil

Reinstalling Muvizu 32 bit solved the issue - thanks for your help!
2013/7/31 21:51:32
[?] How is this done? Muvizu_Admin wrote:

We really do know how much you all want Dreeko's dancing cat to be able to pick up his bag! We appreciate your passion and want to give you the best Muvizu we can but we do have to do that within the restraints of a business.

This is very ambiguous - I guess deliberately so.

I really do hope it means that one day (in the not too distant future) holding props will be possible whether it be in a free or paid for version.

It would be a shame if certain features are only available to truly "commercial" users. Already the Zubox team have extra characters and functionality.

I'm sure many of us "hobbyists" would be willing to pay for these additional features.

Muvizu is a great product but needs to have some of those creative straitjackets loosened a bit.
2013/7/26 11:03:50
Visual C++ Issue Thanks Neil

On that basis i might try installing the 32 bit version of Muvizu - i currently have the 64 bit version installed - as the processes i am having problems with are 32 bit.


2013/7/26 8:41:28
Visual C++ Issue Hello

Since installing one of the latest versions of Muvizu I have started having problems opening other processes on my computer.

For example when I try and open Iclone I get the message "mfc100u.dll" is missing.

Searching the web seems to suggest this is an issue with Visual C++ and the recommended action is to install the latest service pack 1.

So, my questions are.

A) which version does Muvizu use
B) which version gets installed by the installer
C) will downloading the Service pack 1 cause me issues with Muvizu

Thank you

2013/7/6 15:24:57
Iron Man 3 He'll be back........... with something truly SOCKING! (sorry)
2013/7/3 23:07:21
Iron Man 3 MrDrWho13 wrote:

Strange compared to his old one though.

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Looks like he's done a runner....
2013/7/1 14:24:36
Just to say "Hi!" :) Nice to see you here Kurzal!

THis man is amazingly talented everybody!!!
2013/6/17 11:27:12
spanish trumpet
2013/5/29 21:04:06
Interested in collaborating on some z-grade films? many thanks Insanehamster - I'll let you know when I'm ready to go!
2013/5/6 12:17:21
Interested in collaborating on some z-grade films? Mysto and Urbanlamb

Thank you very much for your replies - nothing is imminent at the moment Mysto but I appreciate your offer - I know how busy you are with your Zubox work. I hope they are paying you well!!

Thanks again

2013/5/3 16:02:15
Interested in collaborating on some z-grade films? Thanks ver much for your offer Fazz - it would be great to have you on board.
In reality - i'll need help with everything - probably shouldn't have stressed the sets stuff as much it's just that I'm crap at it.

I think we share a common interest in trash - and that can only be a positive thing!
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2013/5/3 11:32:22
Interested in collaborating on some z-grade films? All
I am not sure if i'll ever get round to this and don't know if I will use Muvizu or something else but I am hoping to convert my old z-movie films into animations.

I made the films about 25-30 years ago and they would need re-editing but they have a basis of a story and already have the spoken dialogue (although I would probably redo some of it).

If I do I would love to have some help - especially in the scene/prop building area so if anyone is interested in potentially collaborating please reply to this thread.

The potential films are:


A coughing epidemic is sweeping eighties Britian but who is to blame?: Is Thatcher protecting the British sponge industry? is it the work of the Institute of Sponge genetics? Does the head of Supasponge Corporation have anything to hide? Or is the truth far more sinister?


When born again christian Freddie Scarfe is killed by the Geordie Psycho Bikers he goes to heaven happy in the knowledge that the British justice system will punish the hairy hoodlums. When they are let off scot free Freddie is very very angry, but he can't do anything from heaven. Will he make the ultimate sacrifice and move to the dark side to get his revenge?


When the Venusians invasion is defeated by The Worlds new weapon (the Zockblaster) they develop a time machine (the backscuttleshuttle) which allows them to invade again before it was invented. Will they succeed this time or will they be thwarted by a Superhero?


James Bond takes on his most challenging mission yet as he takes on the combined threat of Doctor Vite, Zorch Incorporated and a horde of flesh eating zombies. A task made even harder by MI5 cost cutting and rats in the circus!
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2013/5/2 20:44:19
Ballad of the Pokeawillies In a collaboration with the legendary Wavis O'Shave I present a melancholy tale of alien invasion and love life lost - if possible please leave comments on youtube - thank you

Special thanks to Urbanlamb, Ziggy, Dreeko, Dannynw23, Mario Alcob and Mike-num5 for use of their wonderful sets

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2013/5/1 8:47:42
Problems uploading / commenting on videos Lippyalison

I'm sure one of the Muvizu team will answer your question soon but out of interest do you upload from the program or from the website? The website is generally the most reliable option.
Nice sketch by the way and I see you got a mention in the free "Metro" newspaper this morning - congratulations

2013/4/25 22:57:10
the avengers radio series excellent news Fazz and well deserved - a brilliant set of animations
2013/4/25 14:29:02
FMX 2013 Muvizu workshop Dreeko
and your Idea animation too! - I don't know, you would think you were the only user!

Anyway main drift (although i missed the last few minutes) seemed to be along the lines of attempting to break into the professional market and have a "professional" version of the software.

There was also mention of importing assets via FBX but it wasn't clear whether or not this was only for the pro version - hence my question. Barry mentioned they have already performed some successful tests.

Monetisation was also mentioned as being something else that is still being looked at (ie an alternative method to the recently implemented pay per minute).
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