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2022/2/27 22:29:00
RESOLVE BoomMike wrote:
Dan let's Bev know how he is managing to keep his New Year's resolution.

2015/10/8 13:12:56
WINE on a Mac Well the short answer is "No"

The longer answer would be that WINE looks to www.freetype.org for fonts and cannot (perhaps it's my security settings) find what it's looking for and that's where it falls flat on its face. WINE doesn't go any farther than that so I don't know if there would be any other hiccoughs if it did manage to progress. In WINE TRICKS I remembered to enable the Direct X 11 emulator and the Visual C++ 2010 emulator thingumajigs. No joy.

Downloaded the 14 day trial of Parallels Desktop Home edition and installed windows 10 before installing Muvizu. Parallels runs Muvizu but jumpily.

Am not wanting to create another BootCamp partition so am going to be unable to use Muvizu in the near future.

Thank you both for your response and @Dylly, you made me smile.
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2015/10/7 19:22:44
WINE on a Mac Just a quick question. I no longer have a BootCamp partition on my Mac and am wondering if Muvizu will work with WINE?
2015/8/22 22:45:35
How do we save attachments? ukBerty you are a genius!!! I never thought of that. Sending a virtual great big squeezy hug your way.
2015/8/22 2:38:17
How do we save attachments? Thank you both

I wanted cheeks that could blush and then fade by animating the texture through different shades of pink.

Rosy cheeks will have to do for now though.

Thank you again
2015/8/21 10:17:59
Can't keep this old animator down! Think positive lad and feel better soon.
2015/8/21 10:15:05
How do we save attachments? Helloooooo

I wanted to give Girl blushing cheeks so made cheeks in Blender and imported them as a Face Mask.

The only way I have found to save them is to save Girl with blushing cheeks applied as a favourite.

I was hoping to save them as a Face Mask that could be applied to any character.

My question therefore: How do we save attachments that can be applied to compatible characters?
2015/8/16 20:13:57
Where will I find Mandy's UV? Okey dokey thank you
2015/8/16 14:10:38
Where will I find Mandy's UV? Hellooooo,

Have managed to download the UV's for four of the Play+ characters but cannot for the life of me find Mandy.

Am I looking in the wrong place or is she not available yet (or only available to Play+ subscribers)?

2013/7/31 13:07:29
Colour Change from Blender texture to Muvizu Ok, straight to it....

When colouring my textures I specifically choose these colour settings (for consistencey within my own models)..

Blue Hex 00 68 E7, and Red E7 21 00

In Blender the colours are represented accurately. Once the ob_whatever.ase and id_whatever.tga are imported in to Muvizu the colours are translated to

Blue Hex 00 23 CD, and Red CD 02 00

Black and White remain unaltered.

I've looked for correlations in the differences but to the best of my knowledge there are none.

My questions...

What (if any) colour space should I use when creating textures for Muvizu?
What the dickens am I doing wrong?
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