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2012/11/23 9:31:36
My thinkings @Dreeko

The expression 'Hitting nail on head with large hammer' comes to mind

Loving the eyebrow work...reminds me of some sort of dodgy car salesman at some points during that second vid haha Big Grin

It's good to hear what the community would like to see in Muvizu in the future and also gives us ideas of what improvements we can potentially churn out the Muvizu factory quicker than others. I personally would love to see more conversational animations to give my own videos more variety.
2012/11/22 10:15:48
My thinkings So.....many....ideas....brain..about...to.......implode!

I'm enjoying all the suggestions and we do listen, but it does take some time to implement things like write out the code for new characters/animations, test it to death, get some PR stuff done for it etc etc...

We would love to have a magic 'Add all improvements that people want' type option, but we would be here for the best part of a few decades, trying things and then changing them when they don't work, then trying something different..... rinse, repeat, until we get something that works.

So please rest assured, we have no plans to let Muvizu just idly sit by and collect a pension after a few years

We will always be looking to add new features and improvements to Muvizu and hope you like what we have in store for you in the future

2012/11/22 10:01:44
Download Mirrors Hi folks, the new mirror links are now on just in case Muvizu HQ gets taken over by evil robots or something.

Please only use if you can't for some reason download from the Muvizu website.

2012/11/22 9:43:31
Caption Me! Reindeer: "Why must he leave it to the 24th of December to deliver over 6 billion presents?! why? Why? WHY?"
2012/11/21 15:21:45
No Hero's pack.... Steven547 wrote:
Thanks. I uninstalled everything from my machine, then installed the new version. It appears I have everything again (hereos and new content packs included...train, etc)

Glad it worked for you
2012/11/21 9:25:52
No Hero's pack.... Steven547 wrote:
I loaded up my program and it prompted me that a new version was available (23b). I "updated" it. However, I no longer have the Hero's or Villains characters. I've had to manually download each content pack. Also, whenever I load up the program, it says there is a new update for the content pack, I download and install, but it always tells me that each time I load up the program.

Should I uninstall and then re-download? And the version on your download site says 21b....is that the latest even though it says 21b?

Hi! I have been having this exact same problem! Glad it wasn't just me!

Can you tell me what your computer specifications are please?

You might want to have a go at uninstalling all Muvizu related stuff on your machine, then trying a fresh install of the new release 0.23b Full version of Muvizu.


2012/11/21 9:22:40
Caption Me! ziggy72 wrote:
Brilliant stuff people! Big Grin

(Incidentally, this still is from a movie I was working on a year ago and abandoned. May still go back and finish it, since the set's there, script's done, etc... Amazingly, the film has nothing to do with Hitler )

Ohhh, I think we all now need to see this movie then Ziggy, so we can judge for ourselves

I was hoping this would be a secondary outcome of the Caption Me posts. Folks that either have old sets that they can dust off and make vids from / new videos that arise from a screenshot that someone has made for the thread!

Loving all your work guys!
2012/11/20 15:59:15
Caption Me! KerryK wrote:
"Don't go breaking my heart!" "I couldn't if I tried!"

lol, fantastic. Big Grin
2012/11/20 10:25:09
Caption Me! ziggy72 wrote:
Okay, here's one...

"......and then I said to God, no way dude, I'm not the type of person to fart in a lift."
2012/11/19 9:49:21
Caption Me! ziggy72 wrote:
"Do you have ANY idea how many Health & Safety forms I've got to fill in for THIS?!!"

Haha Very good.
2012/11/16 11:28:51
Caption Me!

I'll be back...alley
2012/11/16 9:33:55
Caption Me! ziggy72 wrote:
"Should've gone to Specsavers"

Hahaha classic!
2012/11/15 9:21:38
Caption Me! Guys! Seriously enjoying this Caption Me! thread.

Loving all the captions and screenshots. Big Grin

Brightening up my mornings. Keep 'em coming!!
2012/11/14 16:33:10
Caption Me! MrDrWho13 wrote:
Here's one! Stormtrooper

Haha nice.

Ok, how about...

'That new seatbelt technology on the new Ford wasn't quite up to scratch'
2012/11/14 10:15:24
Caption Me! urbanlamb wrote:
its a contest to see who comes up with good captions for blank photos. Alas I suck at such things as I am getting old and "stodgy" but generally one posts photos with no caption and we come up with captions to match the scene

At least that is what I think is going on hehe

Spot on Urban I'm sure you're also better than you think at coming up with witty captions haha

Tremendous start peoples! Enjoying all the captions and seeing what people can come up with. This was initially started as a bit of fun, but I can see this having a more cemented place if the quality is this high. Big Grin
2012/11/13 16:57:20
Caption Me! MrDrWho13 wrote:
Should we make pictures with quotes and see how long people take to guess them?

Might be better to just have the pics without quotes Still, liking the enthusiasm!

Keep 'em coming.
2012/11/13 16:47:30
Caption Me! Lev_Dynamite wrote:
Looks like... Someone... Has had........ An................... AXE-ident~!!!

Ahhhhhh, knew it was a matter of time Big Grin
2012/11/13 16:31:12
Caption Me! Hahaha good start
2012/11/13 16:08:55
Caption Me! Caption me time! Simple really, stick a Muvizu related (or just a funny, but appropriate) picture up and have a go at putting a caption to it... sound fun?

Ok.. here goes.

2012/11/12 10:01:22
The Mirror I agree with Urban, nice seeing some longer Muvizu stuff out there

Good story as well Most enjoyable.
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