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2012/1/22 19:30:36
question about muvizu spec I noticed a very significant performance drop with the new version, as well. This machine isn't too powerful CPU-wise (it's an older Core 2 Duo running at 1.8 GHz) with 4 GB of memory, but the video card is relatively decent, with a AMD 5700 GPU (pretty sure it's DirectX 11 capable). In previous versions of Muvizu, moving around in any of the included sets was really smooth. With the new version, moving through a scene is visibly jerky. I guess the new engine is more powerful in some respects, but it's not obvious where.

alakyr wrote:
it's only a my impression or muvizu become more heavy? I remember the release before the new interface and it was very light and it was running perfectly on my office it very very very heavy and slowly...every movement of the camera it's a suicide in particoular in "direct camera movement"'s only a my problem or the fault if of the new interface or anythings else?
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2010/8/2 2:28:29
Could app control be exposed for automation? Hi again,

I was thinking that this section of the forum was no longer monitored, but now that I look, I can see that most recent posts have been answered. Could someone from Muvizu please comment on this suggestion either in the negative or affirmative? I suppose I should take the silence in regards to this suggestion to mean that there's nothing planned in this area, but I remain hopeful.

2010/5/13 22:22:02
Could app control be exposed for automation? Hi,

It would be great if Muvizu would expose an API for allowing external programs to automate some features. An alternative would be to make Muvizu scriptable - look at at how Ruby is used in Sketchup, for example. One of the possibilities I'm thinking of is to allow for voice control over some of the functions that can be done in Muvizu. Imagine directing characters or objects by voice. Windows comes with built-in support for voice recognition, so it would be quite straightforward for knowledgeable users (I could do this if automation were available) to create utilities that could take voice commands as input and call the exposed API to do various things.

Essentially voice control would be similar to operating the app using hotkeys, but it would be quite a bit more flexible because a whole series of actions could be mapped to a relatively short set of voice commands. Of course, if all actions were automatable all kinds of external controls could be used, not just voice. Programmatic control of crowds could be achieved, objects could be positioned, sized and animated according to preset patterns, and these presets could be triggered by voice, hotkeys, touch surface, or any other means desired.

Here are some possible voice commands I envision using a relatively easy to parse directing language:

James, walk to the "front door". - front door would be a name assigned to an object
James, look at the "ceiling fan".
Barry, nod your head.
Jane, jump right.
Bookshelf, change color to blue.
Switch to camera 3.

Quite a few useful actions could be controlled in this way because the directing language could be purposely limited to avoid ambiguity. By using hotkeys and other scripts running in parallel to the voice control, very intricate direction could be achieved.

In any case, exposing functionality in the way I mentioned is the way to start - I'm sure that wonderful things could come out of it.

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