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2014/3/2 16:07:14
Asset Creation InsaneHamster wrote:
Peanut butter and jelly

2014/3/2 2:44:50
Asset Creation you can butt in the gallery was created with all users in mind especially newer ones trying to make "cool stuff" but who haven't learned all the tricks
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2014/3/1 23:12:17
Asset Creation Dreeko wrote:
octo-crab wrote:
Was that a good-bye post, Dreeko?

lol we need to start an old coggers club really Big Grin
2014/2/28 18:43:25
Asset Creation barrys wrote:

First, thanks for speaking out and giving us all this feedback. Here's the context for all this, the reason for the original post:

This is all about moderation or, specifically the time and cost it takes to pre-check every asset submitted to Muvizu. Regular contributors will know that everything you send has a wee delay before it appears on this site. The delay is due to one of our QA team personally checking over the asset and either allowing or blocking its publication on our site.
Every single asset goes through this moderation process because we have children and vulnerable people using our software. We check videos, sound clips, sets, models and everything else sent in.


Thanks for the input I guess for me my only issue was with presentation and i exchanged pm's once and then was on my way. Anyhow sorry if I got annoyed but kinda felt targetted for "hogging" the gallery which confused me because I always get asked to do more do more please.

Iclone has a certification program and then people run their own little stores after they run through the program perhaps this is something muvizu can consider. This would cut down on moderation and each little store is responsible for its content with regards to take down notices etc etc. They publish white papers for criteria and then the stores are spot checked after the user is certified. The stores are presented as templates and users customize them as they see fit. This way its all on one site. The minute we start having links and people start leaving the site the community feel goes away because people like one stop shopping. I myself had gotten all the certification with Ilcone but hated the infighting in the community so never proceeded with anything but I do sell stuff in in the sony studio exchange program again its a certification process and then you require only minimal babysitting. I know my videos are delayed because they are long and you watch them to the end (you deserve a gold medal for that one but really my stuff is kid friendly anyhow cause i am an overgrown kid at heart!)

My models are never an issue I just wasn't sure how to present them the first upload and did a test got feedback and then went on my merry way, but I can appreciate not everyone is just taken care of in a single pm.

Anyhow sketchup just changed their TOS and so I suspect there is a change there.

I see no reason why muvizu can't come up with a structured certification program to remove the constant moderation and then only spot check if you define all paramaters including packaging then this should eliminate some of it and then you reduce the liability aspect by forcing the users to run the shop

anyhow just an idea
2014/2/28 16:26:16
Asset Creation tripfreak wrote:
Sorry, no offence !

I didn't say I want them to be removed but we were asked for constructive suggestions.
And from your offer it seems that you could outsource some of the real big files to your shop (what others might not be able).

Personally, I don't think sets of 50 MB and more are "small" and really good usable inside Muvizu with a normal computer but maybe that's just my impression.

If you can't load a set larger then 50 mb this sounds like your using a 32 bit system and should upgrade. Anything that goes in this gallery should load most people's pc's unless its a very old pc and even then they could load it with lighting turned off and plunder the set assets and use them in other sets.

Anyone purchasing play+ should have a pc that can easily load those sets I would think because fbx assets are more demanding on resources anyhow. There is nothing special about my pc in fact its now almost 4 years old and I am about to purchase a new one.

Anyhow no problem I have no issue removing myself from the community if this is the general feeling I am actually pretty introverted and all this social stuff and whatnot is a stretch for me. I prefer to "live inside my head"

I am more then a little done right now because I was uploading and providing assets instead of just leaving them in a mess on my pc and eventually deleting them out of a sense of obligation to the community. It was not for me I was doing it. I have no problem with asset creation and can model in my sleep!
p.s. anyone needing anything just send me a pm although most people who use my assets have my email as well. Feel free to contact me privately.
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2014/2/28 15:51:14
Asset Creation InsaneHamster wrote:

People start getting tired of the same ole thing and start wanting new fresh stuff almost monthly. (I think this is really human nature to be impatient) and they forget what it take to develop software. But then you (software developer ) have to find a balance between releasing new content and major updates. The only saving grace are people like Urban, Fazz, Ziggy, and others who share assets and who take time out of their busy schedules to create custom assets for other users at no cost. ( I spam Urban a lot lol)

I will get your phone to you on the weekend I am sorry I had wanted to do it last night but life would not allow it and about all i did was fall into bed and drool at the tv. Its a 10 minute job I just have to find the 10 minutes sorry mr hamster
2014/2/28 15:46:09
Asset Creation tis a nice gesture dylly I myself would not host it and for many reasons. I had someone else pm me about this because they had an "unlimited" account. When I showed them how and what unlimited meant they changed their mind. In short do you have someone with the time and tech ability and well sheer will to set up and run 1+ dedicated servers

If so I can moderate I absolutely wont work on server side anything anymore my days of doing that "for fun" are long gone. I dont mind to moderate but personal experience has taught me that timewise and bandwidth wise it turns into more then a full time job. I just want to make sure your aware of what your getting yourself into before you commit with this magnanimous offer. I myself am no sugar daddy I dont mind helping but wont take on the responsibility of such a thing on top of it I feel myself that the company is making a mistake by delocalizing this. The community is slowly breaking. The video gallery is on cpr as well my uploads no longer work and now I am to take my assets elsewhere.

I dont want to offend muvizu because I stuck around for a reason but I have been unable to upload a video for awhile now and been patiently awaiting the gallery to be repaired and now i am told i cant upload anymore assets. Is there a point in me spending any time with this community any longer? I put my heart and soul into it and was encouraged to participate so I did. Now I must pack up my bags and go back into my cave. I appreciate what muvizu has done for me so please dont take this as me being unappreciative because I have been trying to hand you my money for a long long time, but it does appear muvizu doesn't really want my money or me. Fair enough I can take a hint :P

*toddles off to iclone* there I said it. I guess they will continue to receive my business and I wont have to make any decisions. Its a shame really my heart is broken again I think.
2014/2/28 0:34:27
Asset Creation my assets are actually smaller then most people's to be honest and they have a size restriction in place on set size so my sets are all the same as everyone elses. Unsure why you would want me to remove stuff but ironically my sets load well because in fact they are well optimized and actually if you look at the size of each object my objects are smaller in size not larger. So basically I squeeze in more for less that is why my sets are so "busy"
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2014/2/27 17:44:10
Asset Creation so anyways I will add this after the fact but I was asked to make a telephone with seperate handset receiver and usually I say "sure I will make it and toss it up in the gallery for you" but instead I had to say "um i guess I will send you a drop box link because they just shut down the gallery" I will leave it to that person to volunteeer their info but they didnt see this thread before the asked so tonight I will make him a telephone with seperate handset and only he gets it

I also concure that the remedy for some of what is driving muvizu to make this decision is the take down notice remedy but I know they already have this covered so I am pretty sure its just bandwidth and server space as these databases grow and mushroom over time and its a free service for them eating away at their operation budget unfortunately I dont know the remedy for this other then to create a commercial market set up but I dont think this is what muvizu is up to because the announcement would have been different

anyhow tonight I will do the phone tonight life was too stressful yesterday for this work but, its coming I guess I can create a forum thread for my assets but then I need to worry about finding space on the internet or expand my shop. Last night I was feeling a bit defeated and was considering pulling my shop down because it was merely an overlow extension of the site. Tonight I will see if i can find some cloud space that cost next to nothing to use I have already loaded up some time ago the plugins for cloud hosting expansion packages to speed up my present site but never took the time to actually hook it up cause I didnt really draw the traffic to warrant it. ..
2014/2/27 16:34:33
Asset Creation ziggy72 wrote:
Yeah, I'm not suggesting Urban become the default place for models or anything, just suggesting her kind of site be an approved download source rather than an upload destination. Leave the poor gal in peace, she's under a lot of snow as it is

hehe just thought I would post this because this can be taken literally as well this year

Any of you people complaining about the rain or that you had to put on a sweater or something this is where I live Big Grin
(yes sorry off topic but ziggy started it) we get harsh winters here but this one is a wiz banger!
2014/2/26 23:07:07
Asset Creation I just have one more ramble (short one)

The reason I started uploading to muvizu was because of people in the community urging me to. Previous to that I was hogging all my assets for me/myself and I. (sets, objects whatever sometimes I stuff things into sets and other times I just post objects if someone asks for the single object). And the only reason I created the "overload" site was for "mega-sets". Unfortunately my sentiments are fairly close to fazz's because I was not uploading them for me I was uploading them for everyone else.
2014/2/26 20:34:58
Asset Creation MrDrWho13 wrote:
It appears that this is Urban's existing site: http://www.pixel-junkies.org/
And this is the assets section http://pixel-junkies.org/shop/index.php
Looks fantastic by the way!
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haha thanks but..

I definately wont be hosting everyones assets it would require me to move to a dedicated server and more of my... time and I would have to get a better script and I absolutely hate scripting and they all need some customization to work no getting around it. Call me antisocial but I like the muvizu one I would host a one or two people but that is all. I would have to know them and that script I have to play with fake UUID's to get it to work and if i put anymore on it my host will get mad at me. So at the moment that would be fazz and I think dylly has his own system as well.

Anyhow for what its worth I wont be expanding this to include "everyone" I just dont have time to run something like this they require babysitting and stuff.

*Phew edited for run on sentances*
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2014/2/26 19:06:58
Asset Creation HayManMarc wrote:

If an asset site couldn't be a mix of free and pay-for assets, I'll join forces with urbanlamb and create a 'free assets' site. You hear that, urbanlamb?

I already have one the site is not the issue the pricetag for bandwidth and sheer size of the database is and I dont want to maintain two sites I am happy with my site but it was to supplement and not intended to be a main stop on the internet as I am small potatoes only and dont want to worry about the entire internet

(I also just spent all christmas making my site mobile friendly and its only just up and running properly again haha)
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2014/2/26 17:59:18
Asset Creation I am not a turbo squid fan anyhow I can understand the issue but I dont like it but I understand it. I am unsure if I want to shoulder bandwidth costs myself haha I am using a virtual server now and really dont want to switch to a dedicated server as I stopped making stuff for commercial gain about 4 years ago. Maybe I can try to use the amazon cloud or something.. *ponders*
2014/2/26 17:36:52
Asset Creation I probably will just host my own as I was setting it up to do just that anyhow I guess I have to search up a better script though .. I kinda enjoy the community stuff though iclone does this as well.
2014/2/25 3:02:25
Little test sample for this one I probably would have added them in wish post production stuff cause the muvizu effects toolbox is lacking in the gun shot department
2014/2/23 0:29:06
WHAT? oh yes what he said I didnt notice this thread

I hate dead air so I stuff wind or crickets or something in dead air spaces (whatever white noise that goes with the background) otherwise yeah normalize your voices and stuff but I hate giving advice anyhow
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2014/2/21 17:10:29
Character stops moving click the link on the thread its a bug there are ways to get around it by not moving any of the motion blocks but its a bug that is intermittent. They are going to fix it however the lead programmer has been ill so they are behind on their bug fixes. Perhaps they have already got an internal build you can try you can contact support with this bug and see if they can give you some temporary help

click this link and fill in the info be thorough and report it all in one shot or your gonna spam them and open multiple tickets

2014/2/20 19:53:59
Codec for rendering yeah 1080 if you like quality but that time limit is the thing. TGA is best but you need a lot of hard drive space. I am actually building a new computer with 3 hard drives and one dedicated to film making to accomodate TGA format. You can eat through 1 terabyte hard drive quickly if your project is more then a couple minutes long
2014/2/20 17:07:12
classic kirk fights. number 1 lol

I knew that rock was coming :P

clever opponent indeed
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