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2013/12/10 21:06:53
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? yeah it has most definatly fragmented the community and boy am i getting a crap ton of spam mails in my gmail box now lol. The few people I socialize with on youtube well we are busy discussing our stuff on facebook instead at least kids are weeded out plus we have a bit of control over the spammers.

They have done a few others things as well comments is just one of the several new things that well they are trying to keep control of everything and this is all about "the money" only the harder they struggle to keep control the worse its getting right now

i think muvizu should consider moving to something like dailymotion they have basically the same structure as youtube vimeo is nice but if you want to upload something larger you have to pay for a pro account so its not good for our stuff here.

so my vote is (still) for dailymotion .
2013/12/10 18:46:21
Dreeko's extra bits Dreeko wrote:
Christmas slippers!

lol yup my kind of tacky gave me a chuckle that one did
2013/12/10 17:29:53
Tips for animating new character Two avi clips I would imagine one on the tire and one on the side wheel hub.
2013/12/10 5:03:25
Audio syncs and then stops working yes not sure if its synched inside the engine and stuff and its being output out of synch it sounds like a pc issue not a muvizu issue can't say for sure could be a codec not sure if it has anything to do with muvizu for sure try synching in a video editor afterwards this would be my solution i often although not always depends on how picky i am that day
2013/12/10 2:02:21
Audio syncs and then stops working Are you using wav or mp3? mp3 doesn't work well it cuts out and is a mess.
2013/12/9 23:19:55
Live! from E.V.I.L. (Evil Villain Island Lair) hehe that was cute actually got a chuckle at the end from the grocery shopping clip
2013/12/9 18:56:41
Live! from E.V.I.L. (Evil Villain Island Lair) yeah but remember corporations very rarely give in to things like this because they dont want to loose face if their board of directors threaten to fire em then maybe they will do something and not before lol.

Rule #1 of corporate tyranny handbook never loose face by appearing to give into the customer userbase only do so when forced
2013/12/8 22:33:27
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) welp the set is unloadable today after i put in a few more details it ran fine last night sending the set in but i was getting mulitiple errors today
the software is not handling the new texture mappings very well i am afraid if you want to do a small project a few walls and a couple lights and a dude or two its fine unfortunately if you want to build a real environment and the set is not that large its not any larger then previous sets built. its just pooping out take your pick of errors can't find shader file, can't find an element

soo i will send the set in.. it was a nice set too i was about to put the christmas lights on today.. and fix the buildings in the background (was having issues deciding on colour) so this is how far i got today i load the thing it wont run it ..so zips up set and sends to muvizu hq and is very sad

for referance my frame rate was 60 so i had plenty of pc power i checked before i shut it down at 1 a.m. yesterday

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2013/12/8 21:40:24
steve chapter 1 its kinda cool its adult but adult is allowed the forums are not gated and they seperate adult from not adult in the gallery

anyhow I have never been a fan of abstract but it was still good even though its not my taste. I dont do input around quality and editing etc and such because well not everyone has a ton of money or resources but the actualy story and imagery etc was done well.
2013/12/8 19:31:34
Skeleton with clothing It has an attachement system to pretty much all the major bones in the characters so you can attach things to each of it they probably should have a 14 day trial of this for users to try to figure out if it fits their needs.
2013/12/8 19:19:19
Muvizo: Pro - can you give us any details yeah i didnt mean it quite that way lol its a joke what I call a "man joke" but you kinda had to be there to understand the joke.
2013/12/8 19:14:18
Skeleton with clothing in play+ you could but not regular muvizu no you could use the attachement system to build an entire character if you want
2013/12/8 4:28:51
Coming Soon... oh look its a guy in a wooden tutu

looks good fazz

the bone chair is neat as well
2013/12/7 23:46:08
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) and dunno what this is.. just started last couple of times i loaded the set .. is it related to textures or something dunno? i used buildings in my set and retextured them and stuff to change the look (fbx format)

dunno what else i had taken some stuff from the muvizu inventory (regular muvizu assets) and used them ..
now i have this error..
dont see anything in the set not "displaying properly" ..

oh i take that back i found it..its not in my favourites or anything it seems to just have lost that particular texture..

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2013/12/7 23:35:59
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) I dunno what this is but its a crash to desktop i was actually tabbed out of the program and working in blender and photoshop and tabbed back into muvizu and it crashed .. dunno if it crashed while i was out in blender or because i was tabbing back into muvizu

2013/12/7 4:31:52
No Textures in 3D models after saving a set. nope it wants me to request access take all the permissions off it
2013/12/7 3:55:28
No Textures in 3D models after saving a set. you photo is set on private can't see it without requesting access
2013/12/7 2:49:59
Muvizo: Pro - can you give us any details you saw the phrase "skeletal meshes"?
and it was also "static meshes"

I guess?

they are most definately forking it and in light of the fact we wont get much info i would think it would be along the lines of cararra or even that other evil software that we worship by the gods of real time or something.

my psychic abilities say also 600 bucks to 1k depending on if it has an internal workshop or something. Possibly even a mocap ability for pupettry. Of course i love to guess on stuff like this

now lets see if we can get any further infos Big Grin

also ninjas with lazer beams shooting out of their eyes is probably an addon
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2013/12/6 22:49:53
Suggestion: Drag from Prepare to Timeline still need ninja's.. ninjas shooting lazer beam outa their eyes
2013/12/6 20:22:19
Muvizu Play 1.2 Feedback (also Play+) me again lol

yes so i finally figured out what is up with collission inside muvizu (not a huge deal but makes it a bit hard to build things) collission appears to actually be calculated not just on the collission cube added but according to the center of mass of the object.

I have to pull the walls down again I just posted to the asset gallery because they are bouncing around like jello because of where I placed the origin for the wall. Normally when I build such things I place the origin at a logical place so that they aren't all topsy turvey when you use them unfortunately I can't do that at present as I must place the origin at the center of mass of each wall then when they spawn they fall to the ground and no longer jiggle uncontrollably but.. its rather hard to build because they dont fall the way you would expect a wall would fall so you can stack em and whatnot.

anyhow can we not please determine the origin of our object instead of being forced to use the center of mass for it? If i say play the origin at the base of an object like say well a lamp or something instead of the center of mass the colission cube is moving up to that spot to that is why sometimes the collission is up in the air. If however i place the origin at the collission cube its all perfect but that is a bit wierd if you want to place collission and a certain place and still have the object move around a central pivot point basically we cant do that.

*tries not to find anything else that should possibly be tweaked*
*goes back to building my christmas scenes from hell*
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