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2013/12/1 17:40:06
Hand held props issue mesh is only one sided this is one issue I will look at the file (migraine now) but if its a visual thing its probably the way the faces are facing it does get dodgy around 65k faces is the object is not made properly the other issue is *cough* collission it works best if you remove the collission or move it to a part of the object that the character wont actually be using.

also the link is broken
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2013/11/29 15:46:09
FBX UDK editor stuff. snoopy I would not spend money on this if your using blender because the obj format export from 3dxechange into the autodesk converter will result in the removal of any of the maps etc so your wasting your money. You will end up with an object that is identical to if you exported from blender to muvizu. The only benefit of having this exchange is to finish the work on the object.

blender -> muvizu will result in the same thing

The purpose of the unreal fbx export options are to keep the information intact for muvizu to interpret and if there is no unreal support in the pro version then save your money unless you have intention to use the 3Dexchange for iclone movies.
2013/11/28 18:56:35
FBX UDK editor stuff. Its not hit and miss for me I have been using it exclusively in fact every asset on the gallery has been run through the exporter in Iclone I hesitate to create a tutorial on this because its promoting iclone and so I dont know if muvizu would want it on their site, but I would imagine the pro version would work I upgraded to pipeline so can't say for sure as I do a lot of game engine stuff and its got excellent integration for both unreal and unity even if you use maya or 3dsmax its actually faster to run the exports through here for unreal engine etc.

I can create a tutorial but it would be for the pipeline version I think they removed this from the other versions its a very powerful tool so I would not be surprised if its not limited to pipeline

basically use the unreal configuration and remove the merge opacity from alpha channels (you want that to stay intact) uncheck the support for the skeletons and animations it will throw and exception error at this point as the meshes should be without this and leave it on cm unless you want a massive object.

You can then add all missing maps etc and export you will have to build collision into the model first using your 3d modelling software and have everything properly mapped out and ready to accept the maps.

I have found the pipeline works flawlessly for muvizu, unreal, unity and anything else I tried.

Anyhow if i get time I will create a tutorial but it will not be in the wiki or uploaded via muvizu it will be on my channel only and I guess I can put a link on the forum but since iclone is a competitor I dont think it would be accepted here (logically I would say no as well if i were to moderate it so )

also if your experiencing issues its likely on the muvizu end I have found zero issues from the exporter end they have all been something that relates to muvizu however on my last set of assets I made I found any bugs gone from muvizu so it should work 99.9999% of the time however you need to worry about the integrity of the model and understand the udk collission etc in order to set the model up correctly
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2013/11/28 16:07:24
Dreeko's extra bits thats scary truly :P
2013/11/27 19:02:05
Render not working.... Just to be clear I dont know if there should be automatic naming of anything for me I use scene and cam folders sort of likes ziggy's so i dont want it renaming or naming my folders for me taking the ability away for me to customize my folders. This would be a problem for many as I dont use the built in camera cuts in muvizu not really I tend to break up my footage by camera cuts and so have multiple camera per scene and sometimes multiple scenes per set (depending on how I built the set and its purpose). Anyhow please dont make something rigid because in curing one problem your likely creating another if you make a rigid system that thinks for the user.
2013/11/27 17:20:02
Sketchup to Muvizu did you click the long url i updated it and gave instructions right click and select save link as. ( Right click link and and select save link As http://www.muvizu.com/download/muvizuaseexporter.rb ) i typed that in a week ago as text links on the muvizu site don't work I guess I should just delete the click here (deleted)

also the other link leads you to a website that is distributing the previous version of sketchup because it was purchased by trimble and the T.O.S. are pretty much making it unusable for creation of assets for muvizu among other things
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2013/11/27 5:48:33
Can not upload videos via Muvizu google and youtube are merging into one they have already dumped the youtube email and changed the comment system to google. So you will need to create a google + id and merge your youtube account with it unfortunately they are changing things up big time right now its a bit hard to keep up. Your probably getting a pop up anyhow from google just pick a name and it will link it for you.
2013/11/27 5:46:27
Render not working.... oh okay i didnt realize you were speaking of the folders as long as its not some automatic naming things using my sets or something it would be cool
2013/11/26 21:33:58
Off my trolley oh yeah 3d archive is awesome they are very nice assets so if you found one there then your good to go
2013/11/26 21:32:18
Render not working.... this be wierd i could have sworn I could name my tga's lol i name them by set or scene or maybe I am making up with 'them other softwares'
2013/11/26 17:17:53
Cant open Set after Update - need older Version email them the sets or upload the sets to a place like dropbox and email them a link to the sets and they will fix them. send them to bugs@muvizu.com
2013/11/26 16:30:21
Off my trolley yes i downloaded the cart to check when i got a second I didnt import into muvizu but from the looks of it just turn opacity down on that blue parts you will have it semi transparent inside muvizu the opacity was set to 100% this is a default setting and muvizu wont turn on opacity unless you give it a value lower then 100%
2013/11/26 14:47:00
Off my trolley Your using the 3d exchange? make sure to manually set the opacity of the object also change the format of the file its possible its using a jpg for some reason reallusion uses a lot of jpg (never figured that one out its probably the worste choice of photo file to use but anyhow).. look at the graphics from the cart and make sure its actually transparent and they aren't using masking and save it as a semi transparent png. Muvizu i have found is not supporting an opacity mask in the fbx format i think.. not positive yet but....

If you want to use opacity masking your going to need to use their ase format lol. I haven't had luck with opacity mask in fbx yet although I haven't gone on a mission to find out if this is broken or not yet I just noticed it the other day when I made an assumption

so it supports opacity settings. but I think possibly not opacity mask .. i have to go back and pay attention to this one day like when i make a tree or something

so rifle through the material list which is usually insantely large for a sketchup object find the material that is holding the texture for that blue part of the cart and dial down opacity on the thing and try importing that. Of course if its double sided you will have another issue fbx files typically in unreal engine are single sided to save on resources
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2013/11/25 16:48:23
Render not working.... yeah its usually the windows limit on it because of the configuration that muvizu is using (they need to upgrade that and enter the world of 64 bits soon lol) so if your doing 720p your limited to 1.99 (2gig will be unreadable) and that comes out to about 1 minute of footage. If your using play+ and using 1080p your limited to about 30 seconds of footage.
2013/11/24 20:28:54
Change to object movement for this i like the ability to make things invisible, but.. i want to tell the software what I want to be invisible and when. I dont want the software making this choice for me

(so basically what berty said only i am saying it a different way )
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2013/11/24 18:41:04
Polygons a "study" :) Give yourself a year before you can know the workflow and understand the tool well enough to make something and not struggle. Your working with a complicated tool which no matter what they do is going to be scary on the first look. Its only knowledge though and anyone with the will and time can learn it. If you can read and move a mouse and at 2+2 you can learn. There is this shall we say this inner group think perpetuated by very young types who like to make things more complicated then they are its an ego thing but its not really anymore complicated then anything else.

I am however a curious type I mean how many people do you know would purposely purchase a volkwagen just to take it appart and put it together to remove the mystery involved in fixing them because the guys at vw were making things seem more complicated then they needed to be. I walked away and said "men" and then went on a mission to learn to repair my vw myself. So its a type of personality I think that some people have they like to know what makes things tick.

Anyhow its only knowledge if you can read a book and remember what is inside it you can learn blender or anything else
2013/11/24 18:32:29
The Day of The Doctor trailer in Muvizu oh my I have to tell my father I know someone who can sell him an original dalek of course he would have liked a original original one not a new original one but either way I bet he would get a kick from that (i doubt at his age he would import once he is almost 80 but still ) :P

Also actually I liked that docu-drama more then the Dr. Who special is that lame or what?

I stopped watching after hrm also tom baker but it was more that I ran out of time as i worked 12 hour night shifts so maybe that had something to do with it. My favourite one believe it or not was Jon Pertwee I was very disappointed when he was replaced and I never got to see the original doctor I started getting to watch it from doctor #2 as a rerun catch up as I watched doctor #3 and started to loose interest during tom baker.
2013/11/24 1:11:48
Polygons a "study" :) fazz68 wrote:
cool more things to put on my must learn list Big Grin theres just not enough hours in a night for me to do all these things Big Grin

fair warning its true you can't get normal maps directly from blender into muvizu and will need to find a work around but if people ask me nicely and create items in blender with a set of maps I can slap them on for them its not hard really as long as all the collision is built into the item already and I dont have to think I can slap maps on while i watch tv or something

or you can manually edit the file I am sure its not that hard once you figure how
2013/11/23 22:46:19
Polygons a "study" :) haha yes one day i will make another video if i can stop trying to make assets in order to experiment on muvizu characters. Here a quick test it needs work still but well you get the idea

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2013/11/23 22:36:46
The Day of The Doctor trailer in Muvizu I watched dr who reruns when i was rather young we only really got doctor who in canada well I guess also in the 70's I remember I hated the first doctor replacement because I was so used to the one doctor that had gotten me hooked on the show. I watched all doctors except the first two (not available in canada eh) but i did watch them when they published them later on. My dad of course was the one that introduced me to him as he knew of the series before he moved to canada . Anyhow I am actually shocked when I hear of some of the younger generation never hearing of it because its a household sort of thing to me like star trek and star wars.
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