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2013/6/29 17:12:33
Cant make mpeg 4 to save my life yeah ziggy uses codecs I think. Myself I just have a codec installed with my webcam I use. The only thing I know about it is it seems to work better if you install the codec pack and then muvizu so you might want to try that.

i know klite works make sure you install the right pack for the version of muvizu you installed 64 bit or 32bit
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2013/6/29 17:08:26
[Coming soon] Yearning yup everything on the muvizu site is moderated and if you upload on a weekend you need to wait for them to approve it on monday morning or so
2013/6/25 4:10:01
Emperor of the World Just some silly out takes as I mess with scenes. When I do these videos i have way to much footage as I work with alternate camera angles....

2013/6/24 23:37:32
Error loading scene unknown format Help? yes when i save sets i use a naming convention now so as not to mix myself up so i save setname_23b and setname_play etc that way I hopefully dont mess myself up
2013/6/24 18:59:23
[Coming soon] Yearning fun Insanehamser made a silent film once too i enjoyed it
2013/6/24 18:58:12
Set files and favourites. great

Yeah sometimes I get this and it seems intermittend and admitedly for muvizu its a minor thing that is likely on their to-do list but its not making it impossible to use
2013/6/24 5:23:44
Coming Soon... haha you like his colourful shirt? It so um plaid and yellow I had pants like that on him as well but it was a bit um over the top so I put a solid fabric on them instead ^^
2013/6/24 1:15:14
Coming Soon... another coming soon photo.. finally started animating this

2013/6/23 19:04:26
MUVIZU NOT GETTIN INSTALLED :( Yup as i said in the feed check your specs and post them here. The staff can't help if they dont know what your pc is like.
2013/6/23 16:36:11
360 panoramic video yes i have done some panoramics in game engines where i built a dome and placed the video on that they are fun but on a 2D video they dont really look like much. I enjoy the websites with the panoramics on them as well where you move your mouse from side to side to rotate. In any event they way I did it because practically its hard to set up tons of cameras your pc will lag like mad. Is to rotate a single camera in a circle in both directions. It gives the same feeling really. Muvizu is limited to 4 cameras. There is a reason for that I think they had plants to add a few more, but the more cameras you add the harder your graphics card is going to work. Anyhow you can achieve this affect by paning a camera in a circle in the middle of your set and limiting depth of field it would look cool.
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2013/6/22 20:34:53
360 panoramic video yeah get the ultimate one it has so many plugins and stuff it has image tracking now, 3d titles so much stuff for 99 bucks everytime I think I will change to adobe or hitfilm for the effects part I end up changing my mind and simply upgrading every year.
2013/6/22 19:46:39
360 panoramic video You can rotate the camera 360 and generate the video as still images (muvizu has this abiility) and import the images into an editor to generate the image you like. Anyhow nope haven't done this its just quite possible using muvizu to genearate the images.

I guess i use external editors already so not a huge deal. I use corel video ultimate and it can create such scenes. Its 99 bucks american it has tons of capabilities its a really good deal.
2013/6/22 18:41:39
360 panoramic video bit confused with this one surely a 360 panorama in muvizu is simply placing a camera in the middle of the set and rotating it 360 degrees? Am i being dense lol ?
2013/6/22 18:38:22
Set files and favourites. I have this and i use windows7 I reported it once but for me windows explorer reboots itself so all is fine. Nothing actually crashes or shuts down and I get the feeling they can't find the cause of this because its been around for awhile now
2013/6/21 23:51:47
Where to begin?? this kind of sounds like a 2d project

your speaking of jpg and gifs and making them talk.

if you want something to talk in muvizu you need to use the native characters
to import objects you need to create 3d models or find some and import those

here are tutorials


however your project sounds like a 2D affair and so although its not free the option your looking for if this is animating photos to talk you would need to use something like crazytalk by reallussion

anyhow hopefully you find info in the tutorials on this sort of thing ?
2013/6/17 16:15:49
spanish trumpet Try this list

I dont know how much of that your going to find without a price tag attached to it but maybe one of the sites in this list has some.


here is another not listed http://mcs.franknora.com/

I would be careful of jamendo I have had trouble with them and so have others the people who use that site seem to change their license and then one day you login to find your video has been taken down and you have a coypright strike which will if you get enough of them get you banned from youtube which is well inconvenient ;0

anyhow if your desperate I know you can find it here its just got a bit of a price tag ..

2013/6/15 14:55:52
Trying to download a classroom scene Your using the load option for sets?

Its not an object so you need to use the New and load option not the create button.

There are several types of assets on this site

textures for characters

and each of them loads a different way.
2013/6/14 20:05:16
CLR error: 80004005 i would install the one that comes packaged with muvizu if your getting errors and see how that goes. Just download a fresh copy and install everything from muvizu installer and then patch it later and your pc will find the muvizu installation
2013/6/13 22:16:36
How do I change the duration of an Action? The only way i know to do this is to use the idle action and cut off an action I do this all the time, but once you have recorded the action you cant shorten it in the timeline.

basically I put an idle and the actions i want on the little button menu and I run the action and hit idle when I want it to stop and then do another action I do this for a bunch of actions and then move them around to be the way I want them to be on the timeline and remove any idle actions I dont need.
2013/6/13 16:57:32
Hello Community oh grats yeah that pc was very old.
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