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2013/3/16 19:46:11
Help please - hi i would not buy that its only a pentium 4 honestly the last time we had such a discussion it was difficult to recommend to people. That is pure garbage and so old its not worth even 1 cent. Dont shop for things like this on amazon

this is a cheap pc this is in canadian dollars and the british pound sterling is worth about 2.5 canadian dollars. so that costs about 300 pound sterling (I am not using a converter just dividing by 2.5 and rounding things off). I would not go much below those specs because your simply taking a match to your money and setting it on fire. This is not the greatest pc in the world and I would not purchase it because I get my own custom built but it will run muvizu and keep you happy for awhile unlike that pc which the person should be given a stern talking to about selling museum pieces as viable options for running todays software.

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2013/3/16 19:10:33
Help please - I wouldnlt run muvizu on any cheap laptop hehe it will burn it out, but even then you take your chances if you purchase a laptop it may or may not have a card that can run muvizu you will have to get a newer one. I personally dont recommend laptops for any graphical work its far to stressful on them. A desktop pc is my hardware of choice and it will cost half the price of a laptop
2013/3/16 18:34:39
Help please - Unfortunately this means that your card is not compatible with muvizu you will need to upgrade it to meet the specs on the site. Many laptops have cards which can't run such things. Also to be honest it has to be a very powerful laptop or you will burn it out on such things but if you want to run muvizu your going to need to upgrade the card. (and possibly other things )

Shader model 3 graphics card (or equivalent APU)

Direct X 9, June 2010 version or later, available
2013/3/16 18:16:09
google hangout?? It aired online they said a few interesting things hope you got to see it

Now we must patiently await the actual release which is "soon" (tm)
2013/3/16 16:04:02
How do I Import A Town In Muvizu? Possible? There is a lady in scketchup? cool

sorry I dont know what this means
2013/3/16 15:46:55
adapt prebuilt 3d cities environment with muvizu This is my favourite one right now http://archive3d.net/
I even made a tutorial how to use blender to get these models into muvizu although you do have to know a bit about modelling in order to add texture.

(i didnt post the tutorial to the muvizu site only the forums because it was a catch all tutorial for more then one platform)
2013/3/15 22:12:19
How do I Import A Town In Muvizu? Possible? to big make the entire thing smaller if it was too many faces it would say it was over the 65k face limit so size the buiding down (shrink it) and you need to be up in the air near the center of the dome it can be tricky so many of us have adopted the habit of making low collision objects

err there is a script you can use to remove all collision from your object
and this thread has the code you can add to your asf files to make them import easily. There is another thread somewhere as well with the importer with that code built in I think but I can't find it now. When I first started I was unsure how collision worked in muvizu and I used the code in this thread until I figured it out when I ran into import issues.

and there is a set created to show you where the "sweet spot" for importing is.


The physical size limit I think is 30 meters but I am not positive about that one

hehe ziggy typed faster
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2013/3/15 21:52:06
How do I Import A Town In Muvizu? Possible? 65k is about the limit something like 65,360 or something I forget the exact number so if you can build an entire town with 65k faces and scale it down enough to import and use no collision then theoretically it can be done. I have toyed with the idea of making rooms in as a single object to import but never tried to see what I can come up with.

I have never known sketchup to be able to make low poly models everything I have seen made has been excessively high in polygons with a few rare exceptions but I suppose you can make one if you have the means and will to do so :0

I can make a building 500-1k polygons or if i want to get fancy 4k so not sure how much of a town you could create I think you would need to limit everything to 200-500 max to make anything townlike

you would have to use the "almost no collision" trick of building a tiny collision cube into it because you would have a very hard time importing something that size with full collision.
2013/3/15 20:30:44
adapt prebuilt 3d cities environment with muvizu I have created 2 muvizu city sets unfortunately they didnt fit on the site but they are listed on the forum and that is an awefully huge price tag for what amounts to a bunch of low polygon fancy squares hehe. (unless I am missing something somewhere maybe there is something else included in the package I dont know) I have looked at these guys for sound effects etc but man that 3d Stuff is a wee bit expensive.
2013/3/15 11:14:27
Hello =) Introducing Myself greetings/welcome

happy muvizuing will be interesting to see what you come up with
2013/3/11 5:12:13
Coming Soon... lol interesting shot ^^ .. I have a vw somewhere on my pc i made awhile back .. it has no inside.. I suppose I could give it one ...
2013/3/10 22:11:55
Coming Soon... lol I like the long shot just so we see enough skin but not enough to have to blur it ^^ very strategic shot I say.

Big Grin
2013/3/8 20:08:59
Create an animation for neil Gaiman short stories I was looking at this when you posted it and if the time was not so short I would do something but I am a slow poke but it looked interesting and I downloaded the stories etc.
2013/3/8 18:48:55
character move backwards No they can't back up sorry. If I want my characters to move backwards I use a video editor and do the clip of it doing forwards action and then reverse the clip. So you can do it that way if you have an editing program that can reverse video.
2013/3/7 20:23:45
Some information on two hot topics I thought I would post this info because there are many that wonder "why" they are not making headway in certain areas so here is some info. Which I didnt write . Anyhow I actually suck at the social media thing mainly because as a "one man band" its impossible to do it all so you do as much as you can and ignore the rest.

here is a good article that explains "social media" and how to use it. They speak about 100 platforms well I can only handle two or three as a private individual and I dont do it well. I learned that what one needs to do is pick one or two as a private invididual and work on those. My two favourites are well facebook and youtube (youtube is considered a social media platform) and I have tried to add twitter but its well a lot of work because I am not good at abbreviating the world in 20 words or less. I do try though

anyhow here is the link to the article

Attaining a high-level of Social Presence includes 3 stages:
1. Selecting, Joining and configuring 100 Social Networks.
2. Writing expert content on your core subject and sharing this with the networks.
3. Engaging meaningfully with people about your content AND THEIRS.
Make no mistake, if you build social presence architecture and then only broadcast your sales messages without listening, responding and engaging, your effort will be for nothing and it will damage your brand.

another "hot topic" is video editing and being a person who really does video for "cool pixels" I shop around for good deals in software and dont just fork out a bucket load of money to adobe so here is what I came up with as a cost effective alternative to a package that would cost about 1,500 usd if you went the adobe premier pro + after affects route.

the first is the video editor which has been coming along nicely and is now in my opinion a "kick-ass" deal considering they have just added motion tracking, subtitile generation, boris graffit and now a new 3d title generator . It has dolby sound editing features and now pro greenscreen which satisfied my needs anyhow.

Corel Video Studio Ultimate is great and I am just going to upgrade my video studio 5 to 6 soon because of the added bells and whistles just added. Compared to sony vegas pro and adobe premier pro I think this is all that is needed plus more..


Then there is the after affects not included in that corel package although now with motion tracking you can actually add some neat after affects without adding a second video enhancing package.

Hitfilm Ultimate is still cheaper then after affects by miles

with those two packages you will save a bucket load of money and be able to add all the wierdo special affects and dolby sound and moving things you like and enough to drive any viewer mad!

Anyhow hopefully this info helps.
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2013/3/7 19:30:00
What's on the Pig? are you sure it wasn't chocolate? it could have been chocolate? NO?
2013/3/6 22:32:52
To the community at large I had a final thought that I forgot to mention because my A.D.D. makes me multitask but as I was reading the thread again I had not seen mentioned I dont think an affiliate program which I think would work well. I guess the usual is 15% of the final sale it would be for the main software of course I dont know if it would be workable for any content etc I think that would start to get a bit complicated to manage from muvizu's end.
2013/3/6 20:35:03
Iron Man 3 I saw this posted elsewhere but stuff like this I find fun to watch and they are likely equally fun to do. I have seen these guys before and always enjoy their stuff
2013/3/5 23:07:28
Morphing oh that is what you mean hehe. I change my characters but I dont use any fades its for a 'magical' quick change but I think for the most part people just film the character and not move any cameras and then film another character and use a transitional fade and half frames for this type of stuff. My transitions I have done are all "sudden switches" same idea but i dont use half frames and need no transitional fades its just two different frames side by side. I think fazz has done some as well.
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2013/3/5 13:27:46
To the community at large


I am sure our answers to this question could have an impact on the future pricing of Muvizu so the more people that responds to that question the easier it is for the team of Muvizu to price accordingly.

Like I said in all honestly I would pay between $100.00 to $200.00 (USD) for Muvizu Pro-Version.
and up to $100.00(USD) now as-is.

$200.00 USD seems about right in the present economy anything less I think would be unfair to muvizu but for that 200.00 USD I would be expecting further development of the product. If the product is going no further well I would put it in the "cute toy" category and pay less but I am under the assumption that muvizu 'is not done yet' . I didnt see this last sentance originally or perhaps it was edited in later and I am just seeing it now

I guess I should answer also the premium products.

added content packs (for me I am mostly interested in more animations and character types because we can't import that ^^. Mind you for me its also time saving even though I can make complete characters that work and add the proper skeletons and even create animations. I usually limit myself to clothing meshes and models and leave the animation for some other guy because quite frankly there are only so many hours per day)

added features - say one day you solve how to get animations in from outside or perhaps you add mocap (the new in thing)

I am partial to the looks of muvizu characters against real world backgrounds (i think it looks very cool so my interests are limited in the way of most muvizu styled content so your not likely to sell me a lot of that anyhow but you never know I use the lights and chairs and tables a lot so depends what you come up with I suppose ^^)

Lastly a content marketplace is probably a good idea I have not encountered a company that can satisfy the needs of an entire world and so putting in a vehicle for others to sell content on your site (be it muvizu style or not ) and taking a percentage of that for hosting it and giving us a little shop is probably a good thing. I never have used it in iclone because well I hate the hassle of doing business at this level I prefer to work for some guy who asks me to make stuff rather then doing business at this level but I might try. I have done it in the past and eventually stopped but I might give it a go again.
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