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2013/2/3 20:36:28
A question I've been pondering... They have "stuff" up their sleeves and in the machinimo expo some interesting things were mentioned with sketchy vagueness for us to worry about "what's next" . You can achieve an anime look on their original character sets but its "muviuish" style but kind of cute. You can play with the hair and resize things and flip em around so some experimenting might give you some interesting results.
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2013/2/3 17:14:56
The Avengers... Part 4 awe just when it was getting exciting

Anyhow hopefully you will do some more later on. I liked the little bikes at the end with the greenscreen worked well.
2013/2/3 1:28:12
Trouble installing heros and villains characters Cool glad it worked Thumbs Up

happy muvizuing
2013/2/2 18:43:40
Trouble installing heros and villains characters this might not work but this is sounding like you had an old version on your pc and removed it?

I would clean my registry and look for any present installations of muvizu and remove any stray folders it sounds like your registry is scrambled. Then once you have cleaned your registry and ensured any stray bits of muvizu are gone download a new copy and install it to an entirely new location on your pc.

(reboot your pc of course after cleaning up the registry)

it might not work but when stuff gets jumbled its often a registry error and I have found muvizu sometimes gets scrambled.
2013/2/1 21:49:43
A question I've been pondering... for the moment (and those are the key words) you can't do anything modelwise in relation to characters so you can't make him a new hat or hair piece. However that doesnt mean that its not something they are trying to work out how best to do it.

they have mentioned trying to find a way to do character props (especially hand held ones) this would be a major step forward for muvizu right now as it stands the uv mesh for the characters is something you can alter and if you resize things and flip them around you can get certain looks. What you can't do is alter the body proportions (something i would like to see but for me this is minor and I want more the other things I suggested to be worked on instead) or add your own animations or import your own character with animations.

the modelling at the moment is the objects of the set which if your careful you can achieve some very excellent things.

Their object movement system is well impressive and so is their facial animation system its based on puppetry concepts.
2013/2/1 17:26:08
Paperman from Pixar I love watching anything made by disney and reading the info on the actual video makes me seriously curious
2013/2/1 17:25:18
New character? Marco_D wrote:
Hey guys,

Our community can expect some nice things this year, but I'm sorry that's all I can say.


okay you have my attention with this statement although I noticed already in the "news" there does appear to be a soft body physics type flexible tie not unlike the one I saw used in zubox's edition of muvizu so my wheels are going around
2013/2/1 2:59:29
New character? Yes sorry for being so grumpy I do have a copy of a "legal" state engine and I know what an unhacked copy was capable of. I am all for suggestions and criticism its how products get improved but when someone says "i had to hack the software to make it better then muvizu or product y" then I just get cranky.

Anyhow I will go hide now and possibly price graphics cards although my present one is only a year old .. Big Grin
2013/1/31 23:51:55
New character? mos6507 wrote:
"everything is glued down and non-moveable and you can't change anything"
Not for me it's not. I removed the chairs and laid down positionable props. That's not the stock captain's chair. I have a whole separate utility called Set Decorator that lets you reskin sets, bake props, and customize the lighting, just like Muvizu. I'm sorry State Plus wasn't officially released by Xtranormal so if you want to look at it as though it doesn't exist since it's a hack, so be it. I certainly tried to get them to fold it back into the application, but they were stupid.
"I can't walk down a hallways or open a door because state is very limited in that respect."
State characters can certainly walk. They can't open doors, no. Neither State nor Muvizu offer true character interactions. Yes, you have guitars and mics and things, but you can't pick up arbitrary props.
"my character t walk off the bridge with a camera pan opening a door and follow him down the hallways. State does what is called "talking heads" very well. One room at a time."

I added camera moves to State. Can I do a steadicam shot like in Goodfellas, no. A straight dolly down a corridor yes. But not a slinky path. But there's more to telling a story than how fancy the camera moves can get.
"my plate is full but if this is your desire give me a couple of months and you can have that exact bridge in muvizu. "
I can give you the bridge in OBJ if you want to try to import it, plus the Wrath of Khan chairs. I was just comparing it to the stock Muvizu offering with all of its off-kilter angles and solid colors.
I mean, if you're going to talk about importing objects into Muvizu, it's only fair that I show you what can be imported into State, officially or not. I imported a ton of props from Star Trek: Elite Force. Anything that can get spit out in OBJ that has a single diffuse map per mesh should work. It doesn't require the weird ASE format that Muvizu does.
You know, I'm trying to be objective in this thread and I don't think it's fair for me to be accused of trying to touch off a holy war. If there's something Muvizu can't do well, then that's a fact. But whatever I do with State, whether it required hacks or not, is still what this thing can do, otherwise I would not be able to demonstrate it in clip after clip. The capabilities are there.
Just to get this back on topic, I have yet to see a 100% straight (no tongue in cheek) Muvizu clip. If someone has ever successfully accomplished this, I'd like to see it.
My belief is if I finished duplicating the clip in question, I would wind up with something that, emotionally speaking, falls far short of what I'm doing in XN. Is my work Pixar grade? No. Is it "Meet the Heavy" SFM grade? No. But I did it in like 3 hours.

I dont hack your into doing something that is not in the normal realm of the software. If you want to hack be my guest, however your being completely unrealistic at this point and I am gonna leave it at that because your arguments and reasoning is inconsistent. One minute your willing to actually hack a piece of software to make it do what you feel it needs to do to satisfy your needs and the next minute your telling me "its too hard".
2013/1/31 23:26:17
New character? trust me I can build that set and so can a few others Big Grin

Have you checked out the asset gallery here?

anyhow glad you enjoy state myself i found it too limited and closed. I think though that aside from the actual character look I can do anything that state does inside muvizu. So the only difference is actual character model and lack of TTS.
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2013/1/31 23:22:00
New character? I have state. yes their bridge looks better in this case. however everything is glued down and non-moveable and you can't change anything. This is the point, but I can build a bridge just like that one if I so choose or a bridge from a star wars movie. I can't do that with state .. well unless I hack it maybe then I can but state is a totally different beast in that respect all the rooms are confined I can't walk down a hallways or open a door because state is very limited in that respect.

I can't make that bridge purple and I can't copy that chair and put another one beside it and I can't get my character t walk off the bridge with a camera pan opening a door and follow him down the hallways. State does what is called "talking heads" very well. One room at a time.

Anyhow I am not interested in any holy software wars but aside from the graphical textures which I can do something about in muvizu there is no comparison. However if you want a bridge exactly like that one you just showed me I can in fact build it just like that or someone else with those skills and inclanation can.

my plate is full but if this is your desire give me a couple of months and you can have that exact bridge in muvizu.

I think I actually might make that bridge .... well there are a few things which i would leave out because I worry about copyright
2013/1/31 22:52:29
New character? haha no i dont think your greedy I was more responding to the basics of the thread in one giant post. In each case each of these engines has its own uniqueness. Muvizu is pretty powerful and versatile in its own right so you can make it do more then say the xtranormal system which is a complete closed system and extremely limited. Its not nearly as complicated as the other one suggested here which is source film maker which limits the hobbyist to a very few characters unless you want to start modding in their engine which I dont haha I have engines I can make my own little characters in and not have to worry about the propriatary unreal engine stuff.

I would like to see a characters customization system with sliders and all sorts of things

Their heros characters function completely differently to the original sets and its apparent in the uv maps for the clothing as well. It is more likely they could build on that set to add anime but I always wonder when people make requests (Including my own requests) if what they are doing is trying to make a piece of software into something they already use and have access to. For some reason I totally latched onto the original muvizu characters I just love them and their goofyness. This is probably because I already do "serious" in other softwares and so have no need of that other stuff here.
2013/1/31 19:22:52
asset upload issue :o Hi there

I am having a heck of a time uploading to this site in the last few days. It appears the server is resetting or disconnecting me after a short time. Anyhow I have managed to upload a couple of items but its taken me all night for two nights of retrying over and over again. I watch as it tried to upload the same 10-12% over and over again and then I finally get a message that the page can no longer load and it appears as if the server has reset.

Anyhow just about to give up and simply stuff the rest on google drive or something with a forum link.
2013/1/31 17:40:44
New character? for character design since each company has its own vision etc the assets they produce are going to be in keeping with their art direction. Muvizu has made it possible for us to make any world we have in our minds eye. What is difficult and always will be a point of contention is characters because of the complexity and riging needed. Muvizu has its own patented emote system which they built themselves from the ground up again with its own art direction behind style of animation. What they can or might do or what we can ask them to do is open up the back end so we can import our own rigging which is complicated and its no small task. Creating a new character with new dimensions and have all the emotes/animations fit them its a manual and massive task to go through every animation and try to get them to work with a new structure so you then often have to make new sets of animations which is what has happened with the hero character set.

At the moment if you want your own completely new characters the best route is iclone because its not really considered a machinima tool its an animation tool. I am not a fan of xtranormal and never have been and their system was much more limited then muvizu and source film maker has the same limitations character wise as muvizu with their own brand and look that go with the games that run off the engine however you can if you have the time and are a bit on the masochistic side bring in your own characters but.. its not easy (no that is an understatement actually lol)

Anyhow if i want a more serious look or to make something that looks like something else characterwise i go take out my iclone where its a total open end and play with my storm troopers and micheal jackson and ET and any other character I can dream up.

There should be another female heroine for sure but if you look at what they are doing they have made their own characatures based on certain concepts. Everything else is possible if you go to their digimania site. Will they add it to their free version? I think what they will eventually add to their free version is a way for us to bring in what we feel is the right character as they have with the other 3D assets. Everyone knows they have something planned no one is completely sure of exactly what it is. I think at the moment one of their big issues is hand held props which would bring muvizu to an entirely new place . Big Grin

There is a point at which I expect them to put a price tag on this software although i am sure they are watching source film maker but again that tool is much harder to use then muvizu is and I dont actually use it i prefer if I insist on animating at that level move to iclone which is easier to work with then source filmmaker. Although I will admit that I just at the moment dont have the will to learn an entire system of that level of complexity from the ground up. I have enough things to play with and blender is free
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2013/1/29 18:42:51
Muvizu Makers wanted for band videos I can do one if they like. This may be hard to believe but I have zero confidence in my abilities lol so I am unsure if I can make something they will enjoy but I can give it a shot. I have done a couple of music videos they can be fun not sure how well I can do it in muvizu but I can come up with something I am sure. I have however one other project for like "reals" I have to do first though that is for something other then my own enjoyment and to satisfy my need to make "pretty pixels" so until that is done I wont be able to.. I have to do the script first so I have only just started it. ..

Music videos are fun though I dont have to come up with a story as the story is already inside the music but I get really insecure when entering contests and making things for others and tend to underperform and procrastinate lol but I can try and help out. If they dont like it they can always toss it in the garbage can of course

first I have to stop procrastinating over this video project that i was asked to do like one month ago though..
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2013/1/29 4:06:19
Coming Soon... well the poster and the word "risqué " have me sitting here impatiently waiting. Can't wait

2013/1/28 17:34:59
Noah and the Empty Ark Dreeko wrote:
Marco_D wrote:
Another brilliant creation Dreeko

Excellent work on the Penguins!


Thanks Marco!
Who doesn't love a grumpy Irish penguin?..

irish oh i thought they were a special scottish type.. either way they were probably drunk penguins!
2013/1/28 17:24:01
Episode 3 of the superhero adventures Another mammoth video took over 24 hours to upload and process definately not for the feint of heart hope you enjoy it. Now I have to find my pc again and clean off the 130 gig of raw footage my hard drive is officially full

and the final copy of the trailer with my dreaded close up version of "the fart scene" which I have now learned in the upscale machinima crowd is a nono but I dont care a good fart scene is a thing of beauty and should not be squandered and wasted for the sake of "art" Big Grin

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2013/1/28 0:35:15
My very first attempt. haha good start!

I guess you understood everything
2013/1/27 23:48:33
Videos not clear enough.... AuroraMoon wrote:
Sweet, that helped out a lot.

thanks. now to try out my first scene...

glad it helped if there is anything else that does not make sense in those videos just post and someone will come along and explain it

Happy Muvizuing!
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