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2012/11/24 22:35:40
My thinkings okay I will post one more slight tidbit because mr hamster brought it up

I enjoy muvizu and i find they are quite caring of their software and as such I am more productive in muvizu then I am in at least one other case because they are keeping abreast of the market a bit better then some other companies out there. I dont find they are just letting their software sit and its still moving forward.. that being said..

I have learned to create cgi stuff in blender which of course the renders take like ages at the end of the day I want to be happy with what I see on the screen and make nicer and nicer little movies so always in the back of my head was "gah this will be easier in blender" if i get myself into a situation that is to hard to deal with in a machinima platform. So far I have not said that much in muvizu but I do have projects which are not doable in muvizu because of the lack of hand held props and the ability to add animations in some way to the puppets outside of "faking it". Muvizu is capable of making something more then 3 minutes long and although 3 minutes is fun I am along with many others to the point where I want to do entire stories. That means I need to make the software do my bidding.. if i can't make it work in a way that makes me happy .. I have to well use something else (let it not be blender lol) Their direct competitor is source film maker however but I like muvizu's feel better.

Then there is unity and I will shut up now Big Grin
2012/11/24 20:42:09
My thinkings toonarama wrote:
dwino wrote:
Absolutely, hand held props are very important, whether custom or not. They would expand the types of stories told with Muvizu.

Dreeko, you mention that a lot of the stories are talking heads? Well, the absence of holding props is one reason that leads to a majority of the Muvizu movies being talking heads movies.

I think you hit the nail on the head there. To my mind this is one of if not the main obstacle to increased use of muvizu within the machinima community
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speaking of talking heads


I try to avoid the talking head scenario myself but I do have at least one or two talking heads per movie. Its not a great solution and makes it difficult to create a true action movie. If I want an action movie I have to use another software package. At the moment of course like anything muvizu has its constraints its better then some softwares at certain things and not as good at other things. For instance its insanely good for things like air battles or sea battles long shots and a few other things and the head puppetry in place is very good. They need to add a few more layers of things though. As artpen says it would be a huge leap forward just to have them hold the object and move around with it, but I suspect that muvizu has a plan in their head and wants to implement said plan and not create more work then needed. Unfortunately that leaves us with lackluster solutions to a few things. Of course this is technically still a beta haha so they are covering themselves with that sticker and the fact that the public copy of muvizu (not that one that those other guys are using with added bells and whistles) is free

Anyhow enough of my ramblings these are my thinkings Big Grin
2012/11/24 19:08:38
how create an transparent window and a sinkhole? haha thanks I saw this thread last night and didnt have time to answer... if you want to use the wall with a hole for a roof your going to need to use the ground plane in the backgrounds prop list for the character to stand on as its no collision walls and ground planes for the floors in the building.

I am going to make a supplementary set with a roof and a few other things. These are very simple props to make but I guess they are proving kind of useful hehe so I will complete the set so people can make an entire structure if the spirit moves them to
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2012/11/24 19:05:09
Character actions Your going to need to find an animation in the pile for your character to look like he is hitting the ground and then your going to need to animate the hammer moving seperately to match the movement of the character. This is not ideal but for now this is how you need to animate a held prop in muvizu (thinks of recent threads ^^) until they come up with a better solution.
2012/11/24 18:54:32
Grouping objects then cut / paste not really you will need to import the bits seperately by adding them to "favourites" and then opening the set your using to build the town in and rebuild it.
2012/11/24 1:30:49
My thinkings me too i agree with the gestures/motions stuff there are not a lot of "gross" (large) animations needed a few more of the superhero (haven't looked in the newest release) to match the set we have in regular characters and maybe a few different "sits" and "kneels" it would be nice to have motion sets that we can shall we say assemble into a larger motion.

Of course to me ability to add custom hand held props and hats and whatnot comes from my modelling/texturing stuff because I like to make pretty things (if this is not apparent yet lol). Mr Hamsters logic I think revolves around the need for devs to budget time. Although I know when I started using muvizu of course I did not go online to download models I worked with the assets they included and a great many people want that toolset inside muvizu...so I can understand the need to create new assets like that.

I also have no idea how they break their work up in muvizu. In many companies they have one "dude" or set of "dudes" that make models and do textures and another set that works on animating and rigging said models with a "dude" at the very start of the entire thing who comes up with the art that the other "dudes" are supposed to follow.. anyhow that is a lot of "dudes" I think i have been talking to a few too many 18 something guys today :/

my 2 cents from a "dudette"
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2012/11/22 21:04:40
HUGE request for a TOWN I am almost done building a christmas scene I intend to release alas its not an entire town although i have one of those but I can't release that because I cheated in that one and imported 3 scketchup models into it but the christmas scene (the one i can release) will be ready in a few days.

Alas my videos never quite fit muvizu contest guidelines even though I enter them usually they are too long lol so I am gonna release the sets for others to use before they even start their christmas contest hehe.

*goes back to making my sets*

from that scene you should be able to build a town from it (mostly)
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2012/11/22 20:57:43
My thinkings /start want list

want hand held props
want ability to animate said props
want to be able to make other avatar attachements
want more animations more always more and then some more


*passes out*

/end want list

(i think i need more sleep but at least its a shorter post then my usual) Big Grin
2012/11/22 19:12:51
Animation for Uni. The Resurrectionist. nice little project hopefully your got a good grade!
2012/11/22 19:12:03
The Clones was funny just wish it was longer :P
2012/11/22 18:46:58
Ready Break glow with Anti-Aliasing I haven't tried my card yet to see if this artifact still exists (sorry my photos are gone I cleaned out my photobucket account forgetting that I had things posted here from there ...) anyhow when I get to making a scene that requires this type of lighting again I will test it out so far i have not noticed anything but I have not been doing any actual animation yet with the new version just set building it was very bad on the geoforce 560ti every item in it had a huge white line around it to the point I was double checking if i had turned on cartoon or something.

Thanks for the command option I dont have to work around that bug then
2012/11/21 21:35:48
comment/feedback re: expo infos lol i guess my post was so long winded and boring it made muvizu staff run for the hills.. I dont blame you though I would run away from me too Big Grin
2012/11/21 21:33:47
Caption Me! too tired to think of captions right now but for some reason your reindeer and santa gave me a chuckle more because it looks more like jesus or god or maybe moses in a red suit..) not sure which and the devil (the reindeer) then santa and rudolph
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2012/11/20 23:07:51
Character movement when walking did you try to just click on the wheel? if you click on the arrows on the wheel you will see as you mouseover they light up you can get him to move one step at a time so if you click 3-4 times in succession he will walk that many steps (this is for short distances of course)
2012/11/20 21:36:24
cell phone and sitting position ziggy72 wrote:
ekessler wrote:
Thanks for all the answers.
How was the head set done?

The headset in the Zubox video is a feature available only to them, at the moment

hrm wonder if muvizu made the set or if they have been doing some work on making it possible to add wearable item objects and they made it themselves?
2012/11/20 21:32:09
Asset changes? or am i going senile? okay thanks hrm I dont have any other fences then that one I will see if something is missing.. I have no "city park" anything i have buildings, roof, stuff and construction hehe

Its possible with the original install i had that but when the antialias issue popped up I tried a fresh install

*goes to find this other pack*
2012/11/20 18:30:30
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) Jamie wrote:
urbanlamb wrote:
is the antialias fixed in this version?

Yes, the antialiasing is fixed Big Grin

haha thanks I will remove that added command to the target line and cross my fingers then. I didnt get to actually do anything new with it yet but did download last night.
2012/11/20 1:40:31
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) also seeing as we are asking for a splitter above a nice set of levers for beside the tracks you know to switch tracks around etc so that we can do evil properly
2012/11/20 0:33:56
Asset changes? or am i going senile? hello I was building something a couple nights ago and though possibly I was loosing my marbles as a fence asset seems to have changed (a few other things as well). I loaded an old set today to retrieve something and decided to see if indeed I was loosing my marbles. Anyhow this is just one example but it appears some of your stock assets have been redesigned in this case the fence in the spooky set... unless its somewhere else now..

anyhow if i save the old fence to favourites or take "precautions" to try to keep this fence lest i have to rebuild a set that actually took forever to build a couple months ago will the old version remain? or am I going to eventually load this set and find that my fences are gone or something..

here is exhibit A "the fences"... also i am sorry i am so long winded .. *breathes in* *gasps for air*

2012/11/20 0:01:51
Feedback Thread - v0.23b release (Nov. 2012) hello love the content although your trains clash with my trains so I need to find another movie to put them in hehe.

Anyhow so I wanted to know because I can't seem to find the bug list which used to exist but I have lost it again.. is the antialias fixed in this version? I like to know if I should complain or not err or post bugs or not err ?
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