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2012/7/12 1:44:37
Need a model or set made? That looks fantastic Dylly, really appreciate this.
2012/7/9 1:02:31
Need a model or set made? Hi again Tim - something fairly simple like this should do the job -


2012/7/5 7:26:37
Need a model or set made? Thanks again Tim and congrats.

I'm looking for images now and hope to have something for you shortly.

2012/7/4 4:32:34
Need a model or set made? Hi Dylly, that's a very kind offer. I've just started using Muvizu for an activity to help to teach job interview skills to recent migrants learning English.

At the moment, there isn't much in the way of workplaces or offices up here - there's quite a nice open plan office but this isn't quite the thing for a job interview scenario. Any chance that you might be able to whip up either a conference room or manager type office? (Whatever's easier really)


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