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2016/7/19 17:29:06
leave of absence Just wanted t drop by and say hello..."Hello!"
House has been slow going.
We are building an experimental house.
Using earth bags. We have the water and sewer lines in and drainage lines.
Unfortunately the weather seems to not want to cooperate with us.
Kinda hard to build a house with clay when it rains every other day lol.
Anywho just wanted to drop by and see how everyone is doing.

Love, peace, chicken grease!
2015/12/7 14:06:01
Danimal Really sad news. Danimal
was my very first fan as
well. He will be missed.
2015/11/17 16:30:56
Market place I would use it to purchase items. I figure those that happened to take the time
to create items should get something in return.and
since my modeling talents
are well let's just say
very sub par lol I would
use the store quite a bit
in the future. When I am
back full time.
2015/10/28 0:22:53
leave of absence Well everyone I finally gotmy project done. And I am
pretty happy with the
outcome. So with that said I am working on a new and
bigger project. The
building of our new house. We won't have internet or
much of anything for a few
months. So I wanted to say goodbye for a bit. I will
lurk the forums when I can and give a update or two.
So until then Love, peace, Chicken Grease
2015/10/21 21:46:55
The Gone Forever Tree ziggy72 wrote:
Nicely done, but I'd do it faster paced make it shorter - 10 minutes tops. You don't really need the second time he goes for the stick either. Might sound odd, but it needs less, I would say. Also, you could put a rabbit shaped nose/cheek model on her and she'd look less human. Would the cat face mask work with the bunny ears? See, you got me thinking now...

PS Feel free to ignore me, I just assume if you post a vid on the forum it's because you want feedback.

I am always looking for
quality feed back Ziggy. So thank you. I tried to keep it with the original story that was written. Which
was very short. I tried allkinds of things for the
rabbit and wasn't having
much luck. But I did learn a lot from this project.
From auditioning voice to
better camera placement.
Thank you for the feed back.
2015/10/21 0:03:37
The Gone Forever Tree As promised. The debut of The Gone Forever Tree
A tourist on vacation is threatened by a lion. Lucky for him a rabbit is willing to help him out.

Based off the short story of the same name written by Phillip Marten

Hyena- Dmitrij Botin
Rabbit - Cherelle Renee Childs
Lion - Martyn Luke
Tourist - Rick R. Miller

The Gone Forever Tree song by
Laura Doeden and Tim Murrow

Modeling by
Teresa Fisher

Thanks for Watching
2015/8/22 15:47:31
Can't keep this old animator down! Hope you get to feeling
better. Make sure you take it easy and don't try to rush the recovery.
2015/7/17 16:29:01
Hitfilm express 3 toonarama wrote:
hitfilm express 3 has just been released and it is free. You can also purchase extra packs to build up its functionality. Only drawback with this would be you may build up a personalised version but it would still be express rather than pro if trying to upgrade

This is awesome news. I love HitFilm. Thanks Toon
2015/5/21 12:11:15
Coming Soon... Looking forward to the
return of Nick Danger. He has been gone way to long.
2015/3/31 19:37:42
Coming Soon... Doh! It gets hard to see
tiny print on the screen
the older I get lol. I
usually have the wife proof
read everything. That will teach me to get in a hurry.
2015/3/31 3:57:43
Coming Soon... Getting closer to finishing The Gone Forever Tree project.

So I thought I would share a little teaser. Hope you enjoy it.

2015/3/16 0:28:19
March 2015 update bugs I have also noticed that when I render out a video as go to save it as normal it tells me that, that file already exist do I want to overwrite it. Problem is there isn't a file with the same name. It happens quit a bit lately. Not a big bug, doesn't create anything harmful or anything just a silly little bug to report.
2015/3/14 18:28:04
Mouths not moving on lip sync and file errors I keep having the same issue. Only fix is to restart every time afterI record a lip sync. Just started after the new update.
2015/3/5 19:23:21
March 2015 update bugs ziggy72 wrote:
Keep getting an error on loading (previously okay) sets :

An object's property has been unexpectedly changed and this file will not display properly
Object called NAME MISSING

I think its referring to a backdrop (because I got a similar message which identified Backdrop as the object in a related set). Can't actually find the not-displaying-properly object in question, and everything looks fine in all the sets so far, and it still loads so not a big issue but I thought you'd want to know. Also, the error goes away once the set has been saved with the latest version.

I get the same thing
as well ziggy
2015/3/2 15:11:59
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Awesome news. And at the
First of the month! Now I
have to wait until I get
Off work. Going to be a
long day.
2015/2/27 18:13:31
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Yes in deed. Good thing
February is a short month.
2015/2/23 18:13:55
Can someone recommend a program to create titles? I have to agree with Ziggy.I don't know any video
editor that takes muvizu
videos without them being
converted.I really like any
Video converter.
2015/2/18 23:30:34
Missing actions AH HA! I thought i was losing it for a moment. Thanks a million!
2015/2/17 23:20:36
Missing actions So I am working away on my Gone Forever Tree project and I was assigning actions to the rabbit when I noticed that low and behold the list slow action is gone. List fast is still present. Now I started looking and I know others are missing as well I just can't put the name to them. When did this happened? Anyone else notice that or am I just losing it? Brick Wall

2015/2/17 23:15:45
The Future of Muvizu revealed! That is awesome news. Thanks for the update!
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