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2010/7/8 15:46:10
Filming I've been trying to load my completed animated video to youtube but youtube is failing to convert it into video file. Do you know how i can fix this problem?

Thank you!
2010/7/7 11:46:13
Filming And...I will be writing a blog about my experience with Muvizu and getting the word out there. So, can you tell me what made you to create Muvizu? Any setbacks with Muvizu? Satisfied with the current result? Other comments you want to make??

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer these questions!
2010/7/6 17:26:22
Muvizu thoughts?? Hello,
i need to write a review for Muvizu for a blog....So i want all you users to tell me what you think about this software!
2010/7/6 14:24:45
Filming How do i actually film the animation? Everytime i try to record a scene, it erases the previous recorded video and starts all over again..

Also, How do I make the figures walk??
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