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2013/12/23 17:43:25
Fatal error when I choose the action of a characte Hi guys...

I have contacted support Muvizu and they told me that maybe the problem is the lack of memory 4 giga is little
I then increase the new year 8 giga
and then we see if the problem goes away

P.S. thanks to all for the help
2013/12/23 10:53:15
Fatal error when I choose the action of a characte Unfortunately, the error is returned even if I only have 3 characters no objects and no lights in the new set

now i contact Muvizu for Help
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2013/12/23 7:47:18
Fatal error when I choose the action of a characte I do not think that the problem is Muvizu for two reasons:

1) before I had an ATI 5670 1GB DDR5 less powerful of a 7750

2) I have now created a new set but with only one character and without objects and the problem has disappeared...

Now I register all the movements of all the characters and then I add objects, lights etc. etc.
I think that this is the only solution for my problem
2013/12/23 4:19:06
Fatal error when I choose the action of a characte urbanlamb...yes, my characters are in the favorites ... but the problem is with any character
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- problem is not the time for loading (your fantastic) set, i understand that there are

many objects and also lights that slow loading the set...

but the problem is the crash "Fatal Error" that some times when i choose the action of any


i downloaded and installed the last version of Muvizu (Full 500 MB) it is


I have desktop PC (no PC portable) with Windows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)
the processor is Intel i3 540 3.07GHz (old series)
the graphics card is Sapphire HD 7750 1GB GDDR5 with Shader Model 5.0 - OpenGL 4.2 - DirectX 11.1

P.S. in my graphics card i installed the last driver from AMD site and it is 13.12 but strangely the name of the installed drivers is 13.9
but I'm 100% sure that the drivers are installed 13:12...i read on the internet that everyone has this problem

My PC is always up to date...and with Windows update, i installed the last Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 a few days ago (19/dec/2013)

I hope you can help me...the crash is NOT always, but sometimes, after i 8/9/10 chosen times

Merry Christmas to you too!!!
2013/12/22 15:50:02
Fatal error when I choose the action of a characte my problem is not that of loading two minutes the set

but the crash Fatal error when I choose the action of a characters

I hope ziggy72 can help me... but I think that is not a problem of the set

I think it's one of those little problems Muvizu
2013/12/22 15:36:47
Fatal error when I choose the action of a characte Hi fazz68...
the name of set is "
Recording Studio (TT)" by ziggy72

this set does not have a lot of objects
and I deleted some objects because they were not taken by the cameras

I hope that when they return technicians can solve my problem

P.S. Merry Christmas to you too
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2013/12/22 14:29:22
Fatal error when I choose the action of a characte hello guys ..
why sometimes when i choose the action of a character, Muvizu crashes fatal error

Muvizu works perfectly...this is the only problem I have with Muvizu

help me please ... also because to load the set it takes almost 2 minutes

merry Christmas!!!
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2013/5/7 6:11:35
help, unable to load muvizu.dll Hi heatrayz...
checks if the file muvizu.dll is in the folder
C: \ Program Files \ Muvizu Play \ Binaries64
look at this picture:

but you have downloaded the version of Muvizu ... 32 bit or 64 bit?
2013/5/5 23:06:15
two simple questions... Dwarf wrote:
Yes, it's true. Laster version was a lot of time more faster than this one, I don't know why !!!
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ok thanks for the confirmation
2013/5/5 22:28:37
two simple questions... thanks...
after installing latest version of Muvizu (Full 64-bit) I checked the gallery and there are all the content packs

P.S. it's only my impression or latest version is faster?
2013/5/5 19:39:11
two simple questions... I thank you for answers...
I realized that Muvizu warns me if there is new version but warns me if there is new content packs download?
2013/5/5 18:30:21
two simple questions... hello to all i wanted to ask...

1) I installed latest version of Muvizu (Full 64-bit) MuvizuPlaySetupDXDotNetFull_2013.04.23.01R_x64

I also download content packs or not? (Costume pack - Rosie - Trainyard - Lighthing Sets - Prison - Lairs - Heroes and Villains)

2) I need to install ffdshow or not?

thanks for the answers

P.S. How can I be alerted newsletter Muvizu new version and new update?
2012/11/20 12:45:49
Dreeko and Muvizu land on 3D World online! ..very Congratulations
2012/11/20 12:37:52
cell phone and sitting position ekessler wrote:
Thanks for all the answers.
How was the head set done?

I know not, i see the video and I thought can you help...
2012/11/19 19:33:55
cell phone and sitting position i see this video by


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2012/10/30 17:32:20
Problem update texture ... PengyChat3O wrote:

Its amazing! do you think you could make Iron Man or the Hulk?

...Hi PengyChat30, I'm glad you like my texture of Spiderman...
the texture of IronMan exist it is was created by fman00
and is here:

also the texture of Hulk (and other caracters) exist...
you can download the texture of "Batman - Captain America - Flash - Hulk - Green Lantern - SuperMan - Thor" here:
2012/10/7 22:42:47
How do i personalize superhero costumes? ziggy72 wrote:
Freeman wrote:
I also think cut miniskirt use transparent color but in the uv map the skirt there is not.

You're right, there is no UV map for the skirt, you just use a .png file and select it as the skirt texture directly inside Muvizu. Just click on the Skirt colour box, and choose your texture from your PC. This only works on the 'old' Muvizu characters, the Heroine character does not currently support transparent textures on the skirt.

As for the superheroes textures, I don't know what you mean - there is a head, legs, torsoe, and left & right hand textures (for Beefy alone). There are a whole bunch of other UV textures for his clothes too, but all the new hero characters have these basic 5 UV maps.

Thank you very much...

now i understand how to make!!!
First i did not understand also change textures and not only colors...
every day thanks to you i learn new options
This program is fantastic

and you are a great team
2012/10/7 21:04:14
How do i personalize superhero costumes? guys thanks for the replies...
I have all uv maps and i tried to change textures of superhero, but changes only texture head.
All superheroes have only 1 decals for change texture...
(example with superman) i created one immages 2048 x 2048 all black color and then inserted in decals... the result is this:
I also think cut miniskirt use transparent color but in the uv map the skirt there is not.

I am sure i mistake procedure...please help me
2012/10/7 9:11:25
How do i personalize superhero costumes? hello guys...
I ask you how I can modify superhero costumes with my texture
and then i ask you why the characters (no superhero) do not have all the clothes in the uv map
for example the characters woman i want to change length skirt and transform to miniskirt.
thanks for your answers...
2012/10/3 10:40:51
Problem update texture ... Hi Jamie...
I thank you for the answer
but i did not know that waiting 24 hours
I'm glad you like my texture Spider-Man but it is not perfect
There are some inaccuracies ,i hope the next texture is better
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