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2013/4/11 23:00:22
Making Characters Fly? Hey! I found a thread on making characters appear to fly that was very useful, but it was a bit old, and some of the tricks no longer work (or at least I can't get the 'ctrl z' method to work anymore). I made a test run of some of the different options, and am showcasing them here:

Now, is there any other technique that has worked for you, that you would be willing to share? I mean, my main guy in the story I want to tell is a flyer, so as many different ways of demonstrating flying characters as possible would be personally helpful.

(Oh, the twist that I hadn't seen before that I added was a camera move towards the 'fly on spot' character. Then, a background over another character's shoulder with the video as texture makes it seem as though the flyer is approaching. Just a twist on the original theme, but I think it has potential)

EDIT: Forgive the awful lighting on the third clip. In a final, I would obviously adjust that, but it exported much darker than I anticipated. Geez, get off my back, you don't know me, you don't know what I been through! ;D
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2012/11/1 1:29:46
1st Muvi! - 'Tell Me A Joke' This was something the kids and I put together during the hurricane before the power went out. Hope you like it, it's my first attempt. I love the controls, I'm sure I'll make a bunch more!

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