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2013/6/5 5:23:29
Voice Actors,Writers,Composers still looking for some help writing a video?
If so, gimme a rough idea of what you want, if you can, and ill see what i can do.
If you don't have any ideas, it may take me a little longer to come up with something.
2013/1/18 4:15:30
How to import hats from other Muvizu characters I'm having trouble importing hats and facial designs from other Muvizu models,
all of which came with the software itself, but seems to be limited to certain characters.
Is there a way around this? Any help would be greatly appriciated.
2012/12/26 18:41:50
how do I import MP4 video file as a background? Thanks. I'll try to work on that later tonight.
Thanks again for the assist. I'll see if it works.
2012/12/24 4:55:12
Voice Actors,Writers,Composers I'd be happy to offer any assistance in scripting a Batman video.
I have some experience creating scripts for videos, and I am very fond of Batman as a character. If you want, I'll be happy to write up a script for you set in the Batman mythology.
Give me an idea of what characters you'd want to use, and how long you want the video to be, and I'll see what I can do.
2012/12/24 4:49:32
how do I import MP4 video file as a background? I'm trying to create a mixed video using Muvizu-animated characters,
and add an existing background MP4 video as a background to it.

I think I've seen this done before, but how is it done?

Also, can I make the muvizu greenscreen object physically move backwards slowly?
I know the camera can be set to move during filming, but can the greenscreen also do this?

Any help would be greatly appriciated.
2012/12/20 4:43:16
I'd LOVE to see a Hollywood MOVIE FILMmakers PAK.. It would definetely be great if Muvizu created a content pack based around this.
There's so much potential here! Come on, Muvizu! Put it up already!
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