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2012/12/23 3:06:03
Hello! I thought I would introduce myself... Hello all,

My name is James Williamson and I'm new to Muvizu. Nice to meet you all. It would be great if some of you are interested in introducing yourself.

I'm an aspiring author and my username for Muvizu is Senpai, which is the name of my main character in my book, "Senpai: The Tale of the Gallant Dandelion," which is now being released serially on Amazon as of early December 2012. The next serial instalment is out on 31st January and I plan to release a few other stories I have in mind over the coming few years. Feel free to check out the book!

I'm hoping to use Muvizu to experiment with new ways of moving towards animating, using my growing photoshop and after effects skills, and the experience I had with producing textures when creating on IMVU.

I was hoping to ask a few questions, which I will do on the right forum pages, but if anyone is reading this who feels they might be able to help me out with some of the questions I have going in about the software, please do come and answer any or all of my queries and introduce yourself back here.

Kind regards,

James Williamson
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