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2013/2/14 8:34:15
Credits Hi,

I would like to see a function to add scrolling credits like at the end of a movie. I tried a hack work around like this:
- created credits in Photoshop (PS)
- rotated 90 degrees
- left a big space at the "top" (after rotation it would be at the left) so the credits would start as a black screen
- imported into Muvizu and placed it as a scrolling backdrop animation

This did, in fact make it scroll vertically (because I rotated it in PS) but I couldn't dictate when to actually start the credit scroll. So by the time I got to dropping the backdrop into the camera view the animation was already rolling.

I ended up exporting the clip and adding the credits in Adobe Premiere Pro (PP) and After Effects (AE). But it would have been nicer just to have added them in Muvizu instead of having to render from Muvizu, import and manipulate in PP & AE, then render again from PP.

Besides that...great program! (Except I have an animation where only 1 of the characters eyeballs moves...but I guess that's a bug so I'll just wait for a new version. lol).
2013/2/8 20:00:42
mp3 compression Hi,

I imported an mp3 song that I wrote into Muvizu. However, it seems to have distorted a couple of the louder areas. When I play the mp3 by itself in itunes or windows media player there is no sign of the distortion. Therefore, I was wondering if Muvizu is recompressing the mp3? If so, would it be better for me to use strictly WAV files?

2013/2/8 19:56:48
How do I edit camera movements? Actually, I just discovered the director hotkeys. The hotkeys make it MUCH easier to control the camera movements, so I was able to record what I wanted quickly. However, I'm still curious as to whether or not it's possible to edit an existing camera movement.

2013/2/8 19:21:49
How do I edit camera movements? Hi,

It took me quite a few tries but I finally got a camera movement close to what I want. However, there are a couple of things I'd like to tweak. I don't want to re-do it from scratch because it was difficult and time consuming to get it to pan and zoom properly, and with the right timing. Is there a way to edit an existing camera movement?

2013/2/7 22:18:46
Sitting to standing and idle guitar The "idle keyboard for idle guitarist" is a great tip. Thanks!
2013/2/7 19:47:39
Sitting to standing and idle guitar Hi,

I created a character with an acoustic guitar. When I set him to idle guitar it looks like he's strumming. To work around that problem, I thought I'd start him as sitting, then get him to stand up when it was time to play. However, I can't seem to make him go from sitting to standing during the animation.

So, I have two questions:

1. Is changing a character's position from sitting to standing possible when directing?

2. Is the idle guitar animation supposed to look like he's strumming?

Thanks in advance.
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