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2013/2/16 3:32:17
how do i make an object shake? Thanks I appreciate the tip it helped a lot.
Marco_D wrote:
Hi brainfreezr,

There is a camera shake effect that might help you.

Select the camera that will be used and right-click over it. On the overlay effects select camera shake.
Then go to the Prepare menu and select object properties, make sure the camera is selected.
On the track drop-down menu select camera shake and select the initial value.
Press record and when the phone rings use the slider to increase the value of the effect and make the camera shake.
You can tweak the timings on the timeline tool.

I hope this helps.

2013/2/11 5:00:41
how do i make an object shake? hey guys i want to find out the best way to make a telephone shake (like in a bugs bunny cartoon for example) when the phone rings.
any suggestions?
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