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2013/2/22 6:27:41
Sketchup Ok so yesterday I got Muvizu on my windows 8 PC I'm really looking forward to making some videos but before I start I have a question.... I would like to make a building on sketch up I downloaded the plugin and am not sure what to do from then onwards it occurred to me that if I did make a building on sketch up would it not look "boxy" with too many straight lines to fit into the Muvizu theme I read that 3DS max can help but I have school and don't have time to buy and learn 3DS's interface as apparently it is complex any ideas or am I panicking over nothing?... Also when I opened up muvizu for a brief moment it seemed very alien obviously I will have to learn ect. However is there any good resources out there like step by step tutorials to get the basics I saw some on the "How To" section but found it a little strange to follow with simple things such as what buttons pressed to open properties ect. I know I must sound very novice well I am but before I sunk my teeth into this software I just wanted to get a little knowledge under my belt
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