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2013/5/1 14:43:46
Problems uploading / commenting on videos Thanks Ian. Really pleased it's sorted. Was beginning to feel lonely!

And thanks also Mick. Nice to know someone spotted and read the review Yes, we were all pretty chuffed about that. Must write (and animate) some more comedy on the back of that. I need to explore how to acquire/design a lookalike template for Clegg and Cameron.

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2013/4/30 21:40:25
Problems uploading / commenting on videos Hi guys. I'm having no luck getting help with my video not appearing on Muvizu. I uploaded "Kirrin Jung Un" over a week ago via Muvizu to YouTube. It's there but not here. Can anyone please help as I've been really impressed with Muvizu so far but this is proving frustrating.
2013/4/25 21:24:47
Video not appearing on Muvizu gallery urbanlamb wrote:
the gallery is moderated to remove spam and people using the site for things not muvizu so it will appear in 24 hours or so depending on the day of the week. If you post on the weekend it can take a couple of days as people at muvizu are not working on weekends for this type of thing.

Ok thanks for that. I thought 24 hours was the norm - but it's been 72 hours so wondered if there was a glitch. Hopefully soon then.
Best wishes
2013/4/25 20:55:43
Video not appearing on Muvizu gallery Hi there. I've successfully loaded up my third Muvizu video to YouTube via the Muvizu website. Here is the YouTube URL:
It's called "Kirrin Jong Un"
But it's not appearing in the Muvizu gallery or my account. I loaded it up on Monday night (three days ago). Should it be available now? Might there be a problem.
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