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2013/3/26 8:37:17
Can Wheel of car or motorcycle spinning? and hi I newbie here
What can I do for make the house or building destroy for many part like explosion?

anyone can answer my 2 question above?
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2013/3/19 13:02:07
Problem Importing HEROES AND VILLAINS? thx marco for your attention

Now I can install it, because I try to download the Heroes and villain pack for twice
Lucky it work and When I open the muvizu software > create > characters > Now Beefy,Heroine and Sinister all be there

The error message like this

NSIS Error

Installer integrity check has failed. Common causes include incomplete download and damaged media
more information at:
2013/3/18 5:55:05
Problem Importing HEROES AND VILLAINS? Hi, I have trouble when I installing the heroes and villains pack in contens pack of Muvizu software
I can't download it succes and I try download it in gallery > Content packs > heroes and villains (in Muvizu.com) it has trouble when I run heroes and villain.exe
can anyone help me,please?
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