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2016/8/12 7:28:08
About new characters: movements, postures Hi PatMarrNC,

thank you very much for your informations.
2016/8/11 18:13:07
About new characters: movements, postures Hello,

just a question, please.

Asian characters can do all the movements and postures?

Many thanks!
2014/5/14 16:30:28
A shared archive or library of objects/characters? MrDrWho13 wrote:
If you mean brand new characters created by users, then this is not currently possible inside Muvizu.
Thank you MrDrWho13,

I was looking for this url...
2014/5/14 15:29:13
A shared archive or library of objects/characters? Hi everybody,

is there an archive of objects and characters created by users and then shared in a library in the Muvizu's website?

If this doesn't already exists, it could be an idea...

Thanks in advance!
2014/4/5 18:32:59
Save, export and import characters Ah, thank you MrDrWho13, so it's very simple.
2014/4/5 16:55:05
Save, export and import characters Hi,

is it possible to export a character created in an older muvizu version and then import it in a new version of the softwares?

2014/4/4 16:42:48
Import/Export character from old muvizu version Hi,

can I import a character created in an old muvizu version to a new updated version of program?

Thanks in advance!
2013/4/12 9:02:54
"Not enough room" error gimmick wrote:
for import an object, the best place is near the top of the skydome.
Try to change your position and the display view with keys WSAZQD

I had the same issue with create > camera and this fixes it, thanks!

For completeness, I report the error details:

Developer info

Filename: UnLevelAct.cpp
Line no: 446
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2013/4/11 16:55:04
Bugs in Muvizu:Play Maybe another bug, I can't rename any audio track.
2013/4/11 12:36:15
Bugs in Muvizu:Play Thank you all for your replies! And congratulations to all the staff for the work.

In fact, the character action isn't the same but very similar.

MrDrWho13 wrote:
To solve your camera problem, go to view then click show camera window. I have found that they don't open by default any more.

Great suggestion, this solves the problem, thank you again.
edited by ste_yeu on 11/04/2013
2013/4/11 9:28:55
Bugs in Muvizu:Play I've found one or two bugs:

1. Unlike the old beta version, there aren't screens for any camera when I create a scene (but maybe this is normal in this version, I can see the screens only by click on Direct > Camera cuts);

2. In "Character actions" if I select: Happy > "Two hands back" or "Two hands forward" or "Two hands left" or "Two hands right", the result is the same.
2013/4/10 9:54:52
Watermark: new terms of use urbanlamb wrote:
you publish inside muvizu and it will calculate how much to charge you. If you go into the video publish section you choose from the menu watermark free and size and then it calculates price and you press a button and it takes you to a payment page

Thank you, urbanlamb. In fact it's easy.
2013/4/9 23:30:27
Watermark: new terms of use I hope that I'll be clear, because english isn't my mother language... :P

I can't understand how to calculate the price for watermark-free videos. For example: if I make a video of 10 minutes, it costs (offer) £ 50 or £ 150 for high quality, right?

To determine a video duration I need to publish it with the watermark before? When will watermark be removed?
Thanks in advance.
2013/4/9 22:45:09
Ciao! Hi to every muvizuser! I'm italian, so... sorry for my english in advance...

Muvizu is really a great software, congratulations to the authors!
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