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2016/2/5 21:30:25
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? That's too bad, because I would love to make content using those features. I wish Muvizu would launch a content developer's forum subsection where as much info as possible would be shared and some development staff, even just a QA guy that has access to info, could share and answer more technical questions. I was a QA manager before becoming disabled and I could help testing to a degree. I really would love to see Muvizu reach a larger audience, I am amazed by stuff in it daily, just I want to use it to its fullest. The Chinese water bits make me drool, but they are limited in size to be not very useful for most stuff I want to do. If they could just release a floor tile object with that that you could place objects above it would be awesome, just make it large. That would help a lot of Muvizu users, especially the ones without time to learn the camera-based methods. And it looks awesome.
2016/2/5 21:01:22
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? urbanlamb wrote:
in muvizu you would need to generate the file as an avi file and play the avi file on an object. In other softwares you might do it differently but in the case of muvizu the solution is to create an avi file of the animated textures and import that in the image slot instead of a still image.

That doesn't really address how to create an object that has animated textures built-in, obviously it is possible or the Chinese pack wouldn't be able to do it. This info on how to accomplish would be really helpful.
2016/2/5 20:39:39
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? And I did get the water animated in Blender, but the output file doesn't display as an animation, so I'm not sure what is up. I do wish Muvizu would get a comprehensive guide to producing objects with all available features so we can really get the most out of the platform. I'm guessing I can rig something acceptable using cameras and backdrops, but it would be much better to build it into the objects so they can reflect light properly.
2016/2/5 12:37:52
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? OK, so I am thinking this must be it, animated textures, and how to create them in Blender.

I haven't gotten it figured yet, and I need to get the actual images too, but I hope to have a reasonable little body of water when necessary soon.
2016/2/5 11:35:44
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? I'm using Blender, but a noob with it.
2016/2/5 11:27:00
Better controls for moving objects MarkWaldo wrote:
I usually situate objects by looking down from above for accurate placement. I also move my characters to the exact spot I want by having an above viewpoint looking straight down.

A hotkey like other 3d apps for the different views would help alot.
2016/2/5 11:25:45
CONSTRAIN!!! I want XYZ axis controls available in general, that would make everything easier. Precision is needed, it is the biggest challenge to animating in the otherwise very friendly environment.
2016/2/2 7:41:07
FBX objects fall over when exported from Blender? Wabby wrote:
Hello braj !

Well done ! The result is fantastic :-)

It's difficult for me to understand and explain all because my English is not good enough but let me told you one thing : when you succeed to mastering Blender (it took me several years, and I'm still learning), you will not need the autodesk fbx converter for Muvizu. Blender is so powerful but so hard to understand... :-)

Anyway... having fun is the most important thing :-)

Yep, and Muvizu+Blender=fun It is great to be able to make your own custom hairdoos and whatnot.

2016/2/1 23:22:15
Blender render settings to match Muvizu? I want to use Blender for limited animation to composite along with Muvizu animation, what are the best settings for getting Muvizu looks from Blender renders?
2016/1/30 10:39:43
Better controls for moving objects Yeah, I have mouse modifiers built into my mouse, it doesn't really help. I have chronic pain so it is extra hard, but I just compare the options for moving stuff in Blender and I really wish we had top/front/etc view controls and axis controls, both are really really helpful. Muvizu can exist without them, but it would be so much improved with them. I don't know the restrictions because it is essentially a game engine, but anyhow, I may as well ask.
2016/1/30 10:32:56
FBX objects fall over when exported from Blender? One last bump, here is what I was thinking of when making the object, I am REALLY loving Muvizu now. Thanks to everyone one the forum that has helped with my questions.

2016/1/30 10:29:36
Better controls for moving objects It would be great to have xyz axis controls so you can move things easily and precisely, this is one of the things that makes Muvizu hard for me, especially initially.
2016/1/30 2:38:25
Developer mode? Within the Muvizu Play>Engine>Content folder there is a registry file called 'Developer Mode.' Is this something accessible to the user, like to build characters?
2016/1/29 22:13:10
FBX objects fall over when exported from Blender? And TADA! Autodesk's FBX converter just fixed it. I converted to a FBX 2011 file and it is now perfect. SO if that is all it takes, I'm ok, I can really really move on now. That is so cool! Sorry for so many posts.
2016/1/29 20:43:08
FBX objects fall over when exported from Blender? OK, after messing with this more, it seems like no matter what I do, what settings I use, things tip over. I can get them to stay in that direction by default, or switch to another direction, but they always tip to the exact same side when using the transparency-capable 6.1 binary output. I start with clean files, only export the model, no lights or anything. It doesn't seem to be because of weight, the objects can be bottom heavy and still they tip over. My question is why was it working ok, and now why is it tipping, what the hell did I change in the app?

Edit: I did find a workaround for now: as soon as importing, with the object still unmoved and upright, double-click and uncheck 'keep upright' (which is what is causing it to tip apparently) and then 'floats in the air' in that order. Then the object will drop and oriented in the correct direction. I can't touch those settings again or it will tip again. Anyhow, I want this for the occasional transparent touches, so until I figure this out at least I can move on. Muvizu would be much improved if object orientation sliders were added to imported objects, that would be helpful even when things aren't going wrong.

Here's the culmination of my efforts, I was going for the effect those heads in jars have, just testing how textures look, what kinds of textures to use for glass, etc.

This is the FXB, if anyone can tell me how to edit it to fix that orientation issue, I'd be grateful:

edited by braj on 29/01/2016
2016/1/29 18:41:14
FBX objects fall over when exported from Blender? Making sure the experimental apply transformations seems to fix it for at least the 7.4 export (which doesn't include transparencies). I swear 6.1 was working without flipping though. I'm so confused.
2016/1/29 18:24:13
FBX objects fall over when exported from Blender? Unfortunately, I'm still seeing tipping. With 7.4, it is slow, I can place something on the ground top stop it, in 6.1 it flips right after being touched. It seems the origin is set correctly, I really don't know what I'm doing wrong. It seems something that gets turned on and off, I had the exports working fine just yesterday, no issues with being upright.
2016/1/29 8:02:47
FBX objects fall over when exported from Blender? This is with the 6.1 ASCII exporter. There are also issues with the location it is created when importing to Muvizu.
2016/1/29 7:45:38
FBX objects fall over when exported from Blender? I'm not sure why this is happening, I don't believe it was happening before so I don't know what possibly changed. I THINK I understand how to set the orgin in Blender correctly, it was working fine it seemed, now everything I am making falls right over in Muvizu.
2016/1/28 9:18:24
Transparent Windows? Ok, one weird thing between 7.4 is binary, 6.1 is ascii. The things I make with 6.1 are falling over, I think the axis should be fine, if I use 7.4 it works dandy. For now, I'll only use 6.4 if transparency is required.
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