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2016/1/28 2:25:37
Transparent Windows? Maybe it is the version, at least in 2.76b I'm on, there are two versions available in the drop down.
2016/1/27 20:20:52
Transparent Windows? urbanlamb wrote:
I think 7.4 works as well now but I know for a fact 6.1 works. Also there is binary and ascii and I dont remember right now because its so automatic for me which one I have used.

7.4 is binary, 6.1 is ascii. I don't know if that makes the difference. The cool thing is now I can adjust the transparency level within Muvizu, which is ideal.
2016/1/27 20:19:01
Transparent Windows? And yep, it definitely was the export version setting. Now this is wonderful, thanks everyone. I can mix solid and transparent textures now, yay!
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2016/1/27 19:06:05
Transparent Windows? Ok, I didn't had time to test much this morning, but it does look like the fbx export version was wrong. I got a transparent object, but need to nail down exactly how to do it all when I get back to the computer.
2016/1/27 4:10:39
Transparent Windows? So far I am only using one material in my test to figure this out, so that isn't my issue. What is the exact setting that enables transparency for the .fbx output. I have everything set per the screenshots from the wiki. I'm keeping this as simple as possible, I have one material, set to Fresnel etc, I created a UV map, it is selected under Texture>Mapping. Everything related to transparency or alpha channels has been enabled or adjusted. I just cannot get this going.
2016/1/26 22:14:01
Transparent Windows? I got that, the only thing is I get no transparency, no matter what settings I try. I can export objects with UV maps, that's not my issue, here are my very first models:

2016/1/26 21:50:35
Transparent Windows? OK, maybe it isn't so simple. I am not figuring out how to get transparent objects in Blender to show as such in Muvizu. Can someone say how to do this using a basic shape like a cube or a plane? I can make fancy transparent things in Blender but the .fbx in Muvizu doesn't show as such.
2016/1/26 19:29:53
Sketchup Roundup One thing I did in Blender that made all the difference for me was switching the behavior of the mouse buttons. It by default uses left click to set the 3d cursor, which is confounding and was the one thing that killed the workflow for me. Now left click selects like I expect from every other app out there. That one checkbox in the preferences was like magic for me, it instantly became less confusing and frustrating.
2016/1/26 19:24:54
Sketchup Roundup ukBerty wrote:
braj wrote:
I'm hoping most of the props I will need will be in the community and store already, and mostly I want to make stuff for fun

No pressure....

I know what you mean about Blender though. I just can't make it out and this is supposed to be fun !

Well, the fun factor trying to use SU and Blender together faded fast, way too much trial and error for mediocre results. I ended up buying a 3 month subscription to Blender Cloud to get access to their files and tutorials. I can now say I'm more comfortable in Blender than Sketchup, and last night I successfully figured out how to UV map objects, and one big huge side benefit to this system is the models are reliable and I can make OBJ versions of anything and animate them in Anime Studio's basic 3d environment which has really great control over the animation, so when I need a spaceship to fly by it will be much faster to create and give consistent read across the two animation platforms. That's really cool. With TARGA export for both, I can then compose them easily. I'm SO happy I gave learning Blender a shot, it is way less intimidating now. I feel I know the basics enough now to model what I need for my stuff and feel really good about learning something I thought was too much for me.
2016/1/24 12:24:12
Transparent Windows? Well, I am giving up on Sketchup, I think there is just too much that can go wrong with the models when going between the different software, I got transparency to work with .ase but it gave unpredictable weird results. So... I just bought a 3 month subscription to the Blender Cloud, I'll go over all the modeling videos, and figure this stuff out. The FBX output is nice and sharp in the objects I've made so far, just basic weird shapes but it is encouraging. So the transparency just needs to be on its own material layer? that seems simple enough.
2016/1/23 22:03:56
Transparent Windows? I really appreciate this tip, but how do you do the same using SU>Collada>Blender>FBX?
2016/1/22 0:25:38
Kids with round heads! It is a definite improvement.
2016/1/12 23:14:22
Character color in attachments? Is there a way to match the character color automatically when creating accessories, so that they follow the character's global color? I imagine there is a custom texture or color to use to invoke this somehow. What I want to create is a cast and hand and in the character itself hide the actual hand, so the dummy hand in the accessory will be static. This would be attached at the wrist, modelled in SU8 with ASE exporter.

Thanks in advance Big Grin
2016/1/8 20:12:38
Spinning propellers? MrDrWho13 wrote:

You could render a very short clip as a png image sequence, only selecting the required layers which should give it a transparent background.

Yeah, that does give the best results, a bit of work though either way, it would be nicest if the engine could do this natively, like a simple menu item, right-click an object, select 'capture object view as 2d' and tada, a new image sans background is added to the library, ready to be employed. But that sounds like a bunch of work for probably little benefit to most users.

(oh, and setting the movie duration to minimum (.8 seconds) results in a very manageable 2 frame output. Nice.)
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2016/1/8 19:27:10
Spinning propellers? Yeah, thankfully I don't need to use Photoshop for this. It would be great though if Muvizu allowed you to take screenshots of layers within itself as transparency supporting PNGs so we could 'sample' Muvizu images without having to trim away the surrounding bits. No matter how well this is done, it would be easier, faster and better quality by leaving out any backgrounds to start.
2016/1/8 6:56:28
Sketchup Roundup MrDrWho13 wrote:
The Ziggymesh exporter is the most popular since it removes the collision of the object

Thanks, I didn't pay enough attention to this point, but today made a little car that a character can sit in and have actual driving scenes. This is a very important point.
2016/1/8 5:14:21
Spinning propellers? Well, I was able to get it looking OK quickly I think, it works ok but to really work, I need to group it but then I can't animate the movement of the copter. I guess I can put it up on an invisible object and film it that way, moving the camera instead of the copter. The animation can definitely be made much much better too, this is just a test, but it is another technical challenge resolved! Oh, and the bird was my initial test of the transparency. I'm planning on making better birds that hopefully can fit Muvizu's style and then have a couple fly by here and there where you wouldn't notice it was 2d.

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2016/1/8 4:09:06
Spinning propellers? Ah, thanks. I've got it working, pretty easy actually. My 2D animation app takes care of the initial alpha when it renders to TARGA sequence, then VirtualDub nicely wrapped it into an AVI. Perfect, thanks!

EDIT: that's not actually correct, uncompressed AVI straight from Anime Studio Pro did the job. I actually couldn't get VirtualDub to do the trick with the image sequences I tried.
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2016/1/7 23:05:46
Spinning propellers? I am thinking an animated 2d image would work, but I don't know how to get animations with transparencies into Muvizu. Is there a way? Is a certain color a transparency mask or anything, or a file type handles this? What would be really useful is a circular animation setting, right now it scrolls but it would be great if it spun, then a simple PNG would work.

I was able to get it working somewhat by using the Direct Object Properties with keyframes, changing the angle through 4 frames, then going back to the first and repeating the cycle. It would be cool in this sort of instance to have a cycle function so you just set up what you want to cycle through and animation once.
2016/1/7 7:12:08
Sketchup Roundup MrDrWho13 wrote:
You can use the fazzing technique to stop freaky shadows from the unreal engine:

Oh yeah, I figured that out earlier, though it isn't implemented throughout the model in the pics. It was far worse on my first try
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