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2015/8/10 20:30:18
Dog really needs new muzzle and new tail I'm thinking that 'surface smoothing' isn't used for imported objects by default? In Sketchup you can define this with 'soften edges', but it doesn't get exported, I'm assuming Muvizu does this for its own polygons, so I guess that is a feature request, like a check box or slider for smoothing imported objects.
2015/8/10 20:24:27
Dog really needs new muzzle and new tail It is an FBX ectually, but I'm guessing that Sketchup isn't including any data to handle this. I need to look into Blender tutorials to do this stuff in Blender instead, Sketchup is great for straight lines but making good looking curves don't seem to be its forte.
2015/8/10 20:06:04
Quadrapeds? , Yeah, dy default you can only export creatures, which aren't very useful for Muvizu. There is something called Sporehack that can be used to get buildings and vehicles out but I haven't tried that yet. My recent interest in Muvizu came from seeing my son play Spore and thinking that it was really cool, and was crying out for an animation app that would let people create creatures, characters, and sets very easily. Muvizu +Spore creation tools would be a match made in heaven. I hope the Muvizu developers take a look at the game. It is quite impressive, and not very hardware intensive either. My son runs it on a 3 year old cheap laptop with all settings on high without a hiccup. The models it creates are really well optimized but look great, and very comparable with the Muvizu world.
2015/8/10 18:53:31
Dog really needs new muzzle and new tail Yeah it really wasn't that hard One question I have, how can I get the output from Sketchup to have the same look with the sort of reflections in the native characters? Adding anything from Sketchup to the characters without matching their style is gonna be pretty apparent onscreen. This was my last attempt at a tail last night, you can see the polygons and it just has a more flat look compared to the dog. Still, it does look more like a wolf now so that's some progress

2015/8/10 18:48:52
Quadrapeds? Yeah Danimal, that's me. BTW, I used the Autodesk FXB Converter app to go from DAE to FBX, I use it for Sketchup too. It kept the rigging I guess with the Spore outputs and so wouldn't import into Muvizu. If it could, rigging and all, that would be fantastic. But I'd love the Muvizu developers to have a look at it, maybe they could get some inspiration on creating a character creator from it. Quadrapeds, birds, fish, and other creatures are what is really lacking in Muvizu, you can only do so much modifying that dog
2015/8/10 11:45:54
Dog really needs new muzzle and new tail OK, well, I kinda have it figured out, I at least have something sticking out of the right end of the wolf, I still need to figure out what exactly goes where in the original so I don't have to mess about rotating it etc in Muvizu, but I'll work on that and making a real tail tomorrow. Anyhow, I'm on the road to learning Muzizu and I'm getting it slowly I don't know if there is a way to sharpen the teeth, I'll try that tomorrow. Is there some transparency mask color for these skins?

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2015/8/10 10:02:35
Dog really needs new muzzle and new tail MrDrWho13 wrote:
With Muvizu play+ you could import a tail in ase format from Google sketch up.

I have Play+ and Sketchup is also installed, Blender too, I made my first prop last night in Sketchup, some little series about a bus stop/train stop/trolley stop or something.

What size would it have to be, how do you define where the rear attaches, etc? I think I could figure it out with a few pointers.
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2015/8/10 6:29:06
Create fog? I tried using a background with transparent PNGs, and animating it, but pixels don't show transparency from the clouds, only blank areas are transparent, so they don't have that foggy look, nor do they have the blurred edges from my originals. The end result isn't horrible, just not what I was looking for. I could render this in another animation app and use Muvizu's wonderful new layers output option and compose it in a video editor, just I am wondering if I am missing anything fog-wise from what Muvizu offers currently.
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2015/8/10 5:22:50
Dog really needs new muzzle and new tail I want to make a big bad wolf character and without a bushy tail it is hard to pull off. How do you create new character appendages? Is there any sort of 3d template for these?
2015/8/10 0:44:47
Low consumtion Graphic Card Recomandations I recently got a GTX 750 with a fan (not Ti I'm afraid) and it is very quiet, it doesn't add any noticeable sound to my system.
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2015/8/10 0:29:17
Question about FXB import Thanks for clarifying.
2015/8/9 3:47:52
Question about FXB import Most FXBs work fine, if they will import, but a Collada>FXB conversion from Autodesk FXB converter gave me the interesting error "The feature you are trying to use is not licensed for this version of Muvizu." Since I have Play+, and this is a conversion of (I think) a rigged character, could there be some underlying feature that exists in Muvizu that is disabled? Just wondering.
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2015/8/8 21:10:04
Eye blink in eye control panel MrDrWho13 wrote:
braj wrote:
I thought you meant in the 'edit' view 'expressiveness' setting. Turning that down helps get rid of the over-enthusiastic smile while laying down at least

I think this is what he's referring to.

Actually he did mean the 'direct>character properties' but I wasn't seeing it, I went into Prepare and selected the character Anne I was working with, then Anne as the attachment, and under Track selected Expressive, and set Animation to Animate, now I have a slider to move during animation. Sorry, this just wasn't clear to me, now I see there is a bit more user accessible animation possible. This also shows me you can animate if a character is visible or not as well, or make a character turn green or whatever
2015/8/8 20:48:46
Eye blink in eye control panel fazz68 wrote:
you can animate the expressive nature of the face (ie the mouth) in direct character properties.

So can you animate that, it seems to be a static setting, I would like the character to go from neutral to a smile, I can turn it down to nothing but am not sure how to get it back smiling
Ah, I see you meant the frunction "direct character properties' I still don't see any way to animate the mouth there though. I thought you meant in the 'edit' view 'expressiveness' setting. Turning that down helps get rid of the over-enthusiastic smile while laying down at least
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2015/8/8 20:21:40
Eye blink in eye control panel Is there a way to make a character smile or frown without a more complex action? I want a character laying oin her back in bed, thinking, and then go from smile, or neutral, to frown. Being able to control the mouth independently, even if for just these three states, would be really great.
2015/8/8 20:19:37
Eye blink in eye control panel Well, I was able to successfully figure out how to control the eyes, looking from one side, down while blinking, and then up with a head turn. I guess the key was disabling character blinking, and not worrying when recording about timing, and moving the blocks in the timeline after the fact. One more question/suggestion: it would be cool to be able to copy staged actions as custom actions for reuse, is there any way to do this currently? Also, is there any way to delete unused action bits from the timeline without resetting the whole timeline? Right now I am moving what I don't need to the left, but in a longer scene this could get bothersome.
2015/8/8 19:50:03
Eye blink in eye control panel Yeah, this morning with some clarity I saw that slider, it doesn't quite do blinks, and recording it is tricky, but it is almost there, and definitely gets the squints in. I wish there were something similar for mouth shapes. It would be nice to have the option to use the non-extended number keys for triggering actions as well.
2015/8/8 10:48:13
Coming Soon... fazz68, how do you get your characters to lay down like in your beach scene? And I gotta say, your work is inspiring!

(derp, found the poses under poses. )

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2015/8/8 8:35:14
Eye blink in eye control panel I would love if you could include a manual blink button that you could hold down to close eyes fully, and maybe a second button for a squint. Many times I'm finding I want a blink with a head turn, but right now I'm not sure how to accomplish that. Since you have these panel open while otherwise animating the eyes, it seems a link button would naturally live in that same window.

It would be cool if in the character action dialog to had three extra buttons for closing the mouth, maybe sticking out the tongue, and doing an "oo" animation that is so common when reacting to other character's actions.

Sorry, I'm a new user so I definitely haven't figured the whole app out, I use Anime Studio Pro for 2d animations, I am really stoked to have an easy to use environment for starting on3d animation, I love the headturn and eye controls, and would love to see more manual controls as the app develops. Being able to launch actions with hotkeys would really be great too. I am using a keyboard without an extended keypad, so maybe that is there, it certainly would be useful.

Anyhow, I have lots of requests mostly because there is so much potential to be leveraged, it is a really interesting way to get into animation, especially for those that don't have energy to figure out meshes a whatnot. Oh, it would also be cool to be able to add on different body weights, like the breast chest pieces, but I'm thinking different muscle tones, fat suits, pregnancy prosthetics, etc. Ok, I'll shut up now.
2015/8/8 6:14:22
Coming Soon... fazz68 wrote:
braj wrote:
For Objects there are settings for 'Floats in the air' and 'keep upright' if only those could be included for the characters. Right now I think the best you can get is a camera roll sideways, and export as a layer, add the sky flying by in another channel in a video editor, but the cape, and the feet, are still problems. If you could only make characters stand on their tip toes, and include a fan prop like you mentioned, it would be enough.

as he is using the hero character he could just use the flying action.

Oh man, I totally missed that whole section of the actions. Well that solves it then.

One issue I'm having in the cape doesn't drape properly, it gets bunched up around the character's shoulders a lot of the time. The suggestion about a wind machine prop would still be really useful.
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