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2015/8/8 5:45:07
Coming Soon... For Objects there are settings for 'Floats in the air' and 'keep upright' if only those could be included for the characters. Right now I think the best you can get is a camera roll sideways, and export as a layer, add the sky flying by in another channel in a video editor, but the cape, and the feet, are still problems. If you could only make characters stand on their tip toes, and include a fan prop like you mentioned, it would be enough.
2015/8/8 4:17:16
Coming Soon... It seems with Superman you'll need the always-present flying scene. How will you handle that? I do wish it were possible to pose characters manually. I was thinking if the developer doesn't want to include that sort of thing in Muvizu, possible they could make available whatever interface or code they use in creating the animation as an external application, use at your own risk or whatever wouldn't matter. Just something to go a little deeper than the default. I'm a total noob with this app so O don't know where they stand on issues like that. I can understand the arguments against it, but allowing it seems like they could capture more serious animator's interests.
2015/8/8 0:50:38
Quadrapeds? Oh, and BTW, I just bought Muvizu yesterday, thanks for lowering the price to where I could afford it, I love the recent changes and really am looking forward to working with keyframes. And I know this might go against the product design philosophy about directing vs animating, but allowing us to define phonemes with keyframes would be wonderful.
2015/8/7 23:13:50
Quadrapeds? I'm just wondering if there is any chance of seeing quadrapeds in Muvizu in the future. Also, while I'm at it, has anyone ever played Spore? My kid loves it and it has a very cool creature creation feature, as well as buildings, vehicles and other items. Something like that would be an incredible addition to Muvizu. You can export the characters as Collada files, it would be really cool if Muvizu could import them. It is an older game but available on Steam, and the creature creator is really what is most interesting about it.
2015/8/7 22:29:31
how do I make an object or character disappear? With the new layer rendering option, you can render one character in a scene on its own layer, then in your video editor selectively make that clip visible as you need.

I was confused how this is done, but you just need to create your necessary layers in the Layers window, set the render to TARGA and you get two or more stems to work with for compositing. Oh, and in your video editor, you need to have the solo character clip enable the alpha channel in black.

One thing I need explained is how to use the depth pass option.
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2015/8/7 21:01:43
Update my copy of Play+ ukBerty wrote:
Save all your characters as favourites. Then create a new set and import all the characters. Save this set as "Characters.set" or something.

Then when you re-install Muvizu you can load this set and save then all as favourites again.

I hope some improvement to this is in the works, it would be best to have the app update over the older version with everything in place. I just updated and am glad I just got started with the app so I didn't have to try and remember everything to back up
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