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2016/3/7 2:38:03
Use Mandy for animal heads And I freaking love Muvizu's lighting system. I wish Poser's was as nice at getting good results fast.

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2016/3/7 2:36:32
Use Mandy for animal heads Oh yeah, I have a ton of stuff for Poser, that's not problem. And something just for perspective: I bought an add-on for terrain creation in Poser, it is really nice and all, but it isn't real time. You have to render it with the better Firefly setting to get any real good results. After playing with that for the afternoon, I went into Blender, used their terrain mesh tool, made a mountain range, textured and imported into Muvizu and got nice results that work in real time. So it isn't like I don't see daily how cool the software is. Just I know even the most basic user wants a biped cow or whatever. It is specifically these people I'm thinking about, not the guys that will fix it up in Hitfilm.
2016/3/6 23:33:40
Use Mandy for animal heads Yeah, I'm spending my time in Poser a lot, I'm about to buy add-ons for it instead of Muvizu. The closed nature of all content development beyond static props IMO is what is limiting the audience for Muvizu. It really needs an injection of energy. Blow the doors off, I say.
2016/3/6 22:42:57
Use Mandy for animal heads Yeah, I understood, it wasn't a knock on the cow, just he has skinny legs, which is cute. Regarding the engine supporting it, I can't imagine it can't support it, now if it is simple or a lot of work is a different story. What I think is critical though for Muvizu's success and I really hope the developers can recognize this is expanding the people involved that have access to creating new characters and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. The world is moving fast, and lots of competition is coming in this market, like Source Filmmaker, some are powerful and free. If Muvizu is awesome, but it definitely needs more content, most users are never going to go to Poser etc to make anything more, the whole point is simplicity. But as my son pointed out, no bipeds wouldn't make little kids happy. They'll want a pig, no pig. How about a horse? No horse. It is one thing to have a nice barn but with no animals it is kinda pointless. Stuff like that. Even very limited animals would be better than nothing, a horse with a real attached and turning head that stretched polys correctly, even if it couldn't move, would be a big +. As an aspiring animator I get that animal walk cycles are a huge challenge, but something addressing what the kids are going to ask for seems really necessary. My head trick is a bad work around, it is something but when looking at what is possible just in video games, I think the kids are more sophisticated than us old farts and won't be too impressed with our work arounds.
2016/3/6 21:45:47
Use Mandy for animal heads That cow has some skinny legs!
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2016/3/5 8:23:43
Use Mandy for animal heads You can do the opposite, and put a half-human figure on a static prop.

I later added the legs as an instrument, the character's only attachment I think, and it works great even for walking, all things considered. I'm definitely using this.

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2016/3/5 7:59:15
Use Mandy for animal heads Mandy or the other newer characters let you deselect most body parts related to them, allowing you to get only the head remaining, which you can then add a new object to. I created this Koba creature, he can't run around onscreen, but I can move his head. I have a fully animated walk cycle with the cart that I'll compose with the wizard for a scene or two to show some movement, but I'll be trying to use this method when and where I can. You can see how my method wouldn't have worked with the stick figure since his body would still be visible. I think it looks acceptable.

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2016/3/4 5:07:17
Experiment in motion tracking using Hitfilm OK, I'm officially in love. Even with out any addons, the fire and rain/drips and masks and stuff makes it incredibly awesome. Which addon packs are crucial?
2016/3/4 2:34:49
Experiment in motion tracking using Hitfilm I'm getting 'file error' when I try and import the image folders with sequences inside.
EDIT: Nevermind, figured it out, there was a non-png in the directory I didn't see before.
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2016/3/3 22:24:00
Experiment in motion tracking using Hitfilm Ah thanks, I'll reinstall it then and see how I like it. What are the big benefits over Move Studio. I barery know anything about it at all.
2016/3/3 19:27:36
Experiment in motion tracking using Hitfilm That looks fantastic. I downloaded the free version of HitFilm but it wouldn't accept image sequences, so I went back to Sony Movie Studio, which works well for me. But is there a way to do this same sort of thing in that? Can you share how this was made? I have a dragon I need to integrate into Muvizu. Thanks!

(Well, I can do it manually with keyframes, was this manual?)
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2016/3/3 19:24:55
ASE plugin And I got it to work, I disabled everything except Use Submaterials and Allow Multiple Materials. I couldn't get two materials to show until enabling 'Use Submaterials.' Anyhow, thanks for this, it gives me more flexibility.
2016/3/3 19:10:33
ASE plugin Blender is actually not very hard, as easy as Sketchup IMO, just watch a video or two on setting up materials and textures. IMO after using a bunch of software, Blender actually can be more intuitive once you get the hang of things. FWIW I use a mod called Sensei Format that makes it more manageable for me. The dev for that has a whole series of clear videos on how to use Blender while running the mod, it is top notch IMO, and free.

I still need to figure out ASE export when I have a chance.
2016/3/3 10:54:08
Image sequences as backdrop animations please I would like to be able to use image sequences for backdrop animations, I am working mostly in image sequences and it seems the easiest way to support transparencies IMO, and now Muvizu exports image sequences too, it would be especially useful for grabbing layers from Muvizu and reusing them real time as effects in a set, like for crowds and large backgrounds.
2016/3/3 6:17:26
A good Muvizu werewolf? I don't think I technically can share it, I started with a commercial model then altered it, but the texture is still from that model, and the hands are unchanged, I just grabbed and repurposed them. But as I learn I'll try and make something available I made from scratch.

I am going to try and make some things I can share, with my own textures, I just need to find the energy, I want to get some momentum on the little fantasy thing, that's why I decided to forgo using Poser for animating the werewolf, and now I feel encouraged to make some goblins or something, trolls under a bridge perhaps. I have the process down now, just import a screenshot of the needed character into Blender and start sculpting, and get the eyes to fit well. And now I understand hands too, I hadn't tried that but I can probably quickly make some insectoid props and stuff of I could share. I want to be a good citizen here :0 and see Muvizu thrive, so again, when I get a chance I'll be doing some original stuff, hopefully ok quality.Blender is really good for this I'm finding.
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2016/3/3 5:12:16
A good Muvizu werewolf? And I got claws. The hands don't animate, but they are claws. The werewolf is going back to being a more minor character among many now that the animation won't be the biggest thing in the flick. I'll think about making him feet tomorrow, though maybe his feet are fine, I don't know how that would work with walk cycles. But anyhow, another project for another day. Muvizu is so fun.

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2016/3/3 4:14:40
A good Muvizu werewolf? OK, so after much though and a lot of practice animations in Poser, I have determined the cost/time analysis :P is that it will take exponentially longer to try and animate the wolf character though the scenes I want. I gave a better go at the wolf and tried to make the head fit Beefy better, I think the results are getting near sufficient, and the time I will save in production will be enormous.

One thing that would be cool to see is what Anime Studio calls 'switch layers'. These are basically a folder with assets that has a switch, so you can move between assets and create an animation, it would make a opening/closing mouth possible, even two items that you could switch between as necessary would be enough to get the effects I want in one scene without having to change characters. Changing the head pieces are harder than just saving off a favorite character and using the two characters together, that's what I'll be doing anyhow. Now I need to figure out how to give him claws. I don't see that there are any way to do that except a simple texture with paint for nails, but it should look ok. If anyone has any suggestions... if Muvizu people are listening, claws for Beefy would be great.

2016/3/2 23:26:54
Need help with a bathroom scene.... Looks good to me!
2016/3/2 21:43:20
ASE plugin Is collision the same as when using FBX? You use the UCX_ prefix?
2016/3/2 19:25:46
ASE plugin In Blender 2.76 I'm still getting py script errors.
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