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2016/2/25 19:34:55
360 feature MrDrWho13 wrote:
braj wrote:
OK. I'm just wondering if it has any utility in a scene, I guess you would need a video editor that supports 360 video. I imagine it is or will be possible. I'm using Sony Movie Studio 11, but I have heard a lot of talk about HitFilm, there is a free version and you can buy only the items you want, kinda like Muvizu I guess

I was wondering how I would be able to render 360 video in movie studio 11, but I assume you could just edit it as 2D video then let youtube do the difficult bit.

Here's a short tutorial, it looks like you just need to use a utility to insert the metadata after editing:

2016/2/25 19:27:39
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs I would try reinstalling to a different directory. MAny of these sorts of errors are from file path problems from my experience.
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2016/2/25 19:24:40
360 feature OK. I'm just wondering if it has any utility in a scene, I guess you would need a video editor that supports 360 video. I imagine it is or will be possible. I'm using Sony Movie Studio 11, but I have heard a lot of talk about HitFilm, there is a free version and you can buy only the items you want, kinda like Muvizu I guess
2016/2/25 19:21:51
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs The installer says this is for Win7 and above only, can that be the issue?
2016/2/25 19:20:37
Feb 2016 release feedback/bugs My broken project from the other day (after recording audio) can open again. That's huge. And the floating items after relaunch at least seem minimized, I don't know it that is my imagination, but the same scene that I had to go through and touch each item to get it to drop to the floor now only had one item that did that, a fern pot right next to another fern pot under a tent. So I'm pretty happy.
2016/2/25 19:17:03
360 feature I haven't bought this yet, I'm overextended for even a $7 purchase right now, but soon... I'll definitely get it.

I am wondering about the applications for this. It creates YouTube videos only, or are they useful for animating in general? Is there any way to use these in a video editor with your other clips? It sounds like a fun feature even if only for YouTube, but I'm hoping it can do more.
2016/2/25 19:09:53
Floating items after loading scene? This looks like it may be fixed in the 1.7 version
2016/2/25 19:08:56
2016.01.15 Bugs On 1.7 so far I can open my project that broke and wouldn't load the other day, and so far I don't see the issue with items hovering in the air after loading a scene.
2016/2/25 18:46:55
Recovering from missing file issues? I just wanted to mention that I got my scene back after the 1.7 update! Yipee! Though I'm not going to use it. But still, now I can go on with some confidence that the issue has been resolved.
2016/2/25 11:18:06
Recovering from missing file issues? Is this a 1.6 issue? I did not notice any issues with the build until this. Definitely a fix is sorely needed then.
2016/2/24 19:24:37
Floating items after loading scene? ANd after saving my ASP file, I loaded it up in Poser and the animations were there! I'm so dang happy! This is perfect.
2016/2/24 19:05:34
Floating items after loading scene? Well, I have the latest 11.2? but FBX export from ASP to Muvizu is not great, you can't resize anything from what I can tell, and making backgrounds with Muvizu's backdrops and transparent PNGs gives you two sides (necessary for seeing your stuff from all angles) that can be resized and illuminated. I haven't even looked into making them with collision from within ASP, I guess that would be possible, it would just be easier to make a plane in Blender and have way more control over the output if I need FBX. But ASP is excellent at making 2d images with transparency that can be inserted as backdrop items. The big issue with using backdrops is they can get stuck at the edges of the skydome because of clipping, so they can never be too far in the distance.

What I wish was better in ASP is the Poser functionality, I would LOVE to use ASP's keyframing system, and onion skins, with Poser scenes, it works really well, but it's big failing is lighting, you can't alter it in ASP so you can get very limited results. Otherwise I would be all over it, it is so superior to how Poser internally handles animation. I do hope this eventually gets addressed in ASP because making sets and animating Poser characters in them could be very powerful. I just don't see this as a priority for the devs though. If more lighting options were possible, I'd be going the other direction with Muvizu and build my sets in ASP. But for 2D animators a fancy 3D lighting system I guess isn't a priority, but it would enhance the whole app.

What I'm doing now is creating skydomes with appropriate horizons, because of the resolution limitations it doesn't look that sharp, but with a couple extra items between them and the main scene, it looks fine for Muvizu. I am making this way more involved than it needs to be, I need a boss to set priorities and make deadlines otherwise I end up geeking out way too much

Here's my current scene, with a mixture of 3d, 2d and skydome trees. A couple sets of 2d trees in front of the skydome in the distance look 3d, and change perspective appropriately unless looking at them from a bad angle. The main issue really is the edge of the skydome, you can always tell you are in a limited bubble of a world, so I'm going to have to frame scenes to avoid this being so obvious.

2016/2/24 7:46:38
Recovering from missing file issues? I didn't do any head or character movement yet that I recall Anyhow, it is a good lesson learned, and I'm breaking my sets up smaller, my world will be bigger in the process anyhow. I can make composites for whatever grand vistas I imagine.
2016/2/24 4:20:19
Floating items after loading scene? Does anyone have a solution to floating items after loading an existing project? It appears to be a collision issue, besides not putting items close together, I don't know what to do. Turning off 'stand...' doesn't help. I was hoping to get a dense 3d forest going on. For now I'll make a bunch of trees and then render it as a TARGA slide and import it back in for a background, but that's all I have for a solution. just I'll lose some of the 3d goodness that way, especially how it is affected by shadows.
2016/2/24 4:18:48
Recovering from missing file issues? I have a scene that an audio file is corrupt in apparently, it is the last thing I did in the scene and now it won't load. Is there a way to recover from this? I will start making master and work sets from now on but it would be kind of nice to get this back. It was too big though, and my next sets will break up the world into smaller bits.
2016/2/23 20:25:25
A good Muvizu werewolf? Yeah, all of that What is especially cool is that I can import AVI files so I can put the actual animated scene right next to my model while working, that is going to make the integration a lot nicer. I'm really loving Poser right now. I'm going to try and update to the pro version when I can, I was thinking of getting iClone but the cost to get to the point where I'm at in Muvizu alone would be more than I can afford, I'm disabled and have very limited means. I think iClone would be great eventually, or something else at that time perhaps, but for right now this pipeline of Muvizu>Poser>Sony Movie Studio seems pretty great. If anyone is interested I saw the version 9 standard that I have online for $30 the other day, it can be had cheap here and there. I think the rendering in that version works well enough with Muvizu, you can adjust the shaders etc so it is flexible. It has Collada export (no armature though) so if you find Poser models you like, you can easily export and convert them to FBX in Blender.
2016/2/22 10:22:10
Star wars The Emperor PatMarrNC wrote:
braj wrote:
Any chance seeing him speak?

here are links to two shorts Clayster has made with the emperor character talking:
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Yeah, I watched that with my son tonight, great job Clayster! Where was the shock effect added?
2016/2/22 10:19:36
A good Muvizu werewolf? And I did my first little screen test tonight, nothing special, just the wolfy walking across a Muvizu set, so I know I need to work carefully to get the lighting right, and I am so thrilled Muvizu outputs TARGA layers That will make all the difference making this believable. I FINALLY after years of owning Poser but barely using it now know how to use the walk designer, it is stupid easy, so getting the character in Muvizu sets now will be easy. I'm so excited Now I really need to work on the script, no more excuses. The wolf is going to have way more of a prominent role now, before I was going to hide Beefy in the shadows so he didn't look too awful, now the wolf can shine. I better get some sleep now.
2016/2/21 23:28:08
Star wars The Emperor Any chance seeing him speak?
2016/2/21 22:18:38
Edit DefaultEngine.ini? I am willing to pay more for a more powerful version.
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