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2016/2/21 22:17:50
Edit DefaultEngine.ini? Sure. But in case they are listening, I would love a special developer version that opens it up a bit more, lets us make custom animations, even for some to sell them in the store etc. I look at the market and what seems to drive most companies is selling content, and Muvizu just doesn't have much yet for sale (I gave them as much money so far as I could!) and opening it up to more user-based content that really goes somewhere (not just a new hat) would be really wonderful, and IMO better for their business. Just saying I want to see Muvizu as successful as possible, and that IMO is going to require more content. Did I mention I want a dragon?
2016/2/21 21:48:31
Edit DefaultEngine.ini? And actually I recall them directing someone to edit an INI file for something, keybindings maybe, so I don't know that they would be upset.
2016/2/21 21:43:22
Edit DefaultEngine.ini? Yeah, I considered that, but I think ini files open to the user should be ok. Anyhow, I'll stop just to be safe, though taking my license away would be a bit much. I'd have to say 'screw you guys' loudly if that happened.
2016/2/21 20:23:17
Edit DefaultEngine.ini? Yeah, I am hoping some magical setting that will allow armature imports or something amazing pops up, lol. But anyhow, I backed up the file just in case I break something.
2016/2/21 18:32:40
A good Muvizu werewolf? PatMarrNC wrote:
Looks kinda like the werewolf breeder neglected to have this one neutered.... ;-)

Haha, yeah, that is supposed to cover his privates, not look like his privates. Luckily that was removable. It doesn't look as bad in 'person' though
2016/2/21 11:46:45
Edit DefaultEngine.ini? It looks like you are able to determine a lot of settings here that you can't otherwise, maybe change the max resolution on something like the skydome. I dunno. Has anyone delved into these? Typically, gamers are all over stuff like this.
2016/2/21 7:55:42
A good Muvizu werewolf? Lol, yeah. And I have an extra castle for him too I think, so he'll be a 'lost knight' or something, everyone tries to find him but they only hear him howl. I'll have to work hard to get the integration to look OK.
2016/2/21 5:51:03
A good Muvizu werewolf? Well, this is what I went with, it is not fancy, but it looks enough like Muvizu for me. You can't take off his armor though. I was able to get the Wolverine things off though, that's really good. I guess I have to make the werewolf a knight.

2016/2/21 3:57:17
A good Muvizu werewolf? ok, so I am looking for a good werewolf, my options are continuing to make Beefy a werewolf, which has definite limitations, I can't exactly make him growl and sneer, which is a lot of the fun. Since he will be a bit in the shadows anyhow, I am thinking of using Poser to animate limited wolfy bits. But my problem is most models I can find are very realistic sorts of things, does anyone know where to find models for 3d apps that look somewhat like Muvizu's characters? I'm using Blender and Poser, I think I prefer Poser for this sort of thing though. I'm happy to pay a modest sum for the model.
2016/2/20 23:37:05
drop shadow effects in Sony Movie Studio? And I think I found it, though it doesn't really cover what I thought it did, it still relies on having an actual shadow to work with. I guess I'll make do with the simple '2d shadow' in SMS, it will be ok.
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2016/2/20 23:32:27
drop shadow effects in Sony Movie Studio? I recall a video posted somewhere here showing how to use Sony Movie Studio to add drop shadows to a Muvizu layer that needs it, I actually need to add the shadow to a clip from Poser but the same issue exists. Poser doesn't want to render out the shadow so I have to add it manually. Any help?
2016/2/20 9:54:05
GarmJoshi A music Video Nice! I don't understand a word of it though.
2016/2/19 21:00:32
Moving water like in the Chinese History pack? So, after hearing back from Muvizu and realizing it isn't possible for users to add these animated textures, I got creative and made a riverbank cap to cover the masonry blocks. I will try and make some to cover all the river peices, and that should at least cover rivers and streams nicely, I hope Muvizu releases a plain ground tile of this, which would be great for tiling into an ocean. So, it may be a little bit of work, but the results are pretty good
2016/2/19 3:34:10
Moscow Assets That's gr8t!
2016/2/18 20:12:10
Muvizu in schools I see they have a big push right now to get Muvizu into schools, I want to try and get something going at my kid's school maybe next year. I need to talk to the principle and the after school counselor and see if they have a machine that will run it well, then I'll buy a copy of Muvizu and all the expansions available. I don't want to run the thing myself, but I can help them get going and I think it would be really cool if little kids made stories that older kids animated, something like that. It is a very small school, it would be basically the whole community.

I recall seeing an education site for Muvizu recently, but I can't find the link now.

You can point your local schools to this site for big discounts:
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2016/2/18 20:05:53
Animatable pivot for all characters Thanks, I hope Muvizu thinks so too, and that it is do-able.
2016/2/18 20:01:54
Slow motion playback There is the pinned, closed thread about half-speed recording, but I wanted to add a request for slow-motion playback, basically just upping the FPS dramatically, to a user setting, and render out a segment with way more frames. Maybe just a selection of settings if that is easier. It would also helping match Muvizu to other animation programs, and just get more overall control. Double speed in Muvizu could also be possible. So my request isn't just for recording, but playback too. What would be astoundingly cool is separate speed for each character or object, and a global speed that adjusts all relatively.
2016/2/18 9:03:08
Shadow sharpness and performance Yeah, my mind is sorta on the guy that thinks Muvizu doesn't run well on their system, maybe they set sharp shadows and got the wrong impression overall. I was shocked it how drastic it was, I thought even that the scattered shadows were more complex but maybe not. Anyhow, Muvizu is so rocking over here, it is a champ. I only need really sharp shadows occasionally.
2016/2/18 5:45:30
Animatable pivot for all characters Feature request to the dev team: I'm just wondering if there is any way to add an adjustable pivot point for each character, where the walk cycle would just change to the height and angle of the character to what the user sets. It would allow animations to bend over, or bend back, or to the side. It could be fairly limited to the angles allowed, but it would be a big help to include something. It would be really great if that could also be keyframed. The center of gravity is one of the biggests factors in an individual's animated style from my experience, if the user was allowed that one extra setting, the variety of characters you could animate (not just models you can skin) would be dramatically increased. Since it makes sense for all the characters to share basic animations, allowing the pivot point would let you add variety on top of what already exists to get exponentially more variety, make men strut and women sway, some lean forward when walking, some lean back. You could really do a lot with the available animations and keyframed camera movement to really bring your characters to life. And I think a speed setting beyond walk and run for walk cycles would be great. I really want some animation for a character walking with a cane and also a wizard walking with a stick like Gandalf. Old people animations too. Ok, maybe I'm including too much in one post, but I am just so excited about Muvizu Thanks for listening.
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2016/2/18 3:36:56
Shadow sharpness and performance So, I am creating a very large and populated set, just to see how much I can put in before it crawls and also getting my assets and ideas together in a master set, and it was performing very well until I adjusted the shadow sharpness to a high setting. I have a ton of trees, buildings and people in it as it is, with smoke on every building. I just wanted to mention this in case anyone has performance issues, but doesn't want to turn lighting completely off while working, pulling down the shadow sharpness might help a lot. I probably am still at 60 FPS now, but it drops dramatically to something like 10 with sharp shadows, even when switching the shadows to simple, the slider under advanced actually still needs to be adjusted. Anyhow, I'm kind of amazed how much Muvizu is able to handle with apparent ease on my system as long as I avoid the sharpest shadows. It is almost like a performance slider for me.
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