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2013/4/14 22:00:07
3D Model I"m pretty sure I do. Thank you.
2013/4/14 21:54:11
3D Model 2010 I believe.
2013/4/14 21:51:49
3D Model Yes actually. Just like that.
2013/4/14 21:44:05
3D Model It's pretty much like a giant ipad with apps that the people dining can use.
2013/4/14 21:40:02
3D Model Um..I've played around with it a little.
2013/4/14 21:37:21
3D Model I have several.

Photoshop, Sai, Gimp, Paint.NET, Corel.
2013/4/14 21:33:52
3D Model I don't have Microsoft powerpoint, but he does. My computer is new and right now I don't have money to get Microsoft Office.

I have a week to get it done, but it would be better to get it done in 3-4 days to be on the safe side.
2013/4/14 21:24:39
3D Model Basically, my stepdad is doing a school project for a marketing class where they are supposed to create something that can be used widespread and useful. His idea is to take the tables that are used in restaurants and make the table top one big touch screen. The tables would fit four people and while each person would be able to control their section of the touch screen, it could also be used as one big screen as well. Like, separated into four sections so everyone can look at their menus, pay for themselves, do their own thing but at the same time it could be used as a giant touch pad where they could play games with each other and such.

He wants me to make a 3D model of something like this and be able to rotate and zoom and show what it would look like, however I'm not sure how to do that with Muvizu and if it's even possible.
2013/4/14 20:43:25
3D Model My step-father has asked me to help him with a school assignment in which he needs to create a diagram/3D model of a table in which the table top is like a giant iPad and is able to be used as 4 separate ipads as well--all within the same screen. Is there any way I can do that using Muvizu or am I going to need to find a different software. If it is possible, could someone help me? If not, what program would you recommend?
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