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2014/2/16 13:26:54
Wooden Eye - my first Muvizu movie Finally finished my project! You can view the result here

2014/2/8 16:15:18
Muvizu MAJOR Flaw I attempted my first real project other than playing with Muvizu features this week. I have encountered a MAJOR flaw. After creating my full audio track with sound effects and dialogue in Audacity, I started the animation process. I had my character perform several actions and through out the process everything worked fine. Until, I wanted to animate my character moving. I animated movement of the character to go open the door. When I first played the animation using the timeline, it was fine. However, the second time I tried to play the animation, the character stood still when he should have been moving. Only after closing the program and reopening it would the character move again. And then he only moved the first time the animation was played, but not the second time. No matter how many times I replay the character never moves during the movement cue. This makes Muvizu completely useless!
Am I the only one with this issue? If so, can someone please help me correct the problem. If not, why would anyone fool with this software or heavens forbid, pay for it?
2014/2/7 19:06:47
Character stops moving Not only do my characters stop following previous movement directions after I try to adjust them, they also stop if I add other actions, or movements. This makes Muvizu near useless! Can't something be done?
2013/6/6 23:23:00
Icons B/W after update Am I going crazy? I looked back at the tutorials. I thought I would see that the icons on the pull down menus were in color. To my surprise they were B/W. I could have promised you mine use to be in color. Oh well.
2013/6/5 1:35:52
Export a texture to modify it I would like to export a texture to make changes to it. Example, I want to use the Muvizu texture for Striped Wallpaper, open it in Photoshop, make an area transparent, then bring it back into Muvizu and put an opening door over the transparent area. I have been able to do it with my own textures, but not the ones included with Muvizu.
2013/6/5 1:24:44
Icons B/W after update I am not talking about the desktop icon for launching Muvizu, I mean the icons on the drop down menus within the program.
2013/6/2 4:45:39
Icons B/W after update I finally allowed Muvizu to do the update it has bugged me about for so long. Now all my icons are black and white. How can I get my color icons back? Not a huge issue, but I don't like change where it is not needed!
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