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2024/5/27 17:43:06
Do favourites depend on sets? Thanks to the Muvizu community, I got many great sets. I am habitual to save any object from a set as favourite, if I think it might be needed in the future. My question is, if I delete a set, will the favourite that I saved from that set still open without any problems? Does the .fav file contains all the data. For example, if a fav character has an ase attachment, in my experience, it opens even if the original set and/or the .ase file is deleted.
2024/5/25 21:11:28
W2 error first time I tried to run Wow. At least they're willing to help.
2024/3/25 21:55:48
licence key not working You should contact Meshmellow. Digimania sold the app to them.
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