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2013/7/2 18:15:08
Muvizu Makers wanted for band videos toonarama wrote:
Calling all Muvizuers

You may or may not know that I did a video for UK band "Crashed Out".

Thankfully they liked it and want to know if I would consider doing any others.

Unfortunately I am not going to have the time at the moment due to other commitments so I said i would ask if anybody else was interested.

So, if anybody fancies a crack at doing a music video please reply on this thread and I will send you the contact details.

They have more than one that they would like to do.


hello mick im new at this forum

im a swedish artist signed to a recordlabel in england and the deal is to have cool music videos to my songs

as i don´t have the time or the money i wonder if anyone would be interested to collab, if the label find the collab work interested and the song sell along with the video we split my 50% - 25/25

also the name of the one who has made the video so that the payment goes out to the person who is behind the work and collab with me?

please get back to my email if you or anyone you could think of would be interested?

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