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2015/3/2 19:08:23
March 2015 update bugs Thanks for fixing the "Two copies open at once" issue - much appreciated.
2015/3/2 18:29:09
March 2015 update bugs The textures missing on attached character objects is not a new thing and the way round it is a drewi describes.

However you can get the sets to retain these as some of mine do - I just can't remember what you do. It's something like re-importing all the assets and assigning textures again, then after saving it'll work. Can anyone remember ?? Ziggy ??
2015/3/2 10:19:06
FBX UDK editor stuff. EEFilmz - You can attach imported objects to characters using Play Plus. You can use FBX or ASE files.

You pick which point you wish to attach so you could create a suit of armour and attach it to his chest. After a bit (OK, hours and hours) of adjustment you could position it so it looks convincing.

The trouble is with movement - the armour will move with his chest, so his legs and arms will keep poking out of it and the whole thing will look weird.

I have one character that I have done something like this for and let's just say he's not as mobile as he used to be (in fact I've cut him out of one scene completely as he's now too much of a pain).
2015/3/1 14:14:44
The Future of Muvizu revealed! We did confirm this was March 2015 didn't we ??
2015/2/24 16:09:43
How to move Play+ to external drive/new computer? You will need to download and re-install. You will need your original license key when you bought play+ to register again, but it's all painless.
2015/2/20 16:53:31
Need a female character with long hair STAT! That won't be possible I'm afraid. You need to be able to attach imported assets to a character which is a feature of Play Plus - it's not a feature of the asset.

2015/2/18 5:12:01
Missing actions Some actions are only available for some characters. List Slow is not available for "Girl" but is for "Man".
2015/2/17 10:09:13
Need a female character with long hair STAT! There is a "long middle part" hairdo.

If you need it longer than that then you will have to import something using Muvizu Play Plus - but be warned, if you have longer than shoulder length then you will have a clipping nightmare with this character.

I would give her a haircut.
2015/2/16 16:33:35
The Future of Muvizu revealed! I still use the last but one release as the absolute latest does not allow you to run two copies of Muvizu at the same time.

Could you put in a word to allow two copies to run at the same time please - it really speeds up production as well as allowing you to "sandbox" imports that Muvizu may reject.


Pretty please.....
2015/2/11 14:16:41
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Danimal - the importing of actions is more a business model thing than anything else - it would give them something to sell on their marketplace. We all know that their current business model does not and can not work so they have to move to a radically different one or it's all over.

We haven't had any new actions for over three years now but if they spend time and effort making a load more then they will need a way to recoup that investment.

At some point someone needs to pay for something.
2015/2/10 5:42:32
The Future of Muvizu revealed! Muvizu don't "owe" us anything. They have developed a brilliant animation application at great expense. they have given this away for nothing or if you so choose you can pay a relatively small amount to get some advanced features. I would say that at the moment they are in credit !

Our frustration is not only knowing whether there is a future for the software but more that they were so close to finishing the damn thing when the plug was pulled.

I know I've said this for years, but the three steps to making the business model work:-

  • Fix a couple of bugs
  • Create a mechanism for importing actions
  • Open the Muvizu Marketplace.
Then watch the cash roll in........
No amount of £75s are going to move this thing forward.
2015/1/12 19:45:15
convert characters to objects I like your invention, but attaching the tank to the character would make it difficult to move as you would have to make the character walk. The tank would then flap about along with the body part to which it was attached.

If I were doing it I would probably greenscreen the tank and character combo and then stitch it altogether in post.

Scrolling backdrops would also work depending on the shot required.
2015/1/12 16:30:52
convert characters to objects It is not possible. What specifically were you trying to achieve - one of us may have an idea of how to do it......
2015/1/9 5:31:25
New User Here Danimal wrote:
Welcome aboard, Matt! And look at that, you managed to evoke a cryptic answer from Muvizu HQ...

Carole wrote:
As soon as we're able to share more with you we will - promise.

Secret stuff is on the horizon... Applause

Danimal - I hope you're right. We were promised "more inofrmation on a monthly basis" back in October.

Since then.......

2015/1/4 7:09:48
New User Here Hello Kapstheory.

Muvizu allows me to fulfill my movie making desires. I could have swapped to something else a couple of years ago but there's still nothing out there which will give me the results I want so quickly.

  • Are the couple of bugs annoying? - oh yes
  • Is the lack of new actions challenging? - yes
  • Have there been any significant developments for a couple of years? - no
  • Has the direction of the product over the last 4 years been, well, bewildering? - yes

However I am still really enjoying using the software are production continues.
So stick in there - the software wasn't that much money and it will be just one tool you will need as your skills grow.

They may revive the project, but you're better off thinking that it's over.

2015/1/3 7:06:30
Request - Dialogue blocks Although I don't really see the shush/talk as a major problem, we are all waiting for a missive from Muvizu HQ about the direction of the product as it hasn't moved forward for some years.

We wait and wait, but it doesn't look good.....
2014/12/24 6:09:52
Muvizu ASE exporter for Sketchup 8 Mr Monk......

A couple of us use this -

This creates an ASE which has a very small collision box at the axis origin. This means that you can build very complex sets as all the objects can touch each other, but it means that objects cannot be stood on.

On the few occasions when it is necessary for characters to stand/sit on objects then:-

  • create a ground plane
  • make it as small as possible (or the same size as the area you wish to be stood on)
  • set can be stood on/keep upright and floats in air
  • Set visibility off
This will give you much, much more control over both your set design and character/object interaction.
2014/12/23 19:48:18
What benefits will I get from buying Muvizu? With the paid for version you can attach imported objects to most of the points on the body - including the hands. You can also import FBX rather than ASE format.

Sounds great, and it is - but there will be some frustration ahead.....

  • FBX objects are only really useful for attaching to characters as there is no easy way to get rid of collision. I do use them occasionally as you can mix transparent and non-transparent sections within the same model which you cannot do with ASE. I also use FBX for body attachments as they seem to handle reversed faces better than ASE attachments.
  • When you edit a character to put something in their hand they go back to the idle position. This is the most frustrating thing about the system. Trying to position held objects is not for the impatient (or even the quite patient).
  • Attaching a cape to the shoulders of a character sounds great, but when the character is moving the cape will stay relative to the shoulders and "clipping" will occur. You have to be very careful what you attach as you may regret it.
  • Sticking a light saber is someone's hand is one thing - finding an action which looks like they are fighting with one is another.
I use Muvizu for at least a couple of hours a day and I love it, I am just warning you that the system is not perfect - but for $40 I say go for it.
Cheers and Merry Christmas
2014/12/23 9:48:21
unstable charactersr This does take some time to get your head around.

The problem is the "can be stood on" setting of the letters for "saloon" not the arcade. You can see the character standing on the "SAL".

You need to take the "can be stood on" off everything below (and even near) your character.

2014/12/23 7:01:55
unstable charactersr This does sound like a collision issue to me as well.

Make sure that "Can be stood on" is turned off for everything beneath the character and especially on "the arcade".

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