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2014/12/5 8:58:12
New Star Trek video... That is a lot of fun.

Another point of note :-

Surely "The Firm" were British, not American. They had another hit "Arthur Daley E's Alright" - I just don't think Minder was that big in the States.

Just saying.....
2014/11/10 10:10:47
Anti-Alias switch Actually, that didn't work, but did enable me to find the correct switch.

Just in case anyone else wants it, it's -forceSWAA
2014/11/10 8:43:58
Anti-Alias switch Aha - thanks - I searched but just couldn't find it.
2014/11/10 6:47:06
Anti-Alias switch Could someone remind me of the command line switch which forces software anti-alias ??

I seem to have turned it off.
2014/11/4 6:06:22
Star trek. the halloween incident. Well worth the wait. Very inventive.

Disturbingly Brilliant.
2014/10/31 6:34:07
Coming Soon... Fazz I cannot wait....
2014/10/17 11:10:54
How long does it take you? fazz68 wrote:
that is some serious time span.

It's been 3 years so far, but that includes a lot of script development. I have 12-18 months left.

The trouble is, the better I think it's getting the better I want it to be !

I should be able to show something at Christmas......
2014/10/17 2:42:58
How long does it take you? At the moment I'm running at about 2 minutes a month. I'm anticipating getting this up to 4 minutes a month early next year.

Looking at it written down is really quite depressing.
2014/10/16 15:11:37
movement issue I'm afraid you have hit a fundamental bug in the software - sometimes characters just stand there.

It seems to be triggered by editing the movement track, but we don't know why. The fix is to copy the character and do the movements again.

I always do movements before I do actions and I only rarely hit this issue - maybe that's the secret.

I know it's a pain and I'm sure Muvizu will fix it eventually.
2014/10/5 18:56:25
The Old School guy Top notch editing here. Really enjoyed it. Not my kind of musuc, but I can't get it out of my head now !
2014/10/3 13:41:02
DreamWorks competition Dreeko, you can't put an elephant in the room. You can't import characters.
2014/10/1 11:59:52
Buzzball Yes - really enjoyed this - love the start where he's just musing on his own - more of this please.
2014/9/29 16:22:18
Can Muvizu fill the gap? Toonarama -I understand the principle in iClone - I've just never seen it actually done !
2014/9/29 13:16:34
Can Muvizu fill the gap? I'm with Fazz on this one. Muvizu allows me to do everything I need except import my own animations. Everything else is bug fixes and to make things more usable.

It's true that Muvizu characters cannot act. You cannot convey anything even slightly subtle - it's all in the actor's voice over - but I have come to terms with that. However I have not seen an iClone movie where the animated characters are acting either (Cue everyone sending me links demonstrating just that very thing !)
2014/8/31 14:15:59
Muvizu Versions So I hadn't missed one... they've sneaked one out.

The only thing I could see was that if you try to open a second session then it crashes. I don't often suffer the erratic "characters won't move" problem so can't confirm if that was fixed.

If there is anyone from Muvizu out there could you let us know what was fixed in the March version please ??
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2014/8/31 9:21:49
Muvizu Versions Something strange......

Last week I reinstalled Muvizu. This is something I do occasionally as it speeds up SET load times as they gradually get slower and slower over the months. Anyway it's all gone a bit wrong.

The version I was running was MZASS-v1.2 - build 2013.10.28.01R

The version I downloaded and installed is MZASS-v1.2 - build 2014.03.19.01R

So it seems there has been a version released in March 2014 that I didn't know about (that's fair enough).

The trouble is that I can no longer start two copies of Muvizu at the same time which is really going to slow down my production.

So two questions:-

  • Does anyone remember what this 19/03/14 version fixes ?
  • What versions are others running - was it just me that missed this release?
2014/8/24 8:21:57
is it possible to animate the color skin I think you're going have to use a video editor.

Create a character decal with a red face. Shoot the scene twice, once with the decal and once without. Then slowly fade between the two with an editor.
edited by ukBerty on 24/08/2014
2014/8/17 16:18:09
Finding the right computer for Muvizu oziabla wrote:
Yeah got it, sorry. Been ultra-busy. Will have a look tomorrow.

Just in case anyone is interested Oziabla's Quadro loads my sets in around 40% of the time that it takes my 660ti. The rest of our PCs are about the same.

This proves that with Muvizu it's all about the video card, which is hardly surprising.

Thanks again Oziabla
2014/8/15 5:49:35
Finding the right computer for Muvizu oziabla wrote:
UKberty - by all means. Send me a dropbox (or similar) link.

Oziabla - I have sent a private Muvizu message with the link and details - check the inbox on your account. Let me know if you've got it as sometimes the messaging system can be erratic.
2014/8/10 10:51:50
Finding the right computer for Muvizu Oziabla,

That's interesting - I too have a 660ti like Ziggy but wondered if upgrading to something like a Qudaro might improve things. My issue is not rendering so much as loading sets. Some of my sets are 180MB+ and can take 5-10 mins to load (hence I run two versions of Muvizu at the same time - one is usually just loading something).

I've tried everything to speed it up - the 660ti, i7, 12GB RAM, SSD HDD for c:\ and often reinstalling Muvizu (this does seem to help but I'm not sure why - I have a copy of the software when it was a fresh install and I just keep replacing the Muvizu program folder with this).

Could I trouble you to do a test for me - could I send you a couple of sets for you to time how long they take to load - I can't see how else to test it - we can talk card specs but I don't know which resource Muvizu is short of.

What do you think ??
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