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2014/5/19 18:03:10
how to lip sync in the lastest version of muvizu ? You have a choice really - either separate out the characters so each track contains all the speech for one character or just have one track containing all dialogue and silence characters when not speaking. I find the second option is the quickest and suffices for me.
2014/5/19 13:31:08
Strolling Not seen this. There is a problem where characters just refuse to move at all, but this doesn't seem like it.
I would delete the movements on the timeline and then redo them using the "double click on where you want them to end up" method. That way they walk straighter.
You can always fine tune the movements so they walk next to each other.
The next issue you will have is that different character shapes have different gaits to each other. The same is true for taller and shorter characters. This is a real pain as keeping characters next to each other turns into a bit of an art.
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2014/5/14 12:37:32
import transparent png (my logo) I think the only way to do this inside of Muvizu would be to use a backdrop.
You could use green screen in a video editor though.
2014/5/12 15:52:16
How do I use background music? Oren - I would suggest you do all audio in an external video editor - that's what most of us do, it's far easier. Muvizu is not the place for this and I don't know what controls are still in there.

Just have the voices in Muvizu for lip-sync - everything else add on later.
2014/5/12 14:16:03
Dance? I would bet your character is sitting down - they need to be stood up to dance.
2014/5/6 17:49:49
Scale FBX Imported Hand Object Joe - you need to edit it outside of Muvizu and shrink it down.
2014/5/1 8:13:15
get the character to hold something Vladimir,

You can do what you want but you will need a video editor.

Set the whole thing up with both of them holding the hammer to get them in the right position for the pass. Use actions so the hammers get in the same position (good luck !). Then shoot the first bit with it visible for the right hand character and the second with it visible for the left hand character.

Then join in your video editor with a cut when the hammers are in the same position.

Hope this helps, but this is not for the feint hearted. Due to the "return to idle" issue I mentioned earlier the sequence I did using this technique probably took 3 hours to make !
2014/4/30 19:58:48
get the character to hold something Vladimir - here's the work around in theory within Muvizu Play Plus....
You get the character to hold the object and then animate the "visible" property to go invisible at a certain point.
Create the same object but not attached to the character. Animate the visible property of this to go visible at the same time.
Then animate the movement of the unattached object so that it falls just after it becomes visible.
That sounds great, but is almost impossible to do in practice as characters return to the idle position when editing the location of attached objects.
Maybe the next update will resolve this issue but until that time the whole holding objects feature is only really useful for attaching your own objects to the body (hats, glasses etc) rather than things to hands.
2014/4/29 7:03:48
What you Muvizuing at the minute? Rebel wrote:
any tips such as best format etc. would be appreciated.

1920x1280 gives you a very short clip before you hit the 2GB Windows limit. Unless all your shots are very short I would use TGA.
2014/4/29 7:02:11
Make a sitting character turn around Characters cannot turn whilst sitting.

You would have to cheat this using camera cuts so it looks like they are seated when they turn.
2014/4/27 13:43:14
Character Actions? Angry - fold arms ?

(actually it might be called arms folded - just search for "fold")
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2014/4/18 17:06:59
The Copyright people are out of control! Are we blaming YouTube unnecessarily here ?

Surely it's the copyright holders that are making YouTube block things - YouTube themselves would probably not want to bother.

There are plenty of other reasons to move from YouTube though.....
2014/4/18 9:23:14
Almost human 65Radius wrote:
The approach that you took works perfectly well, and is extremely easy to watch.

Totally agree. Muvizu is tough to use in a piece as long and as demanding as this, but Fazz has proved it can be done.

Personally I think Muvizu scores highly over the likes of the characters in Moviestorm and iClone - they are just too realistic and consequently end up looking freaky (no criticism of your work here - just the medium).

Usually animated characters look better if they are not almost human.
2014/4/18 5:47:00
Keep Getting shot down. Wow - shame I didn't watch much of the video now (text to speech is a big turn off for me). I tried Googling "Nazi Porn" to see whether I could find his video on line.

My court case comes up in June.
2014/4/11 5:27:01
Asset Creation urbanlamb wrote:
I dont want to burst to many bubbles but that error was there when they launched fbx so its been there for awhile.

Oh Urban, let us dream......
2014/4/10 15:16:20
Asset Creation fazz68 wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
Sounds like a pretty good concept.

Now they need to give us the ability to import characters/actions

well with error messages like these id say its not to far away lol

Now that is encouraging. Maybe the user asset page has been taken down to make way for the all new "Object, action and character Megastore" which will be unveiled with the next release.
2014/4/10 11:25:44
Asset Creation I totally agree Dreeko. I tried to encourage this model when we were asked our opinions just before "Pay per minute" was introduced.

I have spent considerably more on assets from elsewhere than the £75 Muvizu Play Plus costs and I would have preferred that this money had gone into Muvizu's coffers.

DAZ have it right - give the product away so you can see what you can do with it, then charge to buy assets. DAZ don't even create the assets themselves, they get others to and then split the money. Now that's a smart business model.
2014/3/19 6:12:05
Sketchup into Muvizu???? The Sketchup exporter I amended to automatically add ZiggyMesh means that all Sketchup ASE files end up being usable as the collision is so small but I have a simple script to reduce collision down to a manageable size on models produced from other modelling applications.

I have automated this by doing the following :-

Create a text file : c:\windows\addmesh.bat (depending on you OS you may need to edit as administrator)
Put the following lines in it :-

for %%c in (.\*.ase) DO copy "%%c" nocollision
for %%d in (.\nocollision\*.ase) DO type "c:\ut3\ZiggyMesh.ase" >> "%%d"

Download the ZiggyMesh.ase from here -
Rename the ZMB(collision model).ase to ZiggyMesh.ase and stick it in c:\ut3

Every folder that I have models in I create a folder underneath it called NoCollision
I then start a DOS prompt and change directory to the folder with my models in.
As I add models or edit and export them again I just keep running AddMesh from my DOS window (Up arrow to repeat last command).
This ensures that all my .ase files in the nocollision folder are up to date and have the collision removed. I then use these to import into Muvizu.

This system has probably saved me days of time editing collision boxes and is the reason I rarely use FBX models - I can't get rid of collision as fast using FBX as I can with ASE.

Hope someone finds this as useful as I do.
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2014/3/17 23:36:24
Sketchup into Muvizu???? This sounds like my territory but I don't know why it's white....
Is there a reason you didn't just export as an ASE from 3DS ? The 3DS export seems to include the textures with it whereas the Sketchup does not and you have to apply them within Muvizu.
If you imported into Sketchup to do stuff then save as an .SKP and import back into 3DS and export as an ASE - this may fix it.
Let me know....
2014/3/16 18:51:55
IMPORT COMPLEX OBJECTS FROM SKETCHUP INTO MUVIZU Peppe - You cannot divide the model in Muvizu - you need to do this in Skechup.
Make sure you have saved your model then...
  • Decide what is the logical way to split the model
  • Highlight the parts of the model not in the first section and press delete
  • Highlight what you have left (cntrl-A) and centre it using
  • Then export
  • Repeat until all parts are exported
You do get used to this in time.
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