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2014/1/25 14:53:58
Muvizu Workflow Bigwally - You're right of course - I shouldn't build the whole environment. The trouble is that story-boarding beforehand is difficult. We have tried it but I sound like a stuck record "characters can't do that" and "I don't have one of those". If I was better at modelling (i.e. could do it at all) then it would make sense to storyboard.

It would still be very useful to copy groups of things, and characters with actions, between sets.
2014/1/23 11:27:45
Muvizu Workflow Don't know if you've seen this blog post - very interesting.

This has highlighted a kind of fundamental difference in the approach you can take in Muvizu and the more productive one Disney use. Let me elaborate....

When blocking out a scene you concentrate on character movement. Where are they, where do they move and what do they do. This should be the first thing to do as demonstrated by Disney. But in Muvizu it's the last thing you do. You have to build the set and then put the characters in rather than the other way round.

Building a set is a very, very time consuming task. If you wanted to emulate the workflow demonstrated by Disney you would have to build the set around each character movement. You'd have to build it piece by piece for each shot. You can see that Disney just plop the whole thing in.

So what would be the fix ?

I normally work with two sessions of Muvizu open. Typically I will be making a section of film between two characters so the camera and lighting will be coming from different directions for each character. I move one session on and whilst that is rendering/saving/loading I fiddle around with the other one. Obviously my machine heats the whole house, but the system works for me.

If we could group objects and copy between Muvizu sessions, or save and import "sub sets" then we could design the character movement and sets separately and then mash them together later.

I am happy with the way I work now though, but am always looking at ways of speeding production up. I know that Muvizu were hoping to move into a more professional space and I can see that this restriction would be a stumbling block.

Just saying.......
2014/1/20 20:04:33
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2013/12/21 17:04:07
Muvizu won´t load my conpetition set! Mail it to - they will have a look at it.

(If it's over around 10MB you should use something like to get it to them).
2013/12/21 10:28:17
Muvizu won´t load my conpetition set! Although I've not had this expect when opening a .set created with a previous version of Muvizu, I have heard of others having the issue.

The normal response is to send it into Muvizu. Do this anyway, although it may be too late for Christmas now.

Do you have any backups you can go back to ?
2013/12/19 13:17:54
Necklaces etc This is a problem with all neck attachments - I have had to give up with ties as they clip the body too often.

But you have given me a great idea - I could import a tie but attach it to the chest - you could do the same with the necklace.
2013/12/18 15:35:19
Help with a school project. You may be able to get it to import by chopping it up into sections.

You will need some Sketchup skills though.
2013/12/12 17:56:23
My first effort Yeah - some really nice touches in there.

I had to drop the quality to get it to play though - not sure why.
2013/12/11 6:32:31
Scene load error produced after save Not sure it is to do with FBX you know - I get this on every scene I load and I haven't imported FBX models. I can't see that it actually causes a problem though.
2013/12/11 6:30:21
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? This seems to be the perfect storm - two elephants in the room have smashed into each other and the result is the new YouTube comments system. So just what are these Jumbos ?

Jumbo 1 :- People need to wake up to how free services work. Take ITV (for those not in the UK this will seem like a normal TV channel - they get money from adverts). Ask yourself what do ITV sell ? Downton Abbey ? Cornflakes ? No - they sell their viewers to advertisers. The content they show is a way of attracting more viewers so they can consequently sell them for more money. This can work, although by definition this will get more programmes like X-factor than Storyville made, but there's enough for everyone. So repeat the mantra - "if the service is free, then YOU are the product". This is not a global conspiracy or anything but it's good to know where you stand in the food chain.

Jumbo 2 :- There seems to be a shift in focus for all big software companies at the moment. The business model used to be - we'll create a fantastic product and people will buy it as it will be useful to them (or in Apple's case - desirable to them). We are currently in a different phase of the market. There are now companies who believe they are so powerful that there is no alternative and they can change their products to suit their own agenda and we will all just follow. It's not just Google, Microsoft have been on this kick for the last 5 years now - Windows 8 ? Did anyone want this ? It's to drive their online revenue streams - was it shown to a single business before release ? It just gets laughed at. Office 365 ? (it's all about the billing model). The Windows 2012 interface - don't get me started. They simply do not care about providing great products to their customers anymore.

Time will move on and the likes of Google and Microsoft will either get back to their core values or die. This will take time, but something better and more useful will come along.

Just my two pennies
2013/12/10 5:40:34
Gallery Just checked the Gallery and just a thanks for putting my Christmas themed vid as the featured clip.
2013/12/9 5:37:19
Audio syncs and then stops working I'm not to sure what you mean by "brought in each character's audio line by line on a separate WAV audio track" - I assume you have one WAV file for each character otherwise this will not work.

You should be able to set each character to use a different track and if it only contains their lines the sync should work automatically without any other input from you. If you have multiple voices on a single track you will have to stop and start the sync for each character using direct>dialogue.

Hope this helps

2013/12/5 11:34:34
Suggestion: Drag from Prepare to Timeline Dreeko - sorry, I meant cutting it out of my workflow, not cutting it out of the application.
2013/12/5 6:04:38
Sound mixing issues Thanks Zig, but I know how to create 5.1 DVDs (in fact, if you're a Beatles fan check out Beatle Berty on YouTuibe) - it's how to get them to play on the cinema equipment I'm not sure of.

I use Vegas Movie Sudio Platinum - which seems to have the best 5.1 authoring that Vegas offer. Not sure Pro has anything different.

I think I'll make a test Blueray with a 5.1 track and see if that works.

Trouble is I have only limited access as you can imagine.
2013/12/5 5:51:20
Suggestion: Drag from Prepare to Timeline Joe is 100% right right. I only use the direct mode to get the things on the timeline with the shortest length possible. I can then accurately adjust them on the timeline to get what I want. Cutting out direct mode completely would speed things up.
2013/12/4 18:33:11
Sound mixing issues Urban - it's more what format do Cinema projectors want. DVD 5.1 didn't work. I guess I'll have to make a test Blue-ray 5.1 mix and see if it works - unless anyone has a definitive answer....

MrDrWho - obviously we'd love to show it in the cinema, but there are some real issues with scheduling (you can't just not show the latest blockbuster one night). That's what we're hoping for but it's a way off yet so we can't make plans yet.
2013/12/4 17:03:35
Sound mixing issues I'm not sure where to go to find this info so I thought I'd ask you chaps.....

We had a screening of the first 15 mins of "Beware the Eye of Amun-Ra" at the cinema today. We were just testing things in front of an audience of around 50. I looked great on the big screen and was quite well received (only 2 walk outs !).

We did have a problem with sound though. I have mixed for Stereo at the moment. A year or so ago I even played some of good old "Beware the Pie" at the cinema which is mixed in 5.1 but it didn't come out as such.

Now they have digital projectors at cinemas which play DVDs and Bluerays, does anyone have any idea what encoding I would need to use on a Blueray disk to get it to at least play in 5.1 ?

Or anyone have any idea where to point me to start my investigations ?
2013/12/2 16:28:36
Dreeko's extra bits Well that answered that question! Looking really good.
2013/12/2 15:56:13
Dreeko's extra bits Dreeko - this is incredibly inventive - not sure I'd have ever thought of it.

I would love to see how they looked animated - does it all hang together ?
2013/12/2 9:32:50
Hand held props issue AH - I see. I think you have given me enough info for me to have a stab at fixing the next thing I attempt to use. You help is much appreciated.
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